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Druidic Elf
December 13th, 2003, 05:23 PM
Anyone got any? I'm just curious, because I always enjoy reading stories about EQ ^_^ Seeing as how I'm getting it soon (praise the Lord, lol), I wanna know as much about it as humanly possible. And you can even ask my mentally unstable friend, Bryce, and he will gladly tell you I'm a bit too obsessed with EQ...lol. Anyway, that's sorta beside the point. Anyone got any stories pretaining to their character?

December 13th, 2003, 05:54 PM
As a wee young druid (level 5), I found my way to Crushbone. In this zone, I tested out my Camouflage spell. As a completely new player, I thought this zone was just the coolest thing ever, and I explored all around, feeling safe in my invisibility.

Eventually, I had explored the outside of the zone, the tunnels, and the rivers, so I walked carefully up to the castle. I clicked on the door, and backed off a few steps as it opened. No monsters inside. I walked carefully in. Orc Legionnaires were in the passage to the throne room, but they couldn't see me. I walked in and saw what appeared to be a room of legionnaires. I was safe of course.

Oh, wait, that's not a legionnaire, that's Lord Darish. Lord seeing-invis Darish. He jumped on me and smacked me. Invis broke as soon as he attacked of course, and the rest of the legos jumped towards me.

Fortunately, I've got a taste for the dramatic, so thanks to that and EQ's pathing system, I got away. Through the castle window I jumped, into the courtyard, free of monsters for the moment. I ran, not knowing that the orcs wouldn't follow me the same way. Coming to the moat, I leaped across it, knowing that monsters didn't jump moats. Once on the other side, immediate casting of Gate commenced.

Just before the spell completed, I saw the castle door open and Lord Darish and his orcs running out, but I got away safely. There weren't any other players at the castle entrance, so I'm pretty sure they just went back to their posts without killing anyone.

Druidic Elf
December 13th, 2003, 06:06 PM
Lol, awesome story ^_^ I really enjoyed reading it. I can't wait until I get the game. I plan to be a Druid too. Thanks for the story!

December 13th, 2003, 06:20 PM
I was competely green with these kinds of games when I entered EQ. The only on line game I had played was The Realm for a month.

Diligently I read "EverQuest:The Offical Players Guide."

I decided to make a Dark Elf Necromancer because a/ half elf paladin females still had a frigging thong in leather, and b/ it seemed sinisterly romantic.

So I read the section on Dark Elves:
The Dark Elvse are the evil brethren of the Woodland and High Elves. (ohhh evil - cool!)
Their skin is blue-ish black, their hair white and they share the pointed ears and sharp features of their Elven Brethren (cool I get to look like an elf but not be a wishywashy elf - alright!)
Dark Elves are twisted, evil race, created by the Prince of Hate as a mockery to Elven beauty. (wooot - take that simpering elves!)
Dark Elves are haughy (ALRIGHT) and condescending (is this a bio of me in RL?!?!?), yet show signs of strain around the edges of their personality (ohhh I can role play psychotic!), hinting they all might not be right in their mental processes (getting better and better).
Thankfully, Dark Elves aren't seen much beyond the forest of eternal night in Neriak. (sweet, no moving around to different zones and getting lost!)

So I made my DE necro - Paschen. After 40 mins to find my guild leader, then another 2 hours to get out of Neriak I was finally into the dark forest of eternal night. For a few days I happily covorted in this zone, never knowing that we could actually LEAVE Nektolus Forest. Then one day I did a zone into some place called Lava Storm. Luckily I saw a mage fire pet and decided to follow it to find its master. Naturally I died a horrible death and then couldn't find the zone where I lost my body anyway. So I just remade her - ROFL.

It was that day that I learnt that pets con differently to mobs.

Never expect anything to be as you expect.

Druidic Elf
December 13th, 2003, 06:42 PM
Lol, that's awesome! I plan to make my character very similar to myself. You should have quite an easy time roleplaying your character if she's going to be very similar to you ^_^ That was a cool story, thanks for posting it!

Radical Edward
December 13th, 2003, 07:26 PM
I remember chasing enchanter and mage pets around G Fay for 1/2 and hour trying to kill them.

Druidic Elf
December 13th, 2003, 07:37 PM
Lol, wow. If that were mee, I would've gotten bored and quit real quick. You're very persistant ^_^

December 13th, 2003, 10:30 PM
My first character, Nulien, had just reached level 10. And, I decided it was time to travel to another land... specifically, I wanted to visit the halflings in Rivervale. This was before Planes of Power came out, and I didn't know anyone who could port me, so I had to take the long way.

I travelled from Greater Faydark, through the Butcherblock Mountains, getting attacked by an ogre on the way... luckily, I survived the encounter. I then got on the boat for the first time ever. I was so excited, and was running around the boat so much, I'm surprised I didn't fall off. I got off at the first stop the boat made, then realized I wasn't supposed to, and managed to get back on the boat before it left again.

Finally, I arrived in the city of Humans, Freeport. It took me a while, but I finally managed to find the West Gate, and headed out into the Commonlands. I went through the East Commonlands without incident. As I was running through the West Commonlands though, I walked over a hill... and almost walked right into the path of a griffin!! Luckily, it didn't see me, and I was able to go around it safely.

It was late when I finally reached Kithicor Forest. I thought to myself, "Phew... I'm almost there, just a quick run through these woods, and I'll be in Rivervale!" I took a few steps into Kithicor, and was killed in 2 hits by a skeleton of some kind.

Now, this was before I understood the concept of Soulbinders. I found myself back in Kelethin, and realized that my corpse, with all my equipment, was still in the center of Antonica. So... I took the long run to the docks, across the ocean, through Freeport and the Commonlands (almost got killed by an orc legionnaire on the way), and finally looted my corpse, and, afraid to go any further, headed back to Kelethin. My goal of reaching Rivervale had failed. :(

It was some time after that that I learned Kithicor was perfectly safe... but only during the day.

December 13th, 2003, 11:32 PM
Shortly after Kunark came out, I started playing EQ. I decided to play a troll warrior, and Zgal was born. He was a great character, but I could not figure out why he always felt the need to dig in his butt when he stood still for a few minutes.

After some deep thought on the subject, I came up with a story about how he had paid a visit to a house of ill repute in the Ogre city of Ogguk and come down with a serious case of "Da ichy bum"! I made it a personal quest to track down a cure for this particular malady, especially since it seemed that every troll and ogre in the world was afflicted! :shock:

Every cleric, druid or shaman that I grouped with was begged to attempt to cure my disease. Most of them got a kick out of my story and took pity on me, casting every heal and cure they could in an effort to help me.

Eventually, word of my plight reached the ears of the gods and a GM popped in to offer me a quest. If I would go retreive certain items from this list of NPCs that he gave me, he would intercede with Rallos Zek on my behalf to obtain a cure.

I set out on this quest, eager to cure the serious chafing problems caused by digging a soiled loincloth out of my backside every 5 minutes, and obtained the items. Unfortunately, there was no cure. I did receive a nice shiny weapon for my troubles. :D

December 14th, 2003, 12:02 AM
When Shamira was in her late 20s, she took part in a GM event outside Kaladim, in which a mother emerald drake was kidnapped by bandits. So, while I waited for my guild to prepare for a giant-killing event in RM, I spent the next half-hour running around Butcherblock, looking for this drake. Now, Sham is a paladin, so she can't track.....and as might be expected, she wasn't the first to reach the critter. I had a great deal of fun RPing my intentions, though, and the GMs seemed impressed.

By this time my guildmates had arrived, so we ported off to the Feerott to make the trip to RM. Just as we set off from the druid rings, though, the GM who had been overseeing the event started shouting my name throughout the jungle. He finally caught up with me - and for my participation I was presented with a Spider Fur Cloak.

Twyll Oathtaker
December 14th, 2003, 12:56 AM
I had started a halfling rogue when I started and not only made my way through Kithicor 2x along the road at nite at 2nd lvl mind you but died on the 1st time after I made it to Freeport by a female necro which I thought was a PC and I kept sending tells to her tell her thanks for killing me. Funny thing was I never knew she was an NPC about a month. My favorite your more a newbie then me was once I emoted pickpocketing a 40ish lvl character and he petitioned me. I think the Gm never laughed so hard in his life.

December 14th, 2003, 12:58 AM
Well it's my 1st post here, so I figured I'll relate 2 tales!

The 1st was just before I dinged 30 with my main, a Barbarian Beastlord; I was romping around Everfrost and decided to bash a few grown Mammoths, beliving this would be enough to put me over. Taking 2 wasn't that hard then with my warder, -but-, just as I was dealing the killing blow to the 2nd one, a THIRD one popped literally right on top of the 2nd! This had NOT been in the gameplan, and I immidiately backed off to give myself some breathing room...fortunately, my warder held it off long enough for me to not only regroup, but kill the 3rd mammy as well! :)

The 2nd tale was just earlier this week during a LdoN romp; a Sand Elf we were bashing on started to make a run for it, and a snare attempt from a caster failed; said Elf got through a door and immidiately had 4 Summoned Protectors on us...somehow we killed the quartet, but lost track of the runner...while regrouping from the gang of 4, three MORE baddies showed up, obviously aggro-d by the original runner, we axed them as well, and took off in what we hoped was the direction that runner had gone...by the time we finally caught and killed it VERY messily for the trouble she'd put us through, it had brought no less than FIFTEEN baddies down on us, and no more than 10 minutes had passed...not only that, but not one of us died during the entire near-catastrophe! :D

December 14th, 2003, 02:25 AM
I always remember running through Kithcor at night, trading items between people. Now mind ye that this is in the before days of Luclin, hell this happened back before Velious. On Rodcet the main trading areas were Faymart and EasyCash (G-fay and EC) but mainly you had to be in zone of have a friend nearby. Well, some people would get antsy and want to trade in HH because it was convienient. Others were in EC and at night this proved to be a bit of a problem, with Kithcor in the way. I was a Dark Elf rogue who use to time his runs through Kithcor at night simply because I could. I ended up being a go between several times.

Used to be that running the rightmost wall and hugging the zone line would keep you safe... but only if you were 30+ or had safe fall. I neever once aggro'd anything too bad and anytime I did I was able to make it to Rivervale or WC depending on which was closer. I had a hot key for my trains, "Crazy rogue running through, watch for light trains near dawn at WC/HH/Vale zone!" I've never seen a zone clear out faster...

December 14th, 2003, 03:19 AM
i had just joined my first guild i was level 15 ranger at the time .
I had meet a very nice player named Fathersword and had joined the guild he was in COE . i had just loged in and asked if anyone needed me and Father replyed i could go to lower guk with him it wiuld be easy xp for me . so we did and it was a blast but it had gotten late i i needed to log so i told him he asked me if i needed help geting out and being the idot newb i was i saide no . i used sneck and had almost made it out when i got argoed i ran to where i thought was the zone to find out i was lost . so im running thru guk with every frog on me when bam i ran in to father head on with the train both of us died and thins is when i meet ladrill and ykroon 2 other guildmates at the time who came to rez us and i also erned the name deathranger which has followed me to this day at level 60 .

Druidic Elf
December 14th, 2003, 07:24 AM
Lol, I enjoyed all the stories very much. I really enjoyed Nulien and zgal's, lol. Zgal, I will never take roleplaying for granit again. Your story gives me even more initiative to roleplay. I also enjoyed Sham's story. But then again, everyone's stories were awesome ^_^

December 14th, 2003, 07:31 AM
I'm more than certain I've done my share of dumb/weird/crazy deeds, but since I am also cursed with lacking a long-term memory I don't know of one.

The weirdest stuff always seems to occur when you're a newbie just learning the game, it seems. I would bet that if I ran into a version of myself back from when I first set up, he would look so confused and lost.

But thenagain I live on Druzzil Ro and old-Me was on Rodcet Nife, so... that doesn't quite work out. ^^;

My first 'real' character was also a Dark Elf Necromancer. And I also remade him when I lost my corpse to the halfling druids in Nek. I wonder if that means anything....

Druidic Elf
December 14th, 2003, 07:36 AM
Do you play on a PvP server? I never even considered playing on a PvP server, lol. I always imagined some uber strong character running around and slaughtering weaker foes. But that's just me.::Shrugs.::

December 14th, 2003, 08:53 AM
When I first started playing EQ I had a alot of Co-workers playing also. They "twinked" my new little baby druid out with a .../giggle Fine steel Scimi and split paw gear, foreman's tunic, kiting shield and stuff. I was ssooooo extatic! Anywho back in the day when actually making maps for your homeland was unheard of I had the bright idea to chase an orc pawn deep into the uncharted depth of Gfay forest. Needless to say I, the hunter soon became the hunted and died SOMEWHERE in the middle of the forest! Also back in the day toons bodies under a certain lvl would rot quickers then older ones so I paniced! OMG OMG I was going to loose my uber gear!!! SO I send my co-workers a pleading tell. Two of them were on and came running to my rescue. They searched and searched ...and searched....nothing...

I was about to cry when one of them tells me that a necro is in Gfay. Well being the newb I was I send the necro stranger a desperate tell. I do beileve the poor soul was on his way to Crushbone but he decided to be a saint and locate my now festering corpse. Took us a bit (him being blind and me being stupid) to find my bod, but we did. I looted and he lead me back to the perimater of my city taking care not to get too close them...WHHHAAAAMMOOOOO! Fealin Bloodbriar leaped from the nearest bush and SMACKED him dead! I was horrified! All I heard was "INFIDEL!" and I saw his bod drop like a log. I sent another tell quickly saying "sorry sorry sorry sorry ssssooooo sorry!!!!!" I felt so bad that I had wasted everyone time and got a kind stranger killed!

From that night on I learned a valuable lesson...OMG GET LOCS WHEN YOU DIE!!!!

I have many more but that was one of my first hehehe

I play on Prexus, you are welcome to join me their Ill show you the ropes of managing a druid 8) Druids Roxxors!

December 14th, 2003, 11:28 AM
Mine was with a great group of friends online the first time we tried CrushBone (gosh a lot of stories start there).

I had just sent a shout to one guy who had trained the TR about 5 times in a row and ripped him a new one.

Next thing I know, here comes our puller, with 5 mobs in tow, screaming "RUN DAMMIT RUN!" and spamming the zone with "TRAIN! shouts."

I didn't go back into CB that night . . .

December 14th, 2003, 12:42 PM
I have two funny incidents I love to recall.
The first was when I was in PoK selling a few things. A paladin sent me a tell wanting to meet me at the bank. I couldnt meet him at the time there so he came to me with about 60k pp on him. When he got there he was on his horse. Trying to give me the money while on his horse proved difficult, so he dismounted and fell to his death due to the excessive weight. I took a few screen shots of that for my scrap book.
And the other was a few days after LDoN came out. Me and a friend had joined a rather poor group for an adventure. Eventually they began to get frustrated and left. So it turned out to be me and my Ranger friend left (Me being a wizard). So we decided to go ahead and try to kill things off anyways (this was a MDK mission with about 20 left in 15 minutes). We ended up kiting things around the room and killing all 20 we had left with 4 minutes to spare. May not have been funny but it sure was great to see a few people send me a tell with a "?" as they got the message the mission was a success.

Druidic Elf
December 14th, 2003, 05:00 PM
Lol, I love reading these! I do have a story that I would like to tell, even though I started the thread. It's about my Barbarian Shaman on my friend's computer.

I was, of course, new to the whole EQ thing, and I was still learning. What he had taught me was just to kill stuff, lol. I knew nothing of talking to people or picking up things or anything of that sort. So I'm walking around and killing off some mobs until I got to my 5th level. Well then my friend came over, surprised I had gotten to level 5 so fast. Soon, another of my friends came over, and said he wanted to help me get plat. I shrugged, figuring nothing could go wrong. I was so stupid back then. So while my friend (John) headed to the bazaar, my other friend (Bryce) and I went and watched a bit of Monty Python. A few minutes later, I stand up to see what my friend's doing, and he's outside of the bazaar, running around. I was a bit afraid to ask, but I did anyway. He had been begging for platinum and items, and had gotten some pretty nice items. But then this girl noticed what he had been doing, and shouted to the entire bazaar that I was begging and that I shouldn't be given anything. I pushed John away and logged real quick, lol. I was so mad, 'cause he basically ruined my character's good name. Anyway, I figured I'd played EQ enough for one day, and went out on Bryce's trampoline to vent.

And that's my story x_x Boy, what John did still frosts me, lol. Keep those stories comin' please!

Druidic Elf
December 14th, 2003, 05:07 PM
Sorry for the double post, but I also wanna comment on some stories.

Dreleen- Lol, I feel bad for you and the poor Necro that died. But if I make my Druid on Prexus, I'll be sure to keep an eye out for you ^_^

TalonNYC- You're story amused me so much, lol. "RUN DAMMIT RUN!" Lmao. I also think your avatar is really awesome. If I could get my parents to fork out some money, I'd get one of Woody's personal avatars...or maybe a full body picture...they're both so cool, lol.

December 14th, 2003, 06:06 PM
once in the pok i was working on my alchohole tolerence with a freind and i went to show her the top floor of the pok library where every mob has an epic, at the top i tricked her to get on the elevator and hit the button to make her go down to the bottow floor and i was "leaning" over the edge to see if it hit the bottom, because my toon was drunk i didnt stop walking right away and fell all the way to the bottom, 20k damage instant, pain and suffering tried to hit me but missed, (they need better weapon skills, they always miss)

December 15th, 2003, 05:56 AM
The only I ever had happened to me that I though was funny, happened to my enchanter. The first character I got above 45 is my stupid enchanter, I call him stupid but ofcourse its my fault. Pretty much sense he hit lvl 10 to 35 I never soloed him, so needles to say his def and related skills are close to nill, so no amor class to speak of, if i get hit I usualy die =(. Again I realize its my fault, but I decided to work my way carefully up to 49 so I can do tradeskills with all my enchant ore spells.
Well one night in, im in skyfire trying to get a little exp and help this hubby-wife team get a peice for the cleric epic. Well, I think we pulled one too many or such so the cleric yells RUN. Well we turn and start hoofin it to the zoneline, the cleric is long gone and the dwarfin pally Im running next starts panting, "must...huff...outrun....huff... the caster...huff" I start laughing and in the midst typing something about "we make great speed bumps" I get the tell off right as I suddenly stop running and see my poor excuse for a toon lying there on the ground twitching and a loading message in my chat box. Well, after I finaly popped, I got spammed with apologies from wife/cleric and a tell from the dwarf saying "Bah, ye did it on purpose just so sh'd mother ya".

Also, so I do alot of ore enchanting I get to wear some fab chain-mail. Well, I got invited into to a group in dreadlands late one night while i was soloing. Well after thanking them and passing out hastes and clarity, the first monster is pulled and the melees set to work. I have my hotkeys set to message what im doing and i mezz an add as I see in my chat box, Can I get a heal plz?, "you there?", "healer, plz heal!!". I continue debuffing and buffing as required, and admiring my newly acquired chain mail cultural vest (lovin it truly =)).
All the sudden I get a message saying "your being disbanded because you dont know the first f------ thing about your character". After getting kicked out of the group and scratching my head and wondering what I was doing wrong, I see in shout "ilssahnin is an ebayed cleric, plz dont group with him". Well, I shout "Im sorry that I suck soooo bad at being a cleric, but it has nothing to do with ebay". Let them flame me a bit in /ooc, about how im im full of it, and its peeps like me ruining the game and blah, blah, blah. And, just as their foot is properly jammed into throats, I shout "Mostly the reason I suck at being a cleric is because Im an enchanter. We enchanter dont make good healer types". After a few moments of silence the zone is flooded with laughter and Im re-invited back into the group. I went back to soloing.

Druidic Elf
December 15th, 2003, 06:11 AM
Lol. You should've aggro'd, like,five things, than ran past them laughing and yelling, "Haha, suckers!!!!" It would've been a good way to get revenge. But that's just me, lol. But thanks for the story, it rocked!

December 15th, 2003, 02:11 PM
That's called training and it's a bannable offence though.

December 15th, 2003, 02:19 PM
Psh, only if they catch you.

Side note: I always enjoy staying on the right side of the EULA, and even once actively sought out those on the wrong side in other games - but if it truly is a bannable offense, they won't ban you for it unless it's intentional and repeated zone disruption that someone of authority actually witnesses. And even then.. Fansy didn't get banned. But then, at the time, the rules allowed it.. so I guess that isn't valid.

December 15th, 2003, 03:12 PM
I posted a few stories about my character, they were on the old forums.. Ugh, too long for me to type now, but maybe later I'll get em posted for ya.

December 15th, 2003, 03:23 PM
Aaah....two rather interesting stories about my character, one from the beginning, and one a little more recent.

Having started playing Dec. 26, 2002, and having no utter idea about race exp penalties, or what KOS was, I created my first character...my namesake Xorekill, Iksar Shaman. Gathering up my cudgel, I made my way out of Cabilis with surprising ease and into the Field of Bone. My RL friend who got me started in game sent me my first tell...asking me if I knew where the PoK book was, and my reply of course was no. Within a few moments, Vadayvnea, Dark Elf Rogue, comes trucking up the path to the top of the hill, within view of me as I come up from the zone. My friend gives me a few trash items, just enough to start practicing the fine art of Stabbity Death ( read : Rusty Spear ) when Trooper Taer comes walking up the hill behind him. My friend starts to tell me to come with him, and I reply..."Hail, Trooper Taer".

Two seconds later..."All shall Fear the Legion of Cabilis!"....and down was my friend. He called my house and blessed me out, while I was dumbfounded about the guard. That was my first lesson...Iksar hate everyone :)

Being on TZ, having started and grown to my current 54th season, it's been a rather unique experience, not filled with roleplaying or many GM events besides the occasional Arena fight by GM Cronn. When SoE held the " Lost Treasures of Norrath " week, on our server, it basicially fell into one quest. Kill a dragon.

On my lvl 6 SK, I received the mysterious message while in Nektulous. " We seek vengance from despair. The murky water is singed with his coming, free us from this eternal bog! " Realizing this was a selective hint to one of the GM events, I began to truck off towards FoB...already heading to search my first guess...The Swamp of No Hope.

When I arrived, there was a lvl 65 bard and a lvl 65 ranger running about, trying to locate the "him" from the tell for their guild. Being that my Iksar had grown up here, I moved towards the most logical place ...the cave which lead down into Trak's Teeth. As I moved up the hill to the cave mouth, more people joined the bard and ranger, calling in OOC " I have him on track, but he's no where to be seen.

Reaching the mouth of the cave...a river flowing out and down the cliff, I moved to cross through the water and into the cavern proper. The moment my plated boot hit the water, I saw the wings break the waves and an enormous black dragon rise.

Next thing I knew, the dragon didn't even claw me, so much as just mow across me. At this point, my shaman was still young, and I had never seen Naggy or Vox, nor even the Kunark dragons. This black beast was aweinspire such that I didn't hardly notice that he


Rhiamon Fatesealer
December 15th, 2003, 05:51 PM
Let's see, a few random memories

- running my original wizzy from Kelethin to Rivervale at lvl 8, after many failed attempts

- doing my staff of the wheel quest at lvl 29 with the help of 54 druid, and insisting on porting us whenever I could because I had just gotten my first port spells earlier that night

- running for my life away from the DE guard in OT cause everyone else did, only to realize that I wasn't KOS (agnostic Erudite)

- marrying my RL husband in-game at the Arena. I was the first to kill the groom :D

- organizing a huge raid to go after the broken golem in Fear, only to zone in to an empty Fear EXCEPT the broken golem (yay!)

- getting my staff from Phinny after only TWO Phinny kills (some people go for 20+ consecutive kills)

- finally getting to do the turn in for my epic, only to have the NPC eat my hard-earned items due to a faction bug

- actually getting the damn epic after a GM reimbursement and 2 days of faction work

- killing Innoruk. Nothing beats killing a god :D

December 15th, 2003, 06:39 PM
As a new halfelf rogue, I heard someone /ooc "donating for a bind!"

Great, I thought, something I can do!

I ran up to the guy and said "Oh I can bind you!"

I targeted him, and hit my bind wounds key. It didn't work so I tried again.

That guy about doubled over with laughter! But I totally didn't know why. He gave me a leather(something) hat (when Kunark was new). I was so excited! A hat I can wear! Yay!

December 15th, 2003, 06:44 PM
The other night, Bugems and I were grouped with our SKs, to do an LDoN, they have the same surnames so he kept doing /shouts about the Deathtaynk Sibling needingmore groupmates. ^_^ we nearly had a full group, and our warrior (who was helping to find a cleric) invited a LvL 32 cleric to join us... I said that we wouldn't get an adveture, and the cleric asked why, bugems said too big level difference, and i said 12 level difference between you and me... this ain't happening... the cleric left, and i told him, that mebbe he and i could group in Everfrost's LDoN dungeon, because my 35 Shammay is camped there... well, we kep on looking for a cleric and the WQarrior found anothger one, and when we asked him what the cleric's level was, it was 32... >< Bugem's decided that the two druid would be enough healing, and he could heal a little, and since i could life spike, i'd probably be ok... we got to the dungeon, and when i tried to zone in, i couldn't... our problem got fixed, and that warrior zoned in, and the rest of us folllowed... i finished zoning last (i use dial-up), and the warrior started calling me Babe... i died first, because one of the druids zoned out, i got ALL the aggro, and i didn't know how to zone out of the dungeon.. i died one other time, and so did the warrior, who kept calling me babe.. and i had to leave the group before the final half an hour to get out, because i was getting sicker and sicker... :( it was rather humerous... ^_^
druidic, come and play on Morell-Thule!!!

Druidic Elf
December 15th, 2003, 08:18 PM
Lol, these stories rock so much. I gotta save all these into Word or something.

December 15th, 2003, 08:56 PM
In my defense, I want to state that before EQ the most "up to date" computer game dealing with this sort of subject matter I'd ever played was on the original Nintendo. heh.

I have always been a tabletop gamer, and I had never even heard of a massively multiplayer game online when I started my first character. A real life friend of over 10 years loved the game and so she came over and loaded it on my computer and got me started on it as I fussed and kicked and said it wouldn't be anything I'd be interested in.

So, I started with a DE Necro and I didn't know how to control my movement. I was sort of wobbling all over when her husband's level 65 enchanter came over and told me to follow him. She tells me what to type, and so I start to autofollow...in Neriak.

Needless to say, I fell in the water and drowned. My character moved randomly as they both shouted instructions at me.

I died and popped up in the forest. I didn't get this dying and living again thing at ALL.

There was a snake there, and I felt proud as I figured out how to attack it.

I was kicked to death by the snake. KICKED to death.

At that point about 80 zillion guild members gather around me and buff me to kingdom come...

I don't know that is what they are doing though, because I'm listening to my friend tell me that I just need to go kill stuff and blah blah blah.

So, I'm turned loose but being followed by the invisible newbie watchers....

I'm running super fast, and I don't realize that a huge (and I mean HUGE) train of skeletons is behind me. I'm racing around randomly and never looking back.

Someone yells, "Nice train." I think to myself that if this game has a train in it, that really isn't very conducive to high fantasy roleplay.

Some poor low level character is whacking on a moss snake and I think that it is going to kick him to death too, and this is a great "making friends" opportunity. So, I run towards him to help him kill the snake...because I have no concept of how experience is given in the game. I run towards him to "help" (kill steal) and bring my skellies with me. He is killed. I think to myself...wow...that really came out of nowhere. Talk about bad luck!

That is when my friend catches up to me with her Druid and explains a few things. She drags along a lot of her guild pals who apologize to this guy and buff him to high heaven.

I was the newbie's newbie.

December 16th, 2003, 12:50 AM
Well, last night, I was in a dungeon romp...nearly caused a wipeout when I keyed my assist hotbutton on the target our puller had in mind...unfortunately, 2 baddies he hadn't seen jumped him first and he came running back with them hot on his heels...I instinctively hit my warder attack button, not realizing the -original- baddie was still targeted and proceeded to try and fight off the 2 that had followed the puller...by the time I noticed my warder was getting the daylights kicked out of it, I realized what had happened, and tried to call it back...but I was too late, and before I knew it, we had a total of four baddies on us...3 of them were hitting me, and the Chanter said 'RUN'; naturally, I bolted, thinking she'd meant for everyone to run....

Turns out she actually had meant just ME to run since I was down to 30% health and falling rapidly...once outside, I asked what was going on, and the others said it was clear to go back in...once I put 2 and 2 together and realized the had happened, I spent the next few minutes apologizng madly...fortunately, no-one was mad as the Chanter had done some mad Mezzing work and the other 4 char's had the situation under control....

My over-developed sense of honor wasn't going to let me off so easily though, and I felt sick to my stomach for the next 25 minutes or so as we continued on our adventure(a collect 30 mission).

Later that adventure, during a routine single pull, a wandering baddie aggrod onto the ShadowKnight, who had already been getting wailed on by the original pull; he starts running around with the aggro hot on his heels and the Cleric otherwise occupied...on pure instinct, I backed off the original pull, called back my warder, and somehow peeled the aggro off the SK just in time for the Cleric to Complete-Heal him; the others managed to finish off the original pull while I soloed the aggro along with my warder...the Chanter actually DID mez it once, but something in me just told me to keep hitting it...I decided if I died, then it'd be repayment for nearly causing a wipeout...fortunately, I finished it off and apologized AGAIN, this time for deliberately breaking the mez....

No one was mad, but they didnt really say much about it, which kinda bothered me...the Chanter told me 'You're crazy, but sweet' after a few more apologies.... I know it was wrong to break the mez the way I did when there was an easier way to deal with the problem, but I just couldn't STAND the thought of not at least TRYING to make up for my blunder earlier....

We were successful in our mission, at any rate, and I ended up with another augment-stone....

But self-guilt is still nagging at me.... Did I do the right thing for the right reasons??

December 16th, 2003, 04:45 AM
When cultural amor became one of the BIG things, a friend of mine and I went to go fishing for one of the ingredients needed. He needed, I believe sea water from Ocean of Tears to make one of the human armors.

Me, I was there to keep him company, practice a few spells and port him out when he got the amount he needed. But we got bored. Very bored. We stared drinking to improve our alcohol tolerance.

We found out after a certain point that we couldn't understand a darn thing we were saying to each other. (Now mind you, this was shortly after Shadows of Luclin came out. No channels.)

So here we are trying to figure out how to try to talk to each other and understand (key word there) what we are saying. We discoverd emote talking. We knew we probably not the first people to talk past drunkeness with emotes. But....it was fun trying to find out how to type emotes so that we could communicate...and have the message get past the EQ computer. But, emotes are the only typing that can be done that is not slurred.

Poor zone got an earful of emotes that day. Both of us still laugh about that day of drunken emotes. Both of us vowed not to get too drunk within a largely trafficed zone. Try to explain to a zone, by using emotes that you're drunk. :lol:


Iiliani Seadream
December 16th, 2003, 05:35 AM
(side note: If you need to speak to someone badly while drunk, using the command ;tell works on same server as well as cross server, and will not be drunk speak. You can talk in ;tell rather than /tell)

Platinu Kismet
December 16th, 2003, 10:21 AM
Shrineerune, your story cracked me up. Reminds me of how oblvious I was when I first started. heh.

Sorry this is so long, I was bored and it was fun to write!

My story is about how I met my now in game wife, even though now she's quit playing EQ and moved to playing SWG...

Being an enchanter and after a particularly long raid one day, I decided to unwind by practicing the tradeskill of Jewelcraft. Growing up watching my father make rings and bracelets of arcane power, I had learned the basics but it's always good to practice your skills until you perfect them.

So I travel to Greater Faydark and climb up into the great tree city of Kelethin, home to my cousin elves the shorter and darker Wood Elves. I take up my usual spot next to a surly gem seller and begin to practice my chosen craft.

After an hour or so I'm shaken from my self-imposed mezmerization by a shout. Usually I overlook shouts while I'm doing my tradeskills but this shout was different, this shout had a plea of urgency in it, and more than a hint of anger, the anger of the world being mean to someone just because it could.

The shout was 'Why does this THING keep throwing me off and killing me!?' Now, that alone caught my attention. What 'thing' could be throwing someone to their death, obviously more than once. So I do a /who all Trishilou (The name of the person doing the shouting). 5th level wood elf bard. Hmmm...

So I send a tell. "What exactly is throwing you?"

She replies, "This elevator thing!!" Clearly this young woodelf is unhinged. At this point in my career, I was 57th level and I had never heard of one of the lifts attacking anyone. I ask which lift it is, she doesn't know but after a few more questions she informs me that there's a scary looking 'Priest of Discord' nearby but she 'doesn't think he's doing it.' lol. I laugh out loud as I picture her eyeing this Priest of Discord suspiciously.

I make my way there, levitation on me as I am hooked on that spell. I find her as she's dusting herself off from yet another fall, she's fairly radiating rage. (ooc: I assume it's just some little kid, probably a 12 year old boy who's pushed to his limit of his patience.) I say 'OK if you don't mind, could you demonstrate this again?' Trishilou goes up the list again but part way up the lift goes up and she falls.

I realize it's what the Ancients refer to as 'Lag' and that she isn't a victim of the lift deciding it hates her, but instead she's victim of something else. I try to explain it to her but I can tell she's just more confused. I levitate her and she makes it up no sweat. We get to the top, I show her the bank, give her a few items and some platinum to help make her night more enjoyable. Why she's handy I also give her some money to give to one of my alts, a druid. She takes it and I get my druid there, she hands the money to me. I thank her and tell her if she ever has problems like that again, don't hesitate to send a tell and I'll try to help.

She sent me a few tells over the next few months, having a tendency to get into the WEIRDEST situations without trying, and one day she mentions 'her daughter.' I'm boggled by this, as I had assumed by her extremely high level of noobness she was a 12 year old child. heh. Turns out she was my age in RL and we met many times before distance finally killed our relationship. Now we still talk on the phone but she doesn't play EQ any more. She had made a druid and when she quit her druid was 61st with no AA points, I've PL'd her to 65th with 11 aa now and she logs in sometimes to chat with her EQ friends on her 'uber' druid. :)

(By PL'd her I mean parking her in the 'safe room' in Tactics while I go down and solo in the arena, close enough to the room that she shares the experience.)

December 16th, 2003, 11:04 AM
I remember back in the day when velious had just come out, i was fighting in highpass killing orcs. Well back in those days bards had real aggro problems, ecspecialy during thier 20s. Well i was getting smacked by a couple orcs and I got dotted so I decided to zone into kithicor. Well I zone into Kith with about 2% hp left. I start playing hymn of restoration (regen song) and go to pull out my lute for the added regen, because just singing the regen song isn't enough to combat the dot. Well as soon as I equip my lute, i get knocked out, but by luck, i am still singing hymn and since I now have my lute equiped, I get back up and have sucessfully entered the "purple club."

Another story of close escape, I am soloing in Plane of Disease killing underbulks and lightcrawlers in the courtyard. Well one of the shadow knight mobs cast darkness on me and now i am snared and have 4 anrgy mobs coming after me. I quickly hit my deftdance disc (15 sec auto dodge) and begin to use my thurgadain gate potion hoping that the dot part of darkness doesn't kill me before I gate. Well the potiion goes off and i quickly hit my regen song and then mem up my dispell song to take the spell off. I think thats about the closes I have been to death in a while.

Rhiamon Fatesealer
December 16th, 2003, 12:43 PM
I was the newbie's newbie.

I can top that, but its almost too embarassing. For the record, I hadn't done any gaming at all hardly prior to EQ. Some Atari games back in the day, a few Zelda and Mario Bros. games. But that was it.

So I decide to try EQ, which my husband's coworker had introduced to us. I made a little high elf wizard, and I was running Gfay at night, before I had figured out to turn up the gamma settings so I could actually see. By this time, after a few gruesome deaths to widow hatchlings and orc pawns and whatnot, I had learned that the Greater Faydark was a scary, dangerous place. And everything is scarier at night. So I'm running aimlessly through the woods, trying not to die, when I see these words:

"Aaerie saved."

My blood ran cold as I thought "FROM WHAT?" I ran my scared little high elf self back to Felwithe where I knew I was safe from the evil auto-save message. LOL

Druidic Elf
December 16th, 2003, 02:05 PM
Lmao. 'The evil auto-save message.' These stories get better and better ^_^

Rhiamon Fatesealer
December 16th, 2003, 02:42 PM
I had much the same reaction the first time I saw the wiz spires in Gfay. It was at night, it was dark, I was running from a widow hatchling and I stumbled across the wiz spires. But I didn't know what they were, and to a level 2 who doesn't know what they are, they look mighty scary at night. I saw them and was instantly struck with fear and turned around and ran back the way I came, fully convinced that it was a "bad place"

Oh, the irony of a newbie WIZard being afraid of the WIZ spires.

Druidic Elf
December 16th, 2003, 05:19 PM
Bwah, lol. If it means anything, I probably would've turned and ran too, lol. And I probably would've been killed soon after ^_^

Rhiamon Fatesealer
December 16th, 2003, 06:01 PM
Well... remember the widow hatchling? :D

December 16th, 2003, 06:28 PM
Here's another of mine... it's much shorter than the first.

I purchased EQ, installed it, then created a character... a wood elf ranger named Nulien. I found myself in the ranger guild in Kelethin. After looking around for a moment, and wondering why a butterfly was fluttering next to a female wood elf, I left the building, and 5 seconds later, fell out of Kelethin to my death.

Druidic Elf
December 16th, 2003, 07:20 PM
Lol. Such interesting stories. I can't wait until I get the game and can retell some of mine.

December 16th, 2003, 08:41 PM
I remember when I made Sckalez, my Iksar Monk. He had JUST gotten to level 17,and I thought to myself, maybe I should go hit up this Lake of Ill Omen Place I keep hearing about. So, I struck out through the gates and zoned in to the LOIO. Well, I figured the "safe spot" (aka the mill) would be right around the corner, so off I went. Well, 7 Hours later, I was back at zone line to Cabilis. I sat there for a minute thinking, what the heck did I do wrong?off I went again, and again, and always back at zone. So about a day later ,my friend who was a 57 wizard at the time, came and asked wtf I was doing running around and not XPing. I told him of my troubles and I swear to god he almost wet himself laughing. Turns out, I had ran right past the mill about oooooh, 20 times, but I had my clip plane down so low, I never saw it......go idiocy! lol

Platinu Kismet
December 17th, 2003, 11:53 AM
The 'Evil Save message' story busted me up. It also reminded me of my very first character, a halfling warrior in Misty Thicket.

I was 3rd level and a high elf mage (The first elf I ever saw, now my main is one!) wanted me to group with her and her halfling druid friend. I say sure as they were 3rd also (My first group!) and we tear stuff up. The mage says how a friend of hers brought her here and binded her in Rivervale. I kinda wonder what 'Binded' means but I didn't ask.

We get brave and get to the 'wall'. The mage dings 4th and says 'oh! I can mem my new spells!' so while she's sitting near the guards scribing I run around and kill a few things. Here in a minute she comes tearing by me, and around me, doing the HELP! thing with this fire looking thing chasing her. She runs around, to the guards, away from the guards, back to the guards, and the whole time this 'thing' is right on her ass. She's yelling and the druid is afk so she can't help, I'm chasing it wondering why I can't even BEGIN to hit this thing...

She finally decided it didn't mean her any harm and she tried to talk to it and I watched, eager to learn what this mysterious entity could be... after the talking to it failed to work we decided it was the ghost of something she'd killed and it was haunting her...

Well... I'm not sure who figured it out first but it turned out she had memmed her first pet spell and, not having ANY idea what it was, she had cast it and saw this 'thing' appear and it scared her and off she went, she'd stop and try to cast on it, I can only imagine root or nukes, and nothing phased it. It just kept coming!!! Man that was scary... We thought we had some unstoppable creature from hell after her... We laughed later but at the time it was NOT funny...

December 17th, 2003, 01:06 PM
My very first character was a half-elf druid named Gemmin. I'd managed to level her to 5 without problems, even managed to get her to the entrance to Blackburrow, where I met another druid (about lvl 30). He wasked me what my WIS was, and after fiddling around figuring it out, I said to him with pride, "87". He was dismayed, shocked, etc, and I told him how it was my first character.

I was so dismayed when I realized that I had to remake my character because a higher WIS was what I needed. What, 87 isn't high? It's almost to 100! I worked SO HARD to get to lvl 5! (this was back when you lost exp and had to find your corpse at lvl 5).

Yeah, durf. Other than that, the only interesting thing I've ever done is die while AFK, in treeform, in the Rathe Mtns, and the only way I was able to find my corpse was to try looting every tree in the zone :P I had to buckle and let my necro friend find it...if I'd kept looking, I would have found it eventually, since it was the ONLY tree in the zone standing upright at a 45-degree angle.

December 17th, 2003, 03:03 PM
LoL! Both those two stories rocked Platinu and Vel!

Some of you know this story as I've told it before, but here's my 'funny' story I have for Druidic.

A few months ago, a cleric guildmember and I just zoned into ShadowHaven from the Paludal Caverns after leveling a bit. I was loaded to the gills with items, so I was going to sell then bank. So I sell my items at the first vendor I see, and I auto-follow my guildmate to the bank, as this was the only 2nd time I have ever been in ShadowHaven.

The deal with auto-follow, it's like a semi. The person that is behind following is the trailer and the person that is being auto-follow'd is the tractor. If that person takes a sharp corner, the follower is going to take the quickest way to the person they are following. So, imagine me auto-following my guildmate, and she takes a sharp corner around the pool that is in front of the bank, so I take that corner, but miss, and fell into the pool.

That isn't the funny part, the funny part is my inability to get OUT of the pool. I seriously swim for over an hour, and ultimately get my swimming skill up to 60-70, before I got out. My guildmate was laughin so very hard at me she couldn't even type. She still won't let me live that down. I even went so far as get another guild member to jump in the pool to show me how to get out, and still I, for some reason, couldn't get out. I finally got out when a stranger jumped in and got out a different way, I saw that, and gave it a shot, as I was a desperate wood elf.

Mind you, that was the first time that character has even SEEN a big body of water, so his swimming sucked. =)

Platinu Kismet
December 17th, 2003, 03:58 PM
I got stuck in that pool once. I hate that pool!

December 17th, 2003, 04:12 PM
lol at least you lived thru that encounter, i remember the first time i zoned up and fell in the pool right off the bat because of stupid lag. well to make a long story short i ended up gettin a corpse drag out of the pool and being ressed next to the soul binder

Druidic Elf
December 17th, 2003, 04:42 PM
Lol, I'll have to be a bit more mindful and learn that swimming is a dangerous action if you don't know how to ^_^

December 17th, 2003, 11:23 PM
People are ALWAYS getting stuck in that pool in Shadowhaven... maybe SOE should raise that water level slightly to make getting out of it easier. I've had to log my druid on to cast Lesser Succor to rescue people stuck in the water.

December 17th, 2003, 11:27 PM
Either that or print on the bottom of the pool, "Swim at the side and look at the ceiling." The sides of the canal in Cabilis are way higher and I hop out of those with my monk all the time no problem. I never use the ladders.

December 19th, 2003, 04:16 AM
My story isn't really funny but kinda neat for the fact that i slugged it out briefly with a gm'd Al'kabor.

It starts of as my Iksar Monk named Sarkael was just leaving the ice tunnel heading toward the druid circles, when i noticed some commotion over in the pyramid area.

Upoun approaching there were masses of people milling around the spires talking about how Al'kabor was trapped on the other side of a portal, his apprentice who's name i forget was setting things up so he could return. Which he did shortly after.

Being the outlander hating Iksar i am i spat and hissed at all the elves and humans around, objecting to Al'kabor on how his vile race was only seeking out new lands to corrupt and destroy. Al'kabor ignored me, although i did effectively taunt some of the lesser beings milling around the great wizard.

So i bided my time as he set things up...

A lil info before I go on. I had tried when i first arrived to attack Al'kabor but it wouldnt allow me, so i didnt bother, thinking it was like any other Pc (im on a blue server)

Al'kabor then began his spells and the spires hummed with energy then suddenly blue light rippled off of everyone in the area. My buffs were quickly stripped off..seems the gm was casting an AoE dispell magic spell. Thats when I had an epiphany..I ran toward Al'kabor and tapped "a" just to see something..

I was greeted pleasantly when my Tranquil staff went through several quick attacking motions..hitting him several times. It seems whatever was stopping me from attacking him before was dispelled or by casting he was some how vulnerable to attack now..

People around me tried to intervene by healing the wizard or casting spells on me which did nothing as I pressed my attack on the great Al'kabor.

Now I had taken screenshots of this but i have long since stopped playing and uninstalled the game which :( took the screenshots with them but being a Gm he quickly fried me with 5 or 6 Harm touches in a row.

No joke :p Al'kabor fights dirty. I got rezzed and made the mistake of trying to attack him again, which i couldnt. He recognized me and fried me a second time :o One of my buddys that was there also got fried for talking down to the high n mighty wizard.

I later found out that i could have gotten in trouble for interfering in a gm event since i attack him while he was performing. But it was kinda kewl to be able to flying kick the well known Character in EQ lore.

So the lesson of the day is..dont attack a Gm playing a lead EQ character unless you wanna get harm touched 5 times instantly :roll:

(I actually found pictures of both Quarter Master Griks death and my torching at the hands of Al'kabor so if you wanna see Pm me and ill get them to ya :) )

December 19th, 2003, 05:18 AM
*laughes* Iiliani, I wish I knew that back then. Could have been loads useful at the time. But nether of us knew about it...and we tried the emote speaking out as a last resort. Especially since we were trying to wait for the alcohol to wear off enough for me to port him out.

Thanks for the advice....I'll keep it in mind the next time the silly blacksmith needs to go fishing for items. *rolls eyes* I hope that isn't anyime soon.


December 19th, 2003, 05:50 AM
My RL wife has yet to find a character she likes. Well, tonight she made a gnome necromancer and really got into the story-line of how they have to be secretive in their homeland about being evil and all. Well I tell her to meet my ranger in PoK for a few bone chips he had stashed away from back when he stormed Kurn's tower. Well I found her standing in front of the Ak'anon stone and started to make the trade. She cancelled the trade and I tried again, she cancelled again. I emoted a puzzled look her way and she "/say Im a gnome... I'm evil... and I love it." I said "thats great, here are you bone chips, oh dark one" she cancelled the trade again and she "/ooc Im a gnome... Im evil... and I love it". This got her a bit of criticism, especially since she doesnt know about spamming a zone. I tried the trade one last time and told her to take, well with a mwuhahaha, she was off. I had to play find the gnome who was "/shout Im a gnome... Im evil... and I love it!!!" and hiding in all manner of places. I finaly caught up to her as she was biting the poor soulbinder and fliping her off. She saw and yelled one more time "/shout Im a gnome... Im evil... and I love it!!!". Some of the other evils in the zone were cheering her on about evil-vileness. I "/shout If you dont knock it off, your not getting your bone chips!!!". She "/say Im very sorry, can I have my bone chips now?" and emotes a meek look my way. I give her the bone chips, she finaly takes the trade and then she "/shout Mwuhahaha!!!" and flips me off before she runs back to Ak'anon.
I look over to her in RL and without looking away from the screen she says, "you said you wish we would roleplay our characters more".

December 19th, 2003, 08:20 AM
Gonzo, that's an adoreable story! :) Lol, thanks for sharing it.

December 19th, 2003, 09:42 AM
Ok here I go. First char. (it's still my main) Ogre coff.... err warrior. I dided in the town from falling into water not knowing how to get out. Then a friend tells me to follow him on a run to WFP. We make a stop outside Guk while he does a rez for a friend. I figure that I'm an ogre I can smack a frog I was very wrong. After getting a rez I start to follow again and auto follow a tree for 2 min. After finaly getting to WFP friend tells me to talk in common not dark only took 10 min to figure out how to do that.

Druidic Elf
December 19th, 2003, 04:21 PM
Lol. Gonzo, your story is pretty funny. I bet no one ever forgot your wife's character name again, lol. And Tear, I gotta check out those screen shots. I really enjoyed the story you posted about your 'galiant efforts' to defeat Rik or Grik the Froglok, lol. I also enjoyed the one you posted here. These are great!

December 19th, 2003, 05:03 PM
I still chuckle every time I remember this caster shouting for help finding his corpse in WK. Being a bored young bard just finished with my buisness in Qeynos and getting ready to make mail runs to Freeport I decide it's on my way so why not help.

Well, we make it all the way to WK and find the corpse on the road almost to the NK zone when I hear behind me a boom boom boom steadly getting louder (have to love surround sound). By the time I realize what's going on I type "RUN" and move away from the caster as fast as I can. I got up the hill and turn around in time to watch a hill giant without a care in the world saunter upto the caster bent over his corpse bonk him once on the head and without missing a beat continue walking. One of the funniest things I ever did see.

Druidic Elf
December 19th, 2003, 07:38 PM
Lol, harsh, but funny.

December 20th, 2003, 06:41 PM
When I first started EverQuest I was a wood elf druid in Kelethin. I had a little starters guide and map of Kelethin from my PC Zone magazine which had given me a guide to get me to lvl 5. Having handed in the note and gotten my tunic I then read that I was supposed to find the "PoD lift" and take it down to where all the bats and wasps and fun stuff was. I made it as far as the bank. Now, up until then there were little fires showing you where the ramps were, but there wasn't one for the bank down to the lower level of Kelethin, and the platform to get me to the PoD lift. I just did not see it. After running around the top part of Kelethin I decided I'd try and jump to nearby platform. As anyone who's tried jumping between platforms in Kelethin will tell you, without SoW/Safe Fall/A lot of hitpoints you'll either take damage from actually making it across, or more likely fall to your demise. It was the latter that happened.

The ironic part is that the standard bind point for a kelethin newbie is near the PoD lift on the GFay floor, so it sorta worked. I had so much fun that night with Skin like wood and minor healing, GFay seemed like a massive area to explore when I had more time, and people appreciated me giving them such a trivial HP buff as SLW, even though some probably already had it. But hey, I was a newbie, I was allowed to be ignorant of the fact that there were other classes with the same/better spells. :D

I suppose you could tie that in with every time you've fallen out of Kelethin, for whatever reason. Namely the infamous "was typing on the run and couldn't stop before I run past the wrong side of the rope bridge railings". You haven't visited GFay until you've fallen out of Kelethin :)

Druidic Elf
December 20th, 2003, 07:27 PM
Lol, good story. I can safely tell you that I will probably have a little *too* much fun playing around with my starter spells, being the curious individual I am ^_^

December 20th, 2003, 07:50 PM
speaking of starting spells, nothing beats minor illusion on the opposite side of the Kelethin lift switches.

Really confuses people for a minute when there are TWO lift switches :P

I've been "clicked" quite a few times. It's especiall amusing when it's someone from your server's premier guild, who just happens to be level 60 :P

hrm. I wonder if "Liftswitch" would work as a name

December 20th, 2003, 08:59 PM
THese have been be totally wonderful.

Thankyou all so much for sharing these moments with us.

December 20th, 2003, 10:51 PM
i once had a group in PoDisease, and I was on cleric. Our group got wiped out, so I rezzed everyone.. except the warrior that is. Apparently, he says "don't rez me, it auto saves so i just will reboot and get everything back so i wont loose xp". Needless to say, we just got a new warrior :-)

December 21st, 2003, 12:45 AM
I started a halfling cleric early may of 2000 (she's been deleated since then). I kept dying because I didn't know how to target myself. I was constantly getting tells along the lines of "Your corpse is at loc..." It took me a while to figure out what they were talking about and how to respond to tells. After 30 minutes of this, I decided to log out and read through the manual.

December 21st, 2003, 01:35 AM
Looting corpses in trees is always interesting. Whenever I get my old hardrive working again I'll show the picture but several times while out hunting at lower levels has a dead mob gotten stuck in a tree. Now sometimes you can jump high enough to right click and loot it but more often than not you have to use the /loot command. Once my corpse was caught in a high up place, Nek on one of the unclimbable spires. I could just barely see my foot and there were no Necros around with DMF so I climb the wall, jump to the spire target my corpse and promptly safefall to the ground. The loot command works at any height *grin*
Watching me climb various rock spires around Norrath was also amusing... such as diving off of the southern rock in Oasis. Very dangerous, but very amusing as you're taller than the Sand Giants.

December 21st, 2003, 05:31 AM
Oohh that plat form jumping story reminded me of one of my own. My first Char, a wood elf ranger named Devan. Anyway I was mid 30's and i knew my way around pretty good. I was on the very tops of Kelethin buying fletching and bow making supplies..it was pretty late or pretty earlier depending on how you wanna think about it :roll: So i was at the near very top n i was dead tired and i just clicked on a merchent to do some buying. When i get a tell n start typing a reply..without hitting "r" n some where along my sentance i tapped the faitfull "a" button.

I was always so careful not to do that but finally..i did. Bam the merchent socked me a few ones. At first i was like whoa..what did i do? Ive always looked down their shirts but they never punched me for it. :wink: So i took off down a ramp.. I knew id probably never make it out of the city if i tried to run my way through. So i glanced around and spotted one of the platforms below..took a deep breath and a few steps back then launched myself toward it. I made it too not only that but I leapt down two more platforms and made them all.

Leaving the merchent taking the long way around (although im sure she wanted to, she didnt wanna leave her guard friends behind )

But since she took the long way i had time to sow myself and book it down to CB zone.

I remember people at orc hill doubling over in laughter as they saw this Ranger bustin over their camp toward CB with a train of guards and the merchent at his heels.

I was pretty proud of myself for that one. One of the few chances i took in the game to save my butt that actually paid off.

December 21st, 2003, 06:42 AM
Man lets see...My first character was a cleric named Annee, she was a highelven gal and she loved to get her travel on and see the sights. Unfortunately she had 2 things going against her. 1 Her luck was as bad as it can be. 2 Her player stayed up way too long. If she entered West Commons..it would not matter where she was Dragoon Zytl always ALWAYS found that girl...she died so many times and usually I would have forgotten to bind her and this was before such things as port books or spires that work. Then there was the eastern Karana slope going to highpass...invariably I would go there to log when I ended a gaming session...saddly several times this happened way too late and I would fall asleep and she would walk off the edge to her doom...the horrible thing about that is when you wake up and you see your character heading over and you panic and dont hit the right buttons. Poor Annee.

December 21st, 2003, 10:31 AM
Once, I was in Paineel on my Ranger, Negdaien. He was about level 20 ish or whatever. Anyways Im playing near the edge of the hole, just running about and I fell in. Well no sooner than I hit the zone line, did I lag out. I thought to myself, oh crap, this is gonna be a doozy of a CR. Well, when I log back in, I find myself standing in the bottom of the hole with 100% hp. I was surrounded by elementals and weird things you see Wizards conjure up. Well we all know (from a Ranger's perspective) that Wiz's and there pets are wusses. These things con red to me but I can take 'em. Before I do however I type /who to see who was in zone with me. About 20 people all over level 60. This had no effect on my decision making. Silly Earth elemental is getting close to me......WHACK!!


Well needless to say, I was right about it being a doozy of a corpse run. I had to organize a level 60+ raid with my guild, and I went in with them at levl 20. We made it to where I thought I had died but couldnt find my corpse. So I /petition it. About 15 minutes later (yes minutes, not hours) the HEAD GM at the time, I believe his name was August responded with "How did you get way down there?". I answered, and he summoned myself, and my corpse to the Paineel zone line, leaving my guildmates in the bottom of the hole to fight there way back up. Hehehe

Another one, I was cutting thru DL, right after Luclin came out and those awesome spires became active. I was omw to LOIO. The boat was broken so the only way was the WIZ spires. Anyways, back to DL. Im running thru, and being rather used to my surroundings having made this run multiple times, was comfortable in my level 24 status in DL. I had never encountered any mobs whatsoever on my journey thru. Well this particular time, I was running thru, and I come over a hill and lo and behold I see GORENAIRE! Wow! my first dragon!


Druidic Elf
December 21st, 2003, 10:37 AM
Lol. Yes, poor Annee. She does seem to have poor luck. And Tear, lol, the thing about you looking down their shirts was really funny. You seem to have more amusing stories than anyone else I've met ^_^ I would also like to join Reymi_VZ in saying thank you all for posting these stories!

December 21st, 2003, 05:57 PM
:oops: i have a GREAT one..

Last night i started my Shaman's Epic... hee... it was going great... and i was nearly 1/3 of the way through, when a lag spike happened while i was typing my last response to the greaater spirit, and I autoattacked :shock: i was like oMFG! and Bugems killed him... now i have to start over... heh...

Druidic Elf
December 21st, 2003, 08:10 PM
Lol, aww. That bites so bad. I would have screamed.

December 21st, 2003, 10:26 PM
1st 5 minutes of EQ experience about 3 years ago....Started woodelf ranger...Walked around city fell off the side..plummeted died.....Started new character, human paladin. Went on boat...Zoned into OOT fell into water, drowned....Started new character highelf magician...killed bats for a level then went to Lfay ....got killed by a Brownie.....Erased all those characters and quit for the night. restarted ranger. Worked out for the rest of career :)

December 21st, 2003, 10:55 PM
i died first, because one of the druids zoned out!

Just so you guys know... that druid wasn't me... Well i remembr my first newbie moment. I had started a druid (Me of corse) In G-fay and I knew a little bit of the game (having a few levels 20 on other account) but I was level 5 when i decided I wanted to go to CB so i begegd and begged for a bind at the orc lift. A kind young mage came up bound me and then began to announce it to the whole zone that he was binding people at the lift for donations. I hopped on the lift figuering I better go get some money to pay him... Well the silly mage bound me while the lift was going up and i didn't catch it... I fell off on my way to bank and it took me 45 mins to get out of my first death wheel... then I got aggroed while waiting for another bind and went into another one... I camped and talked a friend into lokking his caster on and binding me... The death wheel allthough funny... is not a toy :-P

December 21st, 2003, 10:56 PM
and Bugems killed him... now i have to start over... heh...

Only to save her life (gotta clear my name hehe)

December 21st, 2003, 11:56 PM
My first character was a halfelven bard, started out in Freeport. I found the newbie hunting area off West Freeport just fine, and slew rats most mightily until they were quite green, then had trouble figuring out where to go next -- there was this mysterious area just a little further out where the cacti ended; people would sometimes run out there and DISAPPEAR. Scary! so I avoided that area like the plague -- and never found East Commonlands.

I also was astonished by these little pictures that would suddenly appear on my screen, and I'd suddenly be doing better in fights. Oooooh, these are "buffs"? Neato! Hey, I want to cast some on other people! ... the only problem was, as a baby bard, I could only affect myself or my group -- and I didn't quite get this "grouping" thing, I figured I didn't know what I was doing yet, I didn't want someone else depending on me when I was clueless, better wait -- and never realized the songs could actually help in a group. Ended up giving up on her at 7 because of that, and started a shaman -- NOW I could make neat little pictures appear on other people's screens!

Fast forward a little. Not quite such a n00b, I know a few tricks (enough to be dangerous). I decide to start a shadowknight alt for variety. Okay, new character checklist, reset attack key from "a" so I don't accidentally attack a powerful and cranky NPC who would pulverize me, check. Turn in note to guildleader, check. Set up this new chat channel thing, okay, have my two channels set, now I can talk to folks again. Set up hotbuttons, lets see, sense heading is always #1, what else? Oh yeah! Shadowknight gets harmtouch! Let's make that #2. Hey, folks logged in and are chatting in channel, I'd better say hi: hit "2" to talk in channel ... KWAPOW ... Hey Mr Guildmaster I didn't mean to harmtouch you, honest! ... OW!!! >squish<

December 22nd, 2003, 03:13 AM
Lol, aww. That bites so bad. I would have screamed.
Hun... you're too darn cute... i did scream... in guild chat and in the GucomicsChat... i didn't do anything stupid today, except i was annoying in the MorellThule chat while MT was down

December 22nd, 2003, 09:36 AM
I was fighting in Paludal Caverns with my shadow knight one night we had a good group, shaman, cleric, a warrior, monk, necro, and myself. Everything was going great until we hear "Train to zone! move it or lose it!" we thought everything would be ok, we were out of the way and to the side... we thought wrong. We ended up catching the full force of the train head on, and lucky for us they all seemed to forget whoever they were previously chasing and decided to fight us. It seemed to be ok at first, our group was encouraging and optimistic "We can take them" "Let's do this!" and I being the main tank took aggro from all of them. We killed one, or two of them and it was going great, and then I look up to my health bar "78 percent" *SMACK* "54 percent" *SMACK* "31 percent" I thought Yikes, we weren't going to make it through this after all. Being the person that I am, I hate it when other people die and lose experience ( Guess I should have played a paladin huh? ) so I told my group to run, they promptly replied no, that they were going to stay and fight. So we continued fighting my health dropping faster than ever. Cleric says "OOM!" the shaman says "OOM!" and my health is lower than ever "9 percent" *SMACK* "0 percent" but what's this? no loading please wait? I look up and my health is in the purple we still had a chance, as I lie there I wounder what was going to happen next, and then I noticed our cleric started casting a spell. I popped up an instant later, our cleric casted minor heal it wasn't much but it was enough to keep me fighting, and fight I did. A second later, *SMACK* back to the ground, but purple again there's still a chance and a notice our shaman casting a spell. Once again, for a second time I have arisen from a dead like state to fight again, our shaman had also managed to get a minor heal out. The mobs numbers weren't as great as they first were when we began, but we still had a long road ahead of us. We continue fighting, as hard as ever now all of us has seen better days, *SMACK* back down to the ground again with only one mob left, I thought "Now this is the end, our shaman and cleric have been oom the whole time, and healing when they could there's no way they could get another heal, and I notice our necro begins casting dark empathy, I was again, for the third time have risen from the dead, and delivered the final blow to our last enemy. As we were resting from our long, and devious battle we hear "Train to zone! Move it or lose it!"

Zyndor Fyrmane
December 22nd, 2003, 10:56 AM
Ok time for my newbie story.

A little background first. I played a little bit of D&D a long time ago, so I was familiar with the different stats and what they represented in game. I also read the manual, believe it or not I do that with most games I buy, I hate getting frustrated.

I always dreamed about being some all powerful magic user, so I picked an Erudite Wizard. Bad idea for a first character. After several deaths to skunks and gnoll pups I had actually made it to level 3. Then I got killed in 1 hit by a poacher! Ok this sucks who is the idiot that put a high level evil NPC in a newbie area (little did I know that Erudin has the lousiest newbie zone in the game).
Next try was a wood elf Ranger. Turned in my note and tried for a half hour to find a way to the ground, so I figured they must jump. I didn't know at the time that high jump=death. Loading Please Wait....
Next try was a human monk. Went into the newbie zone completely unarmed and started wailing the daylights out of any thing that moved, NOW THIS IS POWER. Shortly I gathered enough loot and sold to Boomba (didn't know he buys low), that I could buy a fishing pole. Yes, this was the first thing I bought with my firts money. I said in the manual that fishing was an easy way to make a little cash and get food. Well several hours later my monk was dressed head to toe in leather armor!
Had fish to last a while and a spiffy new backpack.
Headed out to EC to kill stuff.
Well after while I was getting low on health so I finally found the tunnel to stay and regenerate. This was back when a bazillion people populated the tunnel buying and trading. Well a nice Level 50 Monk hailed me and we started talking, he found out that this was the first character that I had actually played beyond level 5. He also let me know about the Monk weight penalty above 15stones=b (I had 50+ stones of leather armor on)
He then gave me some Wu's armor and nice offhand weapon.
I lost the weapon at level 15 to an Iksar in CB. He offered to trade me a 100% weight reduction bag for it. I agreed. I logged and came back later, thats when I found out what NO RENT means.
A friend of mine later told me he played on another server, so I started my monk over, he is now 51 and I have 52 druid and a 26 rogue.

Thats all I got

December 22nd, 2003, 11:36 AM
Hey all my first post got two things for you

I started a Pally for my first char and hit lvl 9 got my spells and was doing ok. Around lvl 11 I kept hearing people talking about this bazaar place where you could buy things I had about 20pp to my name and wanted to buy me a new sword. So I head out looking and find Lfay so I'm running around the zone wall and find a camp of dark elves. Well who are these guys "Hail" and smack loading please wait. Well this is the first time I died over lvl 10 I look for my gear and its not there and neither is my precious 20pp. So three ppl I had become friends with are one agrees to help me the other says shes going to the bazaar she'll find someone to come help us. So me and this warrior are running around Lfay looking for my body when here comes a lvl 55 necro and a lvl 53 ranger. The necro promptly summons my corpse. The ranger SoWs us and out we go. Thank god for friends who know more about the game than you do.

The second one goes something like this I had made two friends both true blue newbs just like myself a monk and a whizzy. We had gone from CB to PC to hhk together. Well one night me and the whizzy xand were in hhk grinding around lvl 34. When we get a tell from our monk friend i'm in this place called Kaesora you have got to come here its great xp. So I have the EQ atlas and we head out. We find our way to kaesora and walk straight, straight down into the spider pit well xand being a whizzy promptly dies. I try and run and run down to a dead end and more spiders. So now wer'e both dead we had bound right outside lucky us. We figure out we can jump down pull our body up a bit and die. We do this over and over again in total I think he died 6 times I died 9. We even had it locked down to a method where he'd cast eye of zomm target corpse jump down hole start running hitting corpse hot button the whole time.

Now that I'm past that my pally is lvl 64 with 16aa's and a few alts a chanter 36 and a lvl 40 bst, and to think I started playing in Feb 03 those times with xand and kareena seem like a long time ago.


Druidic Elf
December 22nd, 2003, 05:37 PM
Lol, Gnomish, I wish I heard that more often. Anyway, I enjoy a lot of these stories. I seriously am going to have to save these, and as time goes by, add to them ^_^

December 22nd, 2003, 07:01 PM
When my rogue was in his mid to upper 20s I decided to help out a guildy take down a mob to get a quest piece or just general revenge. Being several levels higher, I thought I'd easily be able to help her out. I was right, the mob was, by contrast quite easy. So we sat down after our victory (I'd taken a pounding after gaining aggro and the other member being a beastlord and so didn't have taunt) and decided to rest. The mob in question however, is a cyclops in EK called Broon and I'm sure some people will be grinning as they can guess what's about to happen next. He had said something when he died about being avenged by his father and bigger brother. Now, having slain lots of orcs by that time I was used to the idle threats of the now deceased, but the fact that he mentioned his father (Proon) and brother (Droon) by name worried me. I said to the beastlord "I hope he isn't a placeholder for something bigger"........ Droon hits you for 72 points of damage. Fortunatly for me, the beastlord in question had a cleric toon for the rez afterwards :)

Here's (http://www.ventral.btinternet.co.uk/everquest/images/droonstrikes.jpg) part of the screenshot I took after the event, with Droon in the background (I think), names have been removed to protect the innocent.

Druidic Elf
December 22nd, 2003, 08:39 PM
Lmao. That's so ironic, lol. I guess I'll have to watch my back in EQ ^_^

December 22nd, 2003, 09:19 PM
Hmmm funny stories..... Well.....

First char, Ogre Warrior of course. Ogre being the biggest bad guy out there. Warrior being the toughest, great combo. So i started out and was given gear from a random person. Bronze stuff. So with my "uber" gear i could take out anything (whites and blues) Well i found my way to the gfay spires. Being level 3 at the time, i thought i was unstopable. So i climbed up the spires. I couldnt see the ground i was so high. I decided to test myself. And i began thinking, "Puny birds can fly, and im a big bad Ogre, lets see if i can!" So i ran and jumped off the top of the spires. Next thing i saw was LOADING.......

December 22nd, 2003, 09:35 PM
I was poor and decided to get some free leather gear doing the Halas Polar bear fur thing. So i gather a bunch up and turn invis on. Go in Halas, swim across the lake thing, then go to the house place i need. hand the stuff over. I think to myself, wow this invis lasts long. So i start running back and before I go across the lake i decide id better cast invis on myself agian just in case it wares out. So right before i take invis off i see a guard so i keep it on. He goes away (or at least i thought) so i take invis off. As i start castin agian he turns the corner and attacks me. Boom dead :-D

Another story was with a guy who was new to the game. I zone in to Everfrost agian so i can go to halas and get my corspe. And i see a guy named Freddied. He hails me and asks "Where can i find the magic?" At first im a little confused and then finally realize he is talking about spells. So i offer to help him but then realize I am KoS in town. Not wanting him to bug me i say i have to go and then cast invis on myself. MUHAHAHAHA. I go in town get my corpse come back. And see on the ground Freddied corpse. At first I think this is the last time ill see him. But then I start a new char and get to pc. I get in trouble with a Fiend and jump in the water. And guess what i see? Freddied's corpse. So i wait around and see him in pc, nude of course. I tell him he has to get his body and ill show him where it is. He follows me and gets it. I think to myself, WOW, he looks a lot like he did when he was level 4 (He was level 23 now)I inspect him, all leather gear.... STILL. Then finally today I see him. He made it to level 51. and guess what he is wearing! Well tricked you guys, you thought i was gunna say leather gear but he wasnt. I didnt actually see him he just did a /ooc in the zone i was in :-D.Whats sad is he is 51 now and my highest char is 33 cause i keep making new chars. Wow that story wasnt funny at all.

December 23rd, 2003, 12:34 AM
The best story I can think of involves the first time I ever went to Kunark. This was just after Luclin came out, so you had three choices: Druid/Wizard port, the Dreadlands Spires, or take the boat. I had just turned 19 (wood elf druid, loved the toon so far), so I could solo port to some of the old world locations, but I had NO group ports, and no solo ports to Kunark. I was way too low to handle DL, so that meant taking the boat.

I'd been hunting with a GREAT group in Oasis for a while. Not just good players, but really nice people, and we had a lot of fun just chatting between pulls. Two of us are wood elves, one is a dark elf (shadowknight), and I forget the other two (just five people), and we all decide we want to go to Kunark, since we've never been out of the Old World. Since we're in Oasis, we figure we'll take the boat from there to OT.

We get to the aviak island in Timorous Deep, and think we're in Kunark (like I said, we'd never been out of the old world at this point). We start looking for something to hunt, spot a bunch of ogres, and figure "why not? They're only yellow." Very shortly, the SK is running around the island towing a very red ogre that none of us can land spells on, trying to stay alive long enough for the boat to show back up, and hope we can root the guy long enough to get out of range. We finally see a higher level player, and beg for help. He takes out the ogre, and tells us where we are, and how to get to Kunark, or at least how to get to Firiona Vie. So we hop the boat BACK to oasis, run to Freeport, get on the boat to ButcherBlock.

We arrive in ButcherBlock, a WE ranger, WE druid (me), DE ShadowKnight, Bard of some race, having lost number 5 some time ago. In the process of getting off the boat, the DE went too close to the dwarves, and got spanked. So I ran around oocing for a rez or a port from WC to BB for her. Finally, I find a druid high enough to do group ports, and beg, plead, and offer large sums of plat for help (or what seemed large at the time :) ). She helps out, and shortly our inky friend is back with us. And just in time too, cuz the shuttles showed up about two minutes later. So we're finally on the boats for Kunark! Whoo!

But it ain't over yet! Not even close. This is something like 2 hours after we decided to go to Kunark, for anyone keeping track. We get on the Maiden Voyage (if I remember the name right) for Firiona Vie. We spend a couple minutes looking all over the boat, talking about how cool it looks. Then we finally get under way. When we get into the zone, it occurs to us that Firiona Vie is an elven outpost, and inkies might not be welcome. So while we're at the zone in, and the boat isn't moving, I try to camo the SK. Can't cast on the boat. So I hop off in the water, thinking I'll cast camo, jump back up, and hope camo holds till we hit shore (for those wondering why I didn't levitate so I wouldn't sink, I couldn't cast that while on the boat either). Before camo finishes casting, the boat starts moving again. If you've never been in this position, let me tell you, the Maiden Voyage moves MUCH faster than the other boats. And here I am stuck at the zone in. So I now have to SWIM to the Outpost (better than a friend of mine who swam across TD, but still). I finally make it, after about 5 swimming increases (not a total waste of time, anyway :wink).

So we're all on the beach at the outpost. They're all laughing like hell at me, and I can't blame them. But this is not the end! We now have to get through the outpost, without getting the SK killed. The bard didn't have invis for some reason, the ranger didn't KNOW she had camo (and I wasn't sure what level rangers get it), and I never did figure out why the SK didn't use gather shadows, but I got stuck camoing the whole group to move through here, just in case. Well, we found out that there are one or two people there who see invis. Including the drakelings. SK dies. Gets a boat ride back (from antonica, by way of butcherblock). Gets bound under the piers, so we don't have to wait on the ride again. Dies twice more getting out of the city. Then we meet the Drachnids, discover that they're faster than level 19 sow, and can see invis. Another couple deaths for the SK, and one for me! The ranger and bard have already split, and head for LOIO. So we try again. And meet Vekis. And die again (1 each here). Finally we make it to the zone line to LOIO, and I seem to remember binding her again somewhere. But the total death count for the afternoon (this had gone up to something like 5 hours by now, with all the waiting included) was something like 6 to 7 deaths for the SK, and a couple for me. The irony of this is that we were grouped with a pair of paper tanks, neither of whom died the whole time. The real kicker though was finding out the next day that the SK could've come through OT after all, and been a whole lot safer. :D

December 23rd, 2003, 11:42 AM
Everybody's had the old "hit A and auto attack some very big, very red thing". But new twist. I was on discord... Yep I was level 7 (which is pretty high thank you very much! ). I was fighting something white and got an add so hightailed it to the guards. Forgot to turn auto attack off. I have this "problem" with clicking. Clicked/Targeted one of the guards, ran by, smacked him, and BOOM. Level 1. I felt soooo dumb!

December 23rd, 2003, 01:48 PM
Forgot to add this one I had decided to do my epic being a pally and still fairly new I had destroyed my hhk faction in turn butchering my freeport one so I decided I needed to get my freeport faction up. A bard from my guild looks up a real simple way for me to do this which involved hailing an NPC in Eurdin getting an item running across the city and doin a hand in. So the bard was goin to charm the guy we had to run to pull him over to the other guy so we could do this real fast. Well I had just recently learned about macros and had taunt set to my right arrow. Three times in a row I hit right taunted the NPC and got laid out. Never did realize why it happend till a few weaks later when I put some serious thought into it.


Druidic Elf
December 23rd, 2003, 03:50 PM
Lol, these stories are starting to show a bit of anxiety ^_^

December 23rd, 2003, 04:02 PM
I remember once, I was playing on my cleric (Gothos Despayre cool name huh? lol) and I was just tryin to get to Ak'Anon. I was cutting through Lesser Faydark and Equistrelle the Corrupted was up. But the darn thing was bugged and could aggro across the entire zone. 20 attempts and corpse runs, 1 unding, and 4 rezzes later I MADE IT TO Ak'Anon! lol nothing worse than zoning in and making it halfway to your destination, then seeing a black horse running after you.....well seeing it happen about 20 times or so is a little worse. lol

Druidic Elf
December 23rd, 2003, 06:32 PM
Lol, that reminds me of something my friend's dad does. Whenever he dies, he yells really loud, 'SON OF A *insert curse word here*'. It always frightens me, 'cause his dad is a second degree black belt, so I'm afraid he's gonna come break my neck if I say something wrong, lol.

December 28th, 2003, 11:34 PM
back when i was lvl 21 or so right after luclin came out, i kept trying to take the portal but i didnt have luclin = \ so it took me to kelethin, or what i thought was the moon... so i went up the "sky lift" as i thought it was and feel off, so i ran back to the spires (the ones in gfay) just missed the portal so i waited 15 more mins to get my corpse from the moon = \ which turns out i was a huge noob lol now im lvl 65 and have max faction in kelethin lol

December 29th, 2003, 02:34 AM
Oh.. i have Equestrielle Stories.. basically, i was invised, and went really slowly to get my corpse.. (she wasn't bugged... supposed to aggro like that, stupid fallen Unicorn)

December 29th, 2003, 02:36 AM
Oh no swimming exploits...
I have swum all over OOT and TD, and I mean all over both of them.

First off I feel off the boat my first time on it in OOT, and swam around for hours trying to find things. Got to know the zone really well and saw the AC pop twice! (I was actually on that island the second time, waiting around with the wizard there so he would port me out... well he died that second time and I hightailed it). Then in my next adventure in OOT I purposly jumped off the boat to get a bottle of wine... at the bottom of the ocean. That can take hours and lots of annoyance if you don't have water breathing. Oh and the bottle is NO DROP so you HAVE to swim down yourself to finish that quest.

Anyway, my TD adventures. Fell off the boat after visiting the island, killing the Ogres and then trying to get out. I wasn't too worried (this was after the OOT trips) so I decided to go exploring. Saw the Madien's Furry and the Oasis boat several times and saw the sunken spires (OOOOO). I came back again later to purposely find them and couldn't for the life of me see them... I swam around the edge of the zone two or three times trying... but then I found them, got into the pot room and got my free teleport.

For those of you who don't know, pre PoP there was one place where you could teleport to the various cities and that was the pot room in TD. You could go to Halas, Qeynos, Eurdin, Freeport, Ogguk, Felwithe, that Iksar city (can't remember the name) and Kelethin. Very convinient and the reason they made that zone unbindable for everyone. The only problem with that room is that you take a bit of falling damage so unless you've safe fall or levitate or you're under ten, you'll likely die. I used to go there all the time to skip extensive travelling one way.

December 29th, 2003, 05:52 AM
how many here have been challenged by a newbie?

I have... and I taught this youngest a hard lesson that never be fooled by people who is on /role or /anon

December 29th, 2003, 06:04 AM
When I was a newbie, I had a habit of challenging anyone, any level, on a non-pk server. Even as my main grew, I never really grew out of that. I fought my guild leader in the Bazaar PK field, and surprised / impressed her when I was still fighting at 1% health, instead of admitting, "Okay, you win, lemme heal up now."

I sent a challenge in guild chat, and got a reply (didn't know until later that she was the leader on an alt). She was about 10 zones away, but was quite happy to run all that way just to kick my dwarfish butt.
I kept my guild tool window open, tracking her down. As soon as she zoned into Bazaar, I sent a message in guild saying that something urgent had come up, and I had to log right away.
Lureinel tells the guild: "Noooooooooooooo!"
Sure, she was a dark elf shadow knight, but I can be just as evil. :twisted:
Anyways, we fought and, as I said above, I lost (level 40 rogue vs level 55 SK), but I got to wind her up a little first.

December 29th, 2003, 06:40 AM
Let me tell you about one of the worst groups I have ever been in. It happened just a few days ago:

I was invited into a group that had a cleric, a shaman, and an enchanter already in it. It was an LDoN; so, I thought "great, just need a puller and dps and we're golden".

I get there, and everyone seems competent (as far as I could tell from text). The next person to get added to the group is a 59 warrior. Needless to say, I raised an eyebrow and shrugged it off. With the Cleric for heals and the shaman for auxilary heals and dots, it should still be cake with a good puller. So, I said just that. A guy ooc's with a list of his alts that included a 53 Paladin. Someone else says "55 Monk LFA". And, as I'm typing "ooh oooh Paladin", the group leader says "Ranger incoming". I thought I'd die. I didn't, but I DID stop typing (while I was trying to pick up my jaw).

When I got over it, I figured MEH... the Enchanter can soothe and aoe mezz, the cleric can pacify while the 59 warrior pulls, and the shaman can pick up some of the healing slack since the cleric is gonna burn mana on 'pacify's. Heck, the 59 warrior even had on an incarnadine bp; so, it stands to reason that means he can invis to see what's what. My mind was set, we could still win. I almost laughed when the mission came up slaughter 63. SURE... we can definately do that. Being that most groups I've been in, even other bads ones, have finished slaughter 50+s with 30 minutes to spare.

Well, outside the zone, we find out that the enchanter will be pulling. That means it's the job of the MA to make sure to grab aggro quick, and the enchanter, unless they are inept, should be able to pull one at a time and mezz any adds. That's how it played out in my head anyway.

What really happed was this:
3 rooms in, the enchanter opens a door; 4 mobs come; she runs around, while I click 7 (/assist [the 59 warrior]) and wonder why I'm not getting any target. Well, it must have been because he was standing there, not picking ANY target. I guess he thought the enchanter could get off an aoe mez, and didn't want to break anything. **shrugs**

So yeah, the enchanter died and we were left to deal with the 4 mob aftermath. Then the cleric dies. We had no way to protect her, and healing us pisssed off the mobs good and proper. With the shaman trying to root and heal like a man possessed, the 59 warrior, the ranger, and myself systematically went from one mob to the next (usually with atleast one of the other mobs beating on us) until we were done. We were all low health, the shaman was out of mana, and my "mighty strike" was down... but we were all alive. Well... almost all of us. 2/3rds ain't bad right?

Waiting for the enchanter and cleric, I looked and saw that we were lagging WAY behind. So I encouraged the 59 warrior to invis and go see if he could single pull. We had 17 kills with only 45 minutes left. Yes, 17 of 63 in 45 minutes. So, he did, and we handled the ones he brought. It was VERY slow going but atleast it wasn't a complete waste of time. NOTE: I didn't see the Shaman cannibalize a single time while waiting on the enchanter and cleric to get back.

Eventually, they get back and we move on. The enchanter hands over pulling duties to the cleric and we're actuallly doing pretty well. If we can keep it up, we might still win. And if not, we'll definately get the lesser reward. But, a few rooms later, the cleric returns the pulling duties to the enchanter... 5 mobs.

The enchanter manages to live; the cleric dies; and, we're fighting desperately to stay alive. One by one, they drop. The 59 warrior is almost dead and tells us to run. I head off (following directions), but realize it's possible to win. I come back taunt/bellow the mob off him. Now we're both low on health and head off to the next mob, and the next... I mighty strike as soon as I'm able and somehow we manage to live.

Waiting on the cleric, the shaman finally cannabilizes, the 59 warrior has bound himself to 50%, and I've cobalt bp'ed myself full. Twice now the 59 warrior, the ranger and I have faught brilliantly to keep us from getting wiped.

Cleric gets back to the zone. Cleric dies again. Wrong turn. **sighs**

She informs us "that's it i'm done". A short verbal spat occurs between she and the shaman results as he keeps saying "she's just kidding"; to which she rebutts "I am not". They quibble a bit, back and forth, before she finally agrees that she is indeed coming back.

Not ones to lose any more time, the shaman heals the 59 warrior to full; the 59 warrior immediately invis's and runs off to scope things out. The next room is empty (you know, being that we'd just killed 5 mobs). We move on.

The Enchanter soothes when necessary; the 59 warrior pulls. The adventure ends with a loss; we decide to stay for exp. The cleric gets back... again. We clear a couple of rooms, up some steps, everything is soothed, warrior pulls, everything collapses in on us, caster mobs all over. The cleric drops; the ranger drops; the 59 warrior and I get slammed; so, we all run; the enchanter blocks the door; but, I squeeze through (because I shrunk myself earlier); while I run on, the enchanter drops, then, the 59 warrior. And me? I make it to the zone with 30 something % health. The Shaman comes out right after me at 80 something %.

At this point, the 59 warrior tells the group "when running people shouldn't block the doors". I make sure to let the others know that the enchanter blocked me (just incase they thought it was me). There was enough stupidity in that group; and, I wanted no part of it. The shamen, who had been in bear form in the dungeon, lets us all know that it was probably him. **rolls his eyes**

I decided right then that I didn't want to stick around for a minute longer. I told them to keep my split, disbanded, and ran as fast as Run3 would carry me.

I subsequently bitched about the group for the rest of the evening.

**shrugs and grins**

--editted for spelling and grammar--

December 29th, 2003, 06:47 AM
And that is why I haven't been in a pickup group on a real character in over 3 years.

Great story though - I can just imagine the audible sighs while doing that adventure.

December 29th, 2003, 07:10 AM
Bah, it's silly to use other people's experiences to validate your own reasoning for doing ANYTHING.

If it reassures you any though, for that ONE really bad group, I've been in atleast two dozen good pick-up groups, with aleast half of those being superb groups.

No LDoN group that I've put together myself has ever lost.


And no... there were no audible sighs. It was audible grunts, teeth baring, and fist shaking.

December 29th, 2003, 07:16 AM
the group leader says "Ranger incoming". I thought I'd die.

OI! :P

Ok, ok, so the Monk woulda been better :)

Hmmm LDoN stories. Can only think of two. The first was when I was leader. I've had to start my own groups a couple of times since you have a ton of people the same level going CLASS LFG! and nobody actually doing anything about it. The group itself was unorthadox. In my experience, a successful LDoN group prefers a tank, (paladins for mistmore, condemnation of rodcet nife!) a cleric and an enchanter for when things don't go to plan. Everything else is really support. This group I created only had the enchanter. There was me, a rogue, a beastlord, 2 druids and an enchanter. The druids it has to be said did a good job healing, I've had a single druid as main healer, equally well done job, but we had a proper tank and some good crowd control. We were doing quite well until we came to a split in the caves. The enchanter went off and lulled the next room. The beastlord however, does a 90 degree left turn and pulls from the wrong room, at which point he dies in about 2 seconds flat. I'll be honest and say I paniced at the speed of his death and immediately called for an evac. On hindsight, the rogue was well armoured and could have possibly have tanked while the chanter mezzed the adds but if you're gonna call an evac, you've gotta call it early to get those 10 seconds for it to happen. But in the end we won the adventure.

The second was a pretty well balanced group, paladin, ranger, beastlord, druid, chanter and cleric. I picked the paladin because he was in a group with me the night before, but he had one problem, I'm sure he had group chat in a colour he couldn't see. The previous night there were a couple of times where our leader (shaman main healer!) had called "hold pulls" and he'd gone and done it anyway. He only stopped when half of the group shouted it. Anyway onto my adventure. The fact was this guy was a good puller, but he just missed whatever was said in group chat and half way through the adventure a couple of our members went afk and a med break was called. He waited for that one, but missed the fact that the cleric was AFK. He asked if the cleric was ready and our beastlord timed her return perfectly to say "I'm back". Not wanting to check if this was our cleric he goes off and pulls. When down to 30% health he asks why he isn't being healed except by myself and the beastlord (Light healing, FEEL IT!). His response was close to 4 replies of "AFK." Cleric comes back, heals and we go on to win :)

December 29th, 2003, 07:49 AM
Hmm... another story springs to mind after reading that post from Woody.

Not long before I quit, I was grouped in DL, trying to get 46 so I could hit the Planes (I quit about halfway through 45).

It had been a pretty decent group while it was full, but 2 people decided to leave all of a sudden, one of whom was the cleric, and the other was a ranger. That left a Shaman, an Enchanter, me (45 Druid) and a monk.

We'd been chain pulling everything around us (that monk just brought in TRAINS of mobs, and we proceeded to kill everything, it was great). Evidently, the monk didn't notice that the cleric and ranger left, and pulled another train to us while we were looking for members. We all freaked out, and set to killing things as quickly as possible. Me and the Shaman started healing, since we'd lost the cleric, the chanter started mezzing (thank God), and the monk proceeded to beat stuff down. Miraculously, we got the pull down to one mob, and had it parked while we recovered. The enchanter had run out of mana, and the shaman and I were both around 20%. The monk was at about half health, too, so we were all in pretty rough shape.

So about the time we back off and sit down to try and heal up a bit before taking the last mob, the shaman notices that maybe that mob is a little too far away. No sooner does he say this than we get an add. We all groan, and proceed to beat on the add. We manage to kill it (it was blue), and another adds (just as we were about to handle the last mob from the previous pull). The shaman and I are bouncing off the bottom of our mana pools trying to keep the monk alive as he frantically tries to keep the mobs attention, and get it dead as soon as possible. I have no idea what the enchanter was doing at this point. Then root breaks on the parked mob, and we're fairly sure we're in trouble.

The monk killed the one he was fighting, and started to run in circles, while me and the shaman are trying to scrape together the mana for a root on the last one. The shaman canni'd and rooted it, Aand we were all sitting there (big mistake) trying to catch our breath when root broke suddenly for some reason, and we all did what we probably should have done earlier: ran like hell for the zone. The enchanter lags behind and gets killed. The shaman paused somewhere, medded a sec, and gated, and the monk and I hit the entrance to KC about the same time, only to discover a large train of drolvargs standing there. We break through, and hit the zone, both low on health.

At this point, we all decide we're pretty much done for the time being. The chanter has a rez incoming, the shaman has split for parts unknown, and I medded up enough mana to take me and the monk to the nexus.

The funniest thing about it to me (and maybe you had to be there, I don't know) was the fact that we had three classes capable of crowd control, and none of us could manage to control this one drolvarg for very long.

December 29th, 2003, 10:44 AM
LDON adventures

I gave up standing around Lfg/Lfa (looking for adventure) for an hour and formed a group of my own. I cannot remember the combo but I do remember the Pally was the puller in the group: No main healer nor crowd control.

As I was picking adventures, I was getting distracted by so many tell hells.
I picked one assuming it was an assassination and the group is groaning.
I was asking them 'what? what?'
'You picked a rescue adventure!' they said.

aaah d'oh!! I replied

mind you, rescues is the least desired of all adventure typs due to the annoyance of the prisoner (NOT the difficulty of the mobs themselves). Trying to escort the prisoner back to the entrance is a pain. if there's a mob nearby, the prisoner will not go any further until you take care of it.

one evac during the adventure and no deaths, we succeeded. heh a fluke I say.

running through Lfay, pained unicorn popped up in FRONT of me and I was thinking 'aw crap, I have to zone to Castle Mistmore zone.'

and that thing had IGNORED me as I ran by it! me, a dark elf wizard that nuked the corrupted horse for grand fun one time in the same zone.

BTW, I hate when darkness hide other mobs when you thought you just pulling one.

December 31st, 2003, 04:05 AM
Heh, I got kind of carried away on this...don't know if anyone will want to read it all... :P

At the time I was a level 30 cleric who was tired of leveling. I decided that I needed some better equipment, because most of the gear I had on was my newbie gear that I got by doing the "Combine Small Critter Parts in this Kit to Get This Piece of Equipment" quest. One of the things I found I MUST have was the Testement of Vanear, a +10 Wisdom item that is carried by your Secondary hand. You do this quest by getting a book from some Erudite, but two pages are missing, so you must retrieve the pages and put them in the book before the item is complete and you can actually use it. The first page was a piece of cake to get, go talk to this guy and say this, bla bla bla and so on.

The second piece presented a problem. I had to kill a mob by the name of Dyllin Starshine, located in Highpass Hold in the smuggler's camp. It didn't seem too hard, he was only level 14 or so, so even being a cleric I could solo him without difficulty. Except for the fact that I had been hunting guards in the keep for a couple levels now, so my faction was dirt with the residents of the keep - even the smugglers. And the fact that he's on a 12 hour spawn. This presented a VERY big problem to me, for the zone is packed with guards who would love to put their blade into me. And being a cleric, there was no way I could take them on by myself - I couldn't even take the civilians of the region, who conned green!

What followed was a repetitive game of rock-paper scissors. If Guards A, B, C, and D were all in the right position in the exact moment I bolted for the camp, then I could get past safely. If not, LOADING, PLEASE WAIT...showed up all too quickly on my screen. I actually created a Level 1 ranger and brought him to Highpass just so I could log my cleric in, consent him, log out really fast and bring in the ranger so I could drag the corpse back to my bind point. Once I made it to the camp, my dreams were foiled yet again when I was killed by the smugglers. I saw that killing guards had affected the smuggler faction, too. So, I brought in the ranger, and studied all the smuggler pathing. (And this was if Dyllin was even alive...remember, he's on a 12 hour spawn, and he's quite the popular camp.) After studying them for a bit I saw that every once in a while, Dyllin would go down to the water's edge, at the edge of the camp! A perfect opportunity for me, because there aren't any mobs in the water...so all I would have to do is simply wait.

Wrong. I tried killing Dyllin for the first time. It wasn't hard at all, and I got him down to, say, 40% when another smuggler showed up - this one being about level 50 or so. Going back to studying unit pathing with my ranger, I realised that this was no wandering mob...the second smuggler would come to where Dyllin was standing 25 seconds after Dyllin himself arrived. This put a new challenge to the fight...I would have to kill this guy in under 25 seconds, or I'm dead yet again. With some speedy spellcasting I managed to kill Dyllin and loot the corpse seconds before the other smuggler arrived. I managed to get away from the Keep in one piece with a nice new WIS item. Sadly, I was killed AGAIN in the karanas by ogres, and it was quite a while before I made it back to real safety (The POK) with the whole hasstle of corpse retrieval. :roll:


Another adventure I had was in Paludal Caverns. Mind you, I had quit EQ for a while and was getting back into it, so I went out and bought all the recent expansions, up to PoP. Now I had leveled my "corpse ranger" up to level 14 or so, and needed some good equipment for him. I was getting used to all the new features (I stopped playing right before Velious came out, so there was a lot of new stuff to see!) when a friend told me that EC and Gfay are dead as trader zones, and there is this new thing called the Bazaar. He told me all about how it works and stuff, and I was totally hyped about going. I looked it up on EQAtlas, but being the idiot I am, I found the long, dark, dangerous way of getting there. Instead of going through the Nexus, etc, I saw that the Bazaar was connected to Shadowhaven, and Shadowhaven was connected to Paludal, and Paludal was connected to Shadeweaver's Thicket. Oh, wow! There's a POK stone in Shadeweaver's Thicket, so I'll use that route. So, I set off with my ranger, and made it through Shadeweaver's Thicket pretty easily.

Now I finally came to Paludal. Shadeweaver's Thicket is halfway across the map from Shadowhaven, but who care's? It doesn't look too hard, a left here, a right there. So, I made it through the tunnels alright, and I came to the big, wide open caverns. Now, for anyone who's hunted in Paludal, you know that these caverns are jammed with Phlarg Fiends. Big, nasty things that all conned red to my wimpy little Ranger. Still, I was determined to get to Shadowhaven. So, I used my Sneak skill, which was at level 4 or so. I would have to sit there and mash it for 5 minutes until it finally worked, and then cautiously go past a fiends. Every once in a while I'd find a safe wall that I could run up to escape the fiends for a while and re-sneak. It was a tedious process, and it was a good hour before I made it to Shadowhaven. I managed to get a nice Centi Short Sword out of it, though. Although you can imagine my reaction when I found that I could have simply gone through the Nexus. :D

December 31st, 2003, 04:14 AM
Umm, my whole character is a funny story. He's like, yellow, and umm, I'm weird and stuff.

And I say strange stuff.

And everyone in my guild hates me.

And umm, it's really late and I shouldn't be posting because I'm dumb.

Druidic Elf
December 31st, 2003, 06:42 PM
Wow, I thought this thread was dead, lol. Anyway, I have a stupid story...I am now at level 14, by the way, lol. I'll only give you guys the short virsion, since I wanna go play EQ some more, lol.

Okay, I tried swimming across the Ocean of Tears 'cause I didn't know anything about the boat or PoK book, lol. Well, I ended up dying once, starting back in EC, making it to Kelethin (I was trying to get home to get my new spells for level 5), falling off a ramp, starting back in EC, and finally getting my spells. It's a lot more interesting if you hear the full version, lol.

December 31st, 2003, 07:15 PM
My favorite memory of EQ is the BB / CB levels

I managed to get a Dwarf Cleric to Black Burrow (before I knew my way around CB) around level 8. This was waaay back before the first expansion. I ran from Freeport (about 3 times actually before I made it).

I have a lot of fun in there. I meet my first troll (he was a cool SK) learn the rules about training and being trained upon. Everything is new so everything is cool.

Once I hit about 14th level BB started getting a little boring. I’m talking to my friends, telling them I may try to run back to Freeport.

“Time to pay your dues.”


“Come join us up here on the wall.”

In BB as many of you may know is the Chamber where one bridge heads over to a few high level gnoll guards on a cliff, and the other way leads into the rest of BB. Back then on my server there were maybe 3 people who had hit 50.

So I sit on the wall there, waiting for some reason. I see two low level PC’s head through to the high level gnolls. They die before they get anywhere near an exit.

Then I see it. A barbarian in banded mail, running past me from the other bridge jumping as he went. Behind him was this cartoon cloud of gnolls. Big gnoll guards, little gnoll pups, shaman, tax collectors… They are all in one terrifying mass of arms, legs and heads.

As the barbarian runs by, the Troll SK gets off the wall. He’s level 18 or so. He stands between the gnolls and the ramp up, and starts to engage them.

The Erudite Wizardress sitting to my left starts AOE nuking. A Necro pet and a Mage pet, both named Gobabner (or something similar) rush into the fray.

At this point the Gnolls are lined up on the SK much like a choir; big dogs in the back, smaller dogs up front. His life bar is slowly draining away, and I know my first heal on anyone is going to aggro 8 things to me. Dying was a big deal to me back then, I certainly didn’t want to die for this hopeless fight.

Then, the gnolls went after the Wizardress. I have this weird thing about women being attacked, even in a video game. I looked for the purple spell gem in my ready slot, and pressed it. The whole room turned blue with the then weakest PBAOE in the game.

The Choir looked at me. Butter me, I’m toast.

But I wasn’t toast. The SK was dropping the small Gnolls very fast, and the Wizardress and Mage were dropping AOE like mad. The cartoon cloud was unsure what it hated most. We killed all those doggies.

That was my first FUBAR survival. The best ones were yet to come, but I’ll always remember the first time I tangled with the Gnoll Train.

January 1st, 2004, 05:03 AM
Something that happend recently...

My Rogue was main looter for an LDoN. He had just dinged level 40 during the LDoN, and the group had agreed that while I went to split the leader would grab another adventure. I needed to train anyway, so off to Kelethin I go.

I'm at my GM Rogue in Kelething (Mind you: I'm a Vah Shir, keep that in mind as it will be important later) after selling and spliting, waiting for the leader to find another adventure that isn't rescue.

I did the most newbie of things anyone could do, of course. I hit "a". Out of 20 million times of not hitting it, taking careful note not to while dealing with a merchant or any NPC, I bump it.

BAM, you have been hit for..."Oh crap."

And I'm off and out the door like a bat out of hell. Keep in mind, I've only one buff: Temperance, and Vah Shir seem to be slow runners to begin with.

Now I know my way around Kelethin. My main is a High Elf Mage, after all. But this time as I run through it I realize: I'm creating a train of angry, blood thiristy, and very red NPCs.

Thus was born the tree jumping Tiger. And from platform to platform (more like rooftop to rooftop trying to avoid damage) I went. All the way through Kelethin.

I get to a lower level, and the elves are starting to get close. So, I take a risk and jump down. *crunch* 150, bringing me down to about 500 or so now, but I've made them run the long away around.

But I was done being intelligent and evasive. Instead of running to the nearest zoneline (CB) I run towards Felwithe entrance. By the time I get there, the elves (I'm dead positive some were SoWed, had to be) were on my tail.

Guess what? The felwithe guards assist the Kelethin guards.


Explaining that one to the group was very interesting... :shock:

Edit: Ignore the sig, my normal computer overheated and litterally melted down over the holidays (Don't ask...for the love of all that is evil don't ask...) and it had, of course, all of my software on it.

January 5th, 2004, 01:36 PM
Had a pretty good one I was sitting in PoK when I get a tell wanna join a BoT group so I was like sure. Then same time I get a tell from a friend wanna join us in PoV and I told him I just agreed to join a BoT group. I get there and find out there lacking a cleric. So were standing there looking for a healer. And the enchanters like you can self heal right and I said yeah. He says lets pull one and see what we can do. Bam we get an add. Me and the enchanter both die. So thats all good we decide to wait till we get a healer to pull another. So wer'e zoning back in I give the enchanter and myself both a 90% rez about that time we get a cleric. So we go back to zone in and bam a train me and enchanter both go down again. I'm like wow this is truly sad I just wanted to hit 65 and I'm gonna end up delvling. So for like 20 min wer'e trying to zone into BoT but trains left and right are hitting the zone in.

Finally we get in and get Earth at the four way and have one hell of a group going. Chain pulling left and right then for some reason I stop and look over my behind me when what do I see a big mess of mobs apparently the group that was camping wind had pulled a named mob and everything between him and the fourway with him. They had a bard that was holding the mobs messed all except the named who was dropping them one by one. I called my groups attention to this and we backed into a corner. When the other groups shaman runs right over to us pulling the mobs with him thanks for the train jerk why do you think we were standing in the corner. I have to say god bless my group it was a pick up group for all of those who don't like them, they handled themselves like old pros.

For some reason the chanter couldn't land a mess but I targeted the mob that was already at 20% from the other group and dropped him. Then came the named dropped him ornate arms dropped that the cleric got. We continued on for the rest of the night just grinding away and at the end of the night I was extremely happy I didn't go to PoV.


January 6th, 2004, 08:50 AM
Greetings! Well the story isn't all that humorous, but the tactics are. My main in a Mage, but this time I was playing my baby Necro. My GF plays a cleric about the same level, so we always seem to start the group. I have no problem with pickup groups, sometimes you get someone really lame, but most of the time everyone is great. This was not one of those times. For whatever reason the group did not work well together, we had all the right classes, but the mojo was a no go. The mage in the group thought that his pet could 'tank' a room while the cleric was medding, and the puller was not listening to the 'hold pulls' calls. We kept telling the mage to be patient, and I noticed that the puller had started listening to the cleric asking him not to pull. Since I am in the same room in RL as the cleric, I asked her if she had sent him a tell or something, and she simply said "No, I am just keeping him below 70%." Guess that got his attention!
(Addendum - the mage eventually got upset when he realized we were gonna lose this one adv, and sent his pet into a room with 4 mobs. Of course his pet started to die, so he told the group 'Bye, bye" and gated. Leaving us with 4 very angry undead. That was the lamest thing I had ever encountered. =P)

January 6th, 2004, 10:42 AM
My first character in the game, back just after Velious had come out, was a half-elf ranger by the name of PathwalkerII The Forsaken.

I was quite proud of my little ranger, especially with the help of my guild and friends granting him some really nice gear for his level.

At the suggestion of guildmates, with PW2 (as he came to be called) at level 23, I hit South Karana. It wasn't that fun. But, lo and behold, a new zone comes out - Stonebrunt Mountains. Now, I'm a sucker for new zones (read: eye candy - heck, my alt Frg War is perma-parked in Nedaria's Landing... I'm weak, I admit it), and the name hints that it could very well be a ranger's paradise. Not to mention everyone saying that it's a great zone for mid-20's on up. So, I make the run to Qeynos, catch the boat, make the run across Odus, navigate through the Warrens (ah, the trains I made there...) and finally hit up this new zone.

Lag. But that's besides the point.

Kobolds, my fill of kobolds. As many as I could possibly want to slay... that is, if everyone else weren't slaying them.

Time goes by, zone thins out as far as PC population goes, and after kicking kobold butt around the tunnel to the Warrens, I decide to explore a little bit. I'm a ranger, after all, it's kinda my job.

I make my way to the right out of the tunnel, pass by this huge camp of kobolds that was being beseiged by about three groups - who were consequentially arguing about just what area of the camp which group was supposed to pull from, etc - and continue counter-clockwise around the zonewall. I find a spiffy ledge, up on the wall, seemingly a safe spot. By this time, I'd successfully thwacked a few more dogs that had been haplessly wandering about the zone floor all alone and lonely, and realized that hp's and mana were good things to have. So I sit. I open my spellbook (or, as my /emote called it, 'The Journal of the Wayseekers' - I was and still am fairly big on RP). I'm only half paying attention to the in-game world around me, so I only half notice this somewhat amorphic blob of black and white heading directly toward me. It's a panda. And apparently pandas eat rangers. There I am, sitting hopelessly defenseless, and this seemingly fuzzy cuddly jungle critter walks up and eats me in one bite. No time to /con it (later I discovered it was day-glo red). That wasn't the worst of it. I could deal with the LOADING... PLEASE WAIT.

(dramatic pause)

It was the 'You have now entered Firiona Vie' that slapped me silly. Keep in mind, this is pre-Luclin, so there's no truly easy way to get back to my corpse. I plea to druids near and far, all of whom say, 'Wow, sucks to be you. Sorry, I'm busy.' I don't hold it against them - it was my own durn fault. So I start the long trek to my corpse, praying it will still be there by the time I arrive.

Nekkid, cold, wet, hungry, and thirsty, I drag myself across three oceans and two continents, camo up, and go to my corpse. Retrieving my belongings and the various parts of my backside the panda had scattered about, I retreat to the safety of the tunnel to the Warrens. Notice I didn't mention anything about re-binding myself anywhere.

To make a too-long story short, I wound up making that run about five times in one night, simply because I could not find anyone to bind me anywhere near where I was fighting. Needless to say, I became the pitiable laughingstock of the guild and the zone, and every druid and cleric I begged to, for a long, long while.


Same character, much shorter tale - someone catches my attention in /guildsay while I'm in the middle of combat. My answer - 'Not right now. This <target> (don't recall what it was) is currently handing me extremely large portions of my bum, and he's really not being polite about it at all.'

Got everyone laughing for a little while.