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February 21st, 2007, 02:43 PM
I have been trying out this for almost a week now, and it is really good.
Think of a cross between WoW and Oblivion.
You have a really neat system of unlockable "stuff" that gives you a title and bragging rights, for example, you kill 500 boars in shire, get +3% of "mana" and get the title "Tuskmaster of Hobbits"
(oooh, its a made up example, i dont want to spoil anything.)
You also get a really interesting "fear" system , that mean ,if you go up against a wraith alone ,you get all kind of nasty sideeffects, like -25% "HP".

The client is surprisingly stable, and the whole thing is more story based than other mmo´s. (me likey very much)
There is many other good things i can say, but i really must get to a "bad" part also, when you get a quest to "collect 3 stones" you know that they ran out of quest ideas (and also gave up trying).

....stones... hmpf...

February 21st, 2007, 03:15 PM
What concerns me most about LotRO is the fact that it is story based. It sounds awesome for the lore and uniqueness factor, but what will it mean when you've gotten through the surely finite storyline?

I realize that this is a factor in all MMOs as that's the basic flaw in the basic concept, but I just wonder how LotRO will handle it to make it continually playable.

February 22nd, 2007, 02:40 PM
Trust me on this,they have been trying to get all of the Lotr lore together for the past 40 years now, and it is still stories unpublished.
Our dear mr Tolkien was very good at hammering away at that typewriter.
They may get all the basic characters covered in the year 2025 or so, but if you unsubscribe then, you may be forgiven for loosing some interest.

February 22nd, 2007, 04:39 PM
Of course, if they set it up with a 3 or 6 year plan, they could have a system where new servers are setup that begin at the start of the story every few months. So you can potentially join at different points of the story depending on which server you go to.

Just a thought anyway.

February 23rd, 2007, 06:47 AM
The way they have done it for now, is a sort of separation by the different kind of questlines, so you have race-quests,skill-quests,area-quests, class-quests,epic-quests and storyline-quests.
This means that they can at any time add more content without problems, just another line of quests.
The size of the map is also worth mentioning, at the moment it is roughly half the size of Azeroth, but Tolkien made maps of much, much bigger area than that.
3 to 6 years? they have enough material for sure.

February 23rd, 2007, 08:35 AM
I played beta a bit and a little after release.

The unlockables/titles/add-on system was awesome and so was a lot of the group inspired contents (like the fear system) but I struggled with the story making me feel trapped. It's a big world but it felt very small to me and when all the neat innovative featured will be knocked off and in every MMO in a few months I couldn't justify playing a game I felt trapped in. That being said the story feeling did result in a lot of detail that is much appreciated in an MMO or any game for that matter.

February 23rd, 2007, 11:22 AM
ive been playing lotro since nov 28th it is really fun for me. i like the focus on questing over grinding far better than having to go grind.

i dont think there is a problem with content. there is far more content than you would think.

ive lvled a elf hunter up to lvl 35. and i have an excess of quests i need to do. so much so i find myself deleting quests that i have far outgrown because i have done others and out lvled ones that were further away.

the map is quite large concidering the number of quests that are available in a given area. its very easy to fill your quest log with quests from a single area. and with the quest variety if you just want the items you can pick and choose which quests to do to get the items you want.

if you have questions post. or poke me in game my char on the menwhatever server is Uluil.

its also nice to have a good kinship to do quests with, as this game has the same issues of PUG's as every other mmorpg out there. you get into a PUG and the people dont work together and get you killed. so a good kinship is always nice.

February 24th, 2007, 12:38 AM
I downloaded this thinking I would log in and go "meh" and delete it. Well, 5 hours later, I logged off.

The game is designed heavily around questing and single player content. It uses instances within the real world to play out 'your own' version of the storyline then it drops you into the normal world once you've reached that point of the story. That way each player can, start to finish, enjoy the story. And it's done very well. The game seems extremely polished and was 100% rock stable for me and the performance was great. Players in game were talk about finding bugs ... they said "I saw a few grammar errors the other day" ... and that was it. This game is going to ship DONE which is something you can't say for MMOG's normally.

The game is different than a normal mmog. You don't get a group then go out and get loots, go back to town to sell and repeat the next day. You follow the storyline in the quest and there are optional "epic" storyline quest which require groups but they are optional. Your character levels up as you do these between quest/mob xp. You have a ton of skills/feat/traits and the 'deed' system is awesome. As you play, deeds you can accomplish unlock and it keeps track of them. They may include using a certain ability x amount of times or finding other area's of the game world. Each deed you complete, it rewards you with a bonus in a way that relates to that skill or whatever the deed is about. VERY cool.

I think for people who enjoy soloing in a MMOG this game is absolutely perfect for you, 100% without a doubt. A gamer who prefers to group will also like this game (like I do) but I doubt it could hold me over a few months because it's so based on story and doesn't have the traditional 'go out to group in a dungeon and come back to sell' aspect which I also enjoy. You can do that but you can tell this game isn't designed around doing that because of the storyline/quest flow. People say it plays like WoW except it's not WoW so it's actually cool.

February 24th, 2007, 11:44 PM
One thing that is quite unique and special is the "dark side" part.
At some places in the game you can "transfer" yourself to your counterpart on the other side of the conflict.(think City of Heroes/Villains )
But you start at max level... let me repeat that you start at lvl 50!
This means endgame content the first week you play the game.
(and as a bonus, i have quests for collecting hobbit feets and elf ears because my commander got a taste for it, you got to love that kind of pure evilness.)

February 25th, 2007, 12:45 AM
So if you start at end game level 50, what is the point =/

February 25th, 2007, 11:11 PM
bright eye. thats monster play. you can do it at any point in time. and switch back and forth between your monster player and your normal player. its not a perm thing.

its also a single instance its available in right now. think a battleground in wow. its basicaly the same idea.

monsters cannot leave the monster play area. and the only way to progress is by killing players. its not the greatest right now it needs a lot of tweaking as it was an afterthought to the PvP whiners who didnt read the faq that there was no pvp in the game.

February 26th, 2007, 02:24 PM
Yep, monster play, that was the name.
Doing some of the monster quests for the moment, and also starting an alt, not that i want to play an alt that much, its just that i want to see the beginning of the game from another view, ( the start of the game really is different depending on the race you are.)

February 26th, 2007, 02:48 PM
human and hobbit have the same starter instance. dwarf elf have the same starter instance.

after that you split off to your different home towns.

March 4th, 2007, 10:19 AM
So, the LOTRO is coming to launch and I have been given an opportunity to try the game out in their beta.

Given Turbine's last game; Dungeons and Dragons Online, the track record wasnt looking good.

The game is almost night and day from DDO. The only thing I wish they did different was the colors are not as rich as WOW.

I also like how you can pay 9.99 a month or a one time fee for life. The game also has a lot of look and feel similar to Guild Wars.

I found copies of pre-purchasing the game at Fry's and Best Buy which had a sign up code to join the beta.


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March 20th, 2007, 12:01 PM
I too have gotten a preoder key and get to play on the 30th. I am really looking forward to this game.

Hopefully it will be something can replace WoW for me. Hopefully I can get my girlfriend involved cause that would rock.

March 20th, 2007, 04:54 PM
It's a decent game, better than AC kinda, worse than DDO as far as Turbine games are concerned. Nothing really inventive about it, but it's enjoyable. I do like the uhm... forget the name, but it's a system similar to CoH's badge system that rewards you for exploring, completing quests, using ability X number of times, killing X number of mobs. And the rewards are a title, or in some cases, an extra stat boost or strengthening an ability.

March 22nd, 2007, 01:42 PM
I've been playing this for a month and what draws me in is the way they handled class abilities and magic. It's not a world where wizards are running around slinging fireballs left and right. The magic is more subtle. I like the morale system and the title system. Love the art style.

If I were to do the game comparison thing I'd say it's WoW questing/crafting with DAoC art and mini RvR with some good ole Turbine thrown in for flavor.

March 27th, 2007, 01:36 PM
Looking forward to trying this Friday.

Absolutely no clue what I am going to try.

March 27th, 2007, 02:10 PM
My biggest concern is re-playability. One time through and you have probably been everywhere, run most of the quests. The second time through will be just more of the same. The crafting system is flat out horrible, little thought or effort was put into it. Also i think its a very bad idea to allow the carryover of beta characters, the gold farmers are going to be out in force.

March 28th, 2007, 12:21 PM
From other I have heard its going to be difficult to do all the quests.

And Mastik I think the carry over is a brilliant idea.

The best thing it does is spread out the inevitable surge of people who are all competing for giant rats on day one.

If you were around for the BC launch in WoW think about what the starting areas of the Draenai and Blood Elves were like.

For the next 90 days or so, the biggest problem the devs will get as feedback is that player base hasn't had a chance to differentiate itself across all levels and you have uniquely high population densities.

Splitting that into 2 cohorts is a great idea.

March 29th, 2007, 12:42 PM
I played it for several months during closed beta. Even then it was a very polished game... moreso than some games I have seen at release. It is definately a step up from Turbine's previous efforts. However, it is also too much of a WoW clone in my opinion (the interface is almost an exact copy)... and a bland one at that (character models... meh).

Yes some of the scenery can be beautiful, but the monsters are generally boring and don't fit very well in Middle Earth in some cases. For example my memory of the neeker breekers were small gnat-like insects that came in swarms in the books. In the game they are basically giant mosquitoes. I just don't think Tolkien had that in mind somehow. Also... goblins in the Shire? I don't think so.

Also there are the usual hordes of aggressive wildlife. Bears, wolves, lynxs, boars, etc all in different colors and sizes depending on area and level. Granted, the Fellowship did battle a few worgs in the books, but they weren't beset by wildlife at every turn as they journeyed.

One cool thing was that some of the areas from Middle Earth are very nicely depicted, particularly The Shire. As for Bree and its surroundings... Bree itself in the game is simply too large. I imagined a quaint little village in the books (and I think it was well represented as such in the movies as well). In the game, Bree is a mid sized town complete with a contingent of well armed guards etc. I never got this impression from the books.

You can also come into contact with many of the famous folk from the books. Gandalf, Aragorn, Lotho Sackville Baggins, Barliman Butterbur, etc... they are all there and well done in my opinion, but mean little in the game other than as static and somewhat unbelievable quest givers.

The cool thing however that does stand out are the single player instances which introduce you to the game. These are quite well done, particularly the one for Hobbits and Men. They nailed the Dark Riders dead on imho... and it was during these that I felt like... "Ah, this is Middle Earth!"

Unfortunately this feeling didn't last once I got out into the non-instanced content filled with l33t d3wdz and stupid names, and being attacked by vicious boars and lynx cubs.

Another cool thing which I did like was the system of titles. For example, if you killed a large number of spiders you could (at your choice) tack the title "Spider Slayer" on the end of your name for all to see. There were a large number of titles available too, including some really rare and hard to get ones.

It's a good MMORPG overall, but it just didn't draw me in... and it did not feel like Middle Earth for the most part.

March 29th, 2007, 03:03 PM
I too played this in closed beta for awhile, and Zarithar, you are right in the books they weren't attacked by wildlife everywhere they went, but this is an MMO, thats just how they are, and yeah its weird for goblins to be in the Shire but still remember, this is an MMO, I believe they stayed true to the books where it mattered, but some things have to be changed.

March 29th, 2007, 06:28 PM
would make for a VERY boring game if you had to try and level doing nothing but fetching quests till you hit lvl 33 so that you could get to area's with orcs and goblins true to the books and lore.

if you payed attention to the lore in the quests with the goblins in the shire. they are there to take revenge on the hobbits for past ill deeds done to the goblins by the shire folk.

March 30th, 2007, 08:49 AM
If you payed attention to the lore in the quests with the goblins in the shire. they are there to take revenge on the hobbits for past ill deeds done to the goblins by the shire folk.

Correct me if I'm wrong but hadn't it been something like 200+ years at the time of the Fellowship since goblins had been seen in the Shire? Back when "Bullroarer" Took was alive? Not disagreeing with you about the lore, but it had been a VERY long time!

March 30th, 2007, 11:33 AM
It has been a little while since Bullroarer, but it may not have been so long that the goblins forgot.

First thing is that goblins are orcs. And the second is that orcs are twisted elves--so its quite possible that the goblins (in hobbit parlance) who are coming for revenge for deeds done to them 291 years ago are in fact the ones who met Bullroarer.

April 4th, 2007, 11:17 AM
aye it had been a very long time. the goblins are working with skorgrim the undead dwarf, and the other undead guys. they were told to assault the shire as it would be an easy target.

April 13th, 2007, 12:11 AM
I just started playing on the open beta.....mind you, I've only played up to level 5, but so far, I LOVE it! The art! The graphics! Elves with normal sized elf ears! Although it kind of makes me giggle....the idea of his world being turned into a playable electronic game would probably have J.R.R. rolling in his grave. :p

April 13th, 2007, 08:51 AM
I played the beta for a few days. Way too much of a WoW cloan in my opinion. And, I don't like WoW.

Everything seemed to move to quickly for me. Fast combat, fast everything. Yeah, in the movies they killed orcs left and right and had competitions to see who could kill the most. In the books, however, every single fight (until the very end) took the groups a long time.

For that matter, in the Hobbit, combat wasn't even a main theme. They fought very rarely, and those scenes only took up two or three paragraphs (though they were portrayed as having taken a long time).

Anyway, I won't be playing this game. It got a 2/5 for me on fun. The arts and stuff were nice, getting a 4/5 and the music was excellent getting a 5/5. I guess the MMO market has just seen too many fantasy games for me to get excited about another one.

April 23rd, 2007, 12:02 AM
tis why this is lord of the rings and not "there and back again" online :)

in the books it never took more than a single swipe of a sword or so to kill a orc.
that would get boring lol.

September 19th, 2007, 05:20 AM
I just downloaded the Free Trial of LOTR Online....and I'm confused. Where is the story taking place? Is it after the books/movies? Or during?

I was talking with a coworker of mine and we were talking about how WoW, while there was indeed story there, had too much "collect 12 of this" and "get 6 of this" quests. He mentioned to me that LOTR Online was much more story-based, since well, there was so much story to base it upon. So I thought I would give it a try. Seems OK so far, but such a contrast from the cartoony look of WoW. Kinda refreshing, actually.