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  1. U.S. Judiciary System fails again
  2. Mer Meh huh? Why, really?
  3. Yay, bankruptcy!
  4. Yeah. Still same issue with my local social life...
  5. And the red flags start popping up...
  6. This is why the fight started:
  7. Best. Wedding. Ever.
  8. Sad then funny
  9. If Your Were Dating a Fairy?
  10. Making Death Just That Much Tackier
  11. Freedom
  12. RPG update and some questions.
  13. Well, tis not officially official, but....
  14. This is going to sound weird...
  15. Okay, I need costume ideas
  16. Really? So soon?
  17. Krav Maga
  18. Musketeer Outfit...
  19. Wow, Scholastic regonition....
  20. holy crap! I'm old? When did that happen?!
  21. Score: Geek 1 - Non-Geek 0
  22. Street Sweeper Social CLub
  23. Patrick Swayze Dies at 57
  24. So full of WIN.
  25. Norman Borlaug dies at 95
  26. totally slipped my mind woody.
  27. And now, it's official... we have a peanut!
  28. It probably was my fault, but I want to blame them.
  29. I feel like punching something
  30. Babies
  31. Today is going to be STRESSFUL...
  32. Am I a bad gamer?
  33. The Wombo Combo(A SSB:M Video)
  34. Mouse plays Quake
  35. Sick and Bored
  36. Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow.
  37. Ex wife just gave me a brand new reason to be glad I'm divorced
  38. Fate or genetics be damned!
  39. For you Beatles Fans, get your Apple!
  40. Dinner Free? Huh??
  41. Been a rough time lately
  42. Shooting at Ft. Hood
  43. Happy 234th Birthday Marines and thank you vets
  44. Remember Remember the 15th of November
  45. Getting it out
  46. A random update on my life
  47. Stuck and Stir Crazy!
  48. Grrrrr My run in with the meter maid
  49. Christmas Trees!
  50. Children with Fear issues
  51. It's that time again...
  52. FCC plans to formalize Internet rules on net neutrality draw fire
  53. My baby is 5!
  54. I was so proud...
  55. What Deity Did I Piss Off in a Past Life?
  56. Kids say the cutest things
  57. Looking to be adopted by loving Danish family.
  58. I want to be adopted by Breandan
  59. Yeesh, been awhile!
  60. The airlines can eat me.
  61. Yay, the Cuteness gets to become an heir!
  62. Happy Lifeday to me - 5 Years!!!
  63. yeesh...2010 started bad...
  64. This here's a MANtage
  65. Woo hoo!! Free at last!
  66. And lo, he hath become... a college student! O.O
  67. The Geek Show Podcast
  68. Ughh it's been so long...
  69. Career Choices, yay... *gag motion*
  70. Taylor at the Grammys
  71. I don't know what pisses me off more.
  72. I'm about to be an uncle...kinda.
  73. This is just plain sick.
  74. The most expensive thing I will ever buy
  75. The final word is in...
  76. My rant of the day: Ignorance and Arrogance
  77. My mistake..
  78. Mr. Penquin.. Dressing-'down' for the occasion?
  79. Cue the Price is Right music...
  80. Amtgard People Go Home!
  81. Modern Society and Chronic Headdesk Syndrome
  82. ugg bad dream.... well maybe(difinitly PG)
  83. It's Census time!!!!
  84. Facebook Gamers, I want to pwn them.....
  85. WTF Sony???
  86. For those who wanted em, pictures of the lunar lander
  87. Opinions on tattoos?
  88. Forum Troll / Hearing Aid Issue
  89. PAX East
  90. Drinking the Water
  91. Getting old...
  92. Happy April Fools Day!
  93. WARNING! Do not go to Mexico, all hell is breaking loose there
  94. And on the lighter side, the spawning of Doom has begun...
  95. I'm flattered!
  96. We have a date and I need to vent.
  97. xkcd's 10th [semi] circle
  98. Twilight rant
  99. Peter Steele, Type O Negative Singer, Has Died
  100. House hunting woes
  101. McAfee
  102. For those who want to know what I went through (caution: not pleasant)
  103. Lost all my links--suggest something
  104. Ian heart surgery
  105. Supreme Court to rule on video game violence
  106. The "Actually" Game
  107. Dio loses battle with Cancer.
  108. R.i.p
  109. This is weird...
  110. May the force be with... your GPS.
  111. To publish or self-publish, that is the question...
  112. Real Life Dare Devil.
  113. Generational Sexism and Fatherhood
  114. Memorial Day weekend
  115. Giant Gundam
  116. Palladium Sues MMORPG
  117. Cheering up Cheesey..
  118. And in news of the ironic...
  119. Humpty Dumpty Walked down the Street
  120. PC Corporate Crap
  121. So Mr. Mesopotamia... we meet again.
  122. Woo Hoo!
  123. Lessons of a First Time Father
  124. Global agenda advertisment.
  125. Hi all
  126. We found out what baby is!
  127. Chat expression??
  128. Of furries, fur-suit fetishists, and anthropomophic animal stuff.
  129. My WoW / Best Buy story
  130. QUICK! Movie dilemma..
  131. 1/1 Scale Gundam
  132. What were you doing 10 years ago?
  133. Nightmare
  134. Poor Zach..
  135. herp-a-derps and expectations
  136. Just for Brean..
  137. StarCraft 2 whinners rant
  138. What happens when your child knows strategy...
  139. Where's Waldo?
  140. Addicted Gamer Sues Game-Maker, Says He is ‘Unable to Function’
  141. Translation from English to Gaeilge (Irish)??
  142. House +1, Girlfriend -1
  143. Waiting to take home my new toy.
  144. Ding!
  145. Big explosion in San Fransisco
  146. *sigh* I'm going to be a young grandpa.
  147. RIP Greg Giraldo
  148. Going *POOF!*
  149. The bits of pregnancy that SUCK!
  150. Question for parents
  151. Gonna go change my last name to Constanza.
  152. Hey, homeowners...
  153. Warhammer 40K Dark milinium.... Hot or not?
  154. The dangers of boredom, caffeine, and a video camera...
  155. Dang, time flies.
  156. R.I.P. Leslie Neilsen
  157. Baby is here!
  158. 9999 Posts.
  159. At least FFXIV hasn't stopped to cease to amaze me with their Customer Service
  160. I'm proud to be a gamer
  161. This year's Charity....
  162. New pet
  163. Finally buying my first home!
  164. Finally broke down...
  165. Yay Osan!
  166. My first con appearance... O.o
  167. ignorant vs. stupid
  168. Question for the previously married...
  169. Faustian Choices, Part Deux
  170. /Vent on
  171. baby teeth + carnivore baby = missing fingers
  172. *sigh of releaf * first day on a new job
  173. Dealing with stalkers and obsessive fanboys/girls
  174. Ok who has been slipping us the GU water ?
  175. Walk for MS!
  176. TN Ren Faire
  177. Can't...say...no....
  178. Who spiked my water?!
  179. A Call to Arms..
  180. flu meds and painkillers are a BAD combination
  181. Semi vs MINI
  182. CIA nailed Bin Laden, confirmed by DNA, he is DEAD!
  183. Announcement: Dark Nova RPG Debut
  184. RPG Player Types, the Dark Nova Perspective
  185. This ruined my day.
  186. The new, improved ARMOURED toddler! ;)
  187. Somebody talk me out of this...
  188. Dark Nova Debut/Comicpalooza pics :D
  189. Swg rip
  190. Female Armor
  191. From the Files of Dark Nova- Chapter 2: The Ballad of Captain Lawndart
  192. Why yes, I am a geek.
  193. Hear ye, hear ye! The apocalypse has another spawn!
  194. Well, there's a story.
  195. How tall is Mt Everest?
  196. Dark Nova gaming on Saturdays
  197. Can you say, 'Agenda'?
  198. Fem Shep redesign vote
  199. You know it's been too long when...
  200. My hubby is a published Author!!
  201. Hey, Texans...
  202. Dirt-surfing in DC! Whoohoo!
  203. Happy Birthday from GU Forums
  204. Ding: Baby Sesame Seed
  205. Well tomorow is the day.
  206. I have a question!
  207. Internet Censorship, who's aware of this?
  208. When Contractors Get Bored- a Music Video
  209. Ouchies
  210. Anne McCaffrey passed
  211. American Community Survey?
  212. Gonna go correct her headstone...
  213. She's here!
  214. Kim Jong Il is finally dead
  215. Anyone Know this movie?
  216. Just in time for the Zombie Apocalypse- Anti-Zombie Suits!
  217. Top 25 Autocorrects of 2011
  218. Prayers needed for Jepray
  219. down to the wire for SOPA opposition
  220. i hope sopa and the other bill pass!
  221. The Spawning II: The Sequel!
  222. The downsides of being an author...
  223. In need of father advice
  224. So, i Died a few times, but im better now...
  225. Tying the knot...
  226. What I'm giving for Valentines..
  227. where/what?
  228. Woody and Tak's Epic Meatza Recipe
  229. legal question
  230. Well, That was fun... NOT!
  231. ever get the feeling....
  232. Silly Question?
  233. We've gone... DIGITAL!!!
  234. A word on the Kony nuttery from someone who knows...
  235. What is your alter ego like?
  236. asking for some drawing help...
  237. Good news for me
  238. Cautionary tail about Verizon Wireless
  239. Catching up
  240. April Fools 2012
  241. Memebase Science
  242. Baby on the way
  243. Other Streaming services
  244. Baby in ICU
  245. Anybody want a kitten?
  246. Spring/Summer Hobbies!
  247. It has started...
  248. Words with Friends
  249. Avengers, How It Should Have Ended
  250. to any mechanics