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Zan the Avitar
December 16th, 2003, 12:55 PM
I looked up at the night sky and sat down. The stars were bright and beautiful. I watched the stars and thought about recent events.

My powers of ki had abandoned me though my physical abilities have become even greater. Demon hunting was still possible though I now relied on others to teleport me to where I needed to go. Jarin is still alive and hunting me but now he also hunts Daemon and curses the day my demon side left me. Daemon, my demon side, not only has his own mind again; but now has a body as well and hunts me constantly. Also because I have died thrice Garnic, a reaper, now seeks my soul to take to judgment. And now I seem to constantly fill with energy every time I'm inactive so I must constantly do something or over load with energy. So much trouble in so short a time.

Then I thought about how I looked now.

I look a lot like a dragon but with the addition of a halo and I have a short neck. My white scales are tough and shine softly even in starlight. My halo is gold and glows warmly with the light of my heart. My horns are straight and come out from the sides of my head toward the top and are angled back. My wings are the standard dragon type and have a 16'4" wingspan. My tail is long and very strong. I often use the long spike on the end of my tail to fight; but it has other uses as well, especially since I can dull it. I have three rows of retractable spines and many retractable spikes, though the spikes on my knuckles can't be retracted. My eyes are deep blue and have no pupil or iris. They show most of my emotion and look like two polished gems. They're really beautiful in my opinion. My hair is blue, long, and silky smooth and I keep it tucked between my horns. I for some reason just like having it three feet long. I'm athletic in build and about eight foot two inches so I tower above most furries, though many dragons are taller then me; but I don't care. I have a blue tattoo of my symbol on my forehead. The symbol is three over lapping crescent moons that represent unity of mind, body, and soul. As for clothes I hate them but I normally wear a long, red coat and red jeans but nothing else. I find clothes to be unnatural and I only wear them so people won't stare as much.

I stood up and began walking. The dream's exit was not far away. It took me to FurN and I walked though the crowds to the Dark Side of the Moon.

I stepped into the pentagram and appeared into the entrance. I called out the command words and was teleported to the bar. To my disappointment it was empty, but near midnight this was not uncommon.

I sat and waited to see if any one would enter, letting my mind wanders. Thoughts of my Angel Love filled my consciousness. Then I thought about a few things I'll not tell here.

I laughed at my self for thinking it funny that, for all my fear of falling prey to lust and darkness; I have such a dirty mind. Though Angel doesn't mind and encourages me to be honest with myself so I have not tired to stop it.

My mind wanders and hazed in boredom and I didn't snap back to reality till someone stepped though the door. To my surprise and horror it was Daemon.

Daemon looked exactly like me but with black scales, no halo or tattoo, and red eyes and hair. He also preferred to use weapon while I preferred to fight unarmed.

He let out a shout and jumped over the counter with his katana held high. I shouted the command word and was teleported out to the middle of the room. He landed and leapt at me again; but I dodged his attack and stuck at him with my tail spike. He dodged my attack and sliced at my tail but was too slow to hit it. We sprang away from each other and circled, each waiting for the other to flinch or blink.

By now he had to know that in this place I made the rules and controlled all around me for I was made the bouncer here and given power in this place.

I shouted my orders and the room burst into tall flames. Though this hurt neither of us it gave me I moment to duck into the fire and be hidden within it. I kicked into his instep hard. His foot gave a loud snap and broke, but he leapt into the air and his regeneration caused the bones to heal in a moment, though the muscle damage would take longer.

Physically we were the same. Both our bodies would heal bones and vital organs quickly and the other part slower, though even those parts recovered fast. If killed my heart would restart itself and my body would heal to full in a fast two minutes or more if I were very badly damaged.

Daemon struck into the fire from the air in his search for me. I jumped up and slammed him into the ceiling. He bit into my shoulder and his teeth sank in deep as we hit the floor and my weight drove my shoulder into his mouth. I sat up and flung my self back down. His head was bashed into the floor and he spat me out with a few of his teeth. We rolled away from each other and I again took the offence and drove my fist into his gut. He doubled over and spat blood onto my back and I bashed my head up into his chin, forcing him to bite off his own tongue. I then took jabbed him hard in the nose and he fell back heavily.

I could see he was hurt but he was far from retreating.

He had me dead in his sights and swung at me. I blocked and the blade cut deep into my arm. He kneed my fast in the gut and drove the air out of my lungs. I drove my horns into him and fell backwards, forcing him face first into the ground and driving my horns deeper into him. He let go of his sword and grabbed my face. He shoved my nose into the ground and lifted my head up and slammed me down again. My eyes watered and my vision blurred as I threw him off me. His sword flew to his hand and he slashed me across the face before I could stop him. I clawed his chest and uppercut his jaw, causing it to brake loudly. He spat blood into my eyes and I was blinded. I felt his knee connect with my groin and was lifted off the ground. Pain filled my mind and dazed me as I cried out in pain. I felt a blow in my chest and feel backwards. I kick at him and my foot sank into his belly and the claws on my foot punched into him. I curled my toes and pulled him toward me before kicking back and throwing him away from me.

I heard him curse and brake through the ceiling and he retreated. He had had enough for now and was off to think of a new plan of attack.

I laid on the floor and commanded the flames to go out. My wounds healed and soon I was in perfect condition. I was unconcerned about the damage because the dream would fade when I left and would be reformed again by Kip later in the morning. My clothes were ruined so I took them off and dropped them onto the floor. They could fade out with the dream for I had no used for them.

I called out the command and was teleported back to FurN. I looked for a place to sit and think. Several furs stared at my naked form but I ignored them and sat down and laid against the tree.

The idea of going to sleep lightly passed my mind but I decided against it. I knew I couldn't stand the dreams and I didn't need to sleep for three more days for I'd been up for only four so far. I hate sleep for my nightmares haunt me and torture me near every time I sleep. My Love has the power to release her soul from her body and scattered the darkness in my mind, but when she left they’d come back. I could not forget the past so the dreams would never stay gone.

I signed and let my mind wander as I waited for my Love to wake and return to this world. Perhaps we'll try one of my ideas when she gets here.

PS: This is a fairly old story and I've change for better and worse.... mainly for the less powerful =P

December 16th, 2003, 04:58 PM
Where's the answer 42 in the poll? o_0

Well, it was interesting... It reminded me of a short story from, say, the Warhammer/40k universe. It needs some background though. Without some basic info on how this alternate reality works, the reader is left drifting, watching a sequence of events that isn't connected to anything else.

December 17th, 2003, 09:21 AM
just...wow... no... just...wow

Zan the Avitar
December 17th, 2003, 10:12 AM
I'm better at writing events the writing accual stories =P

December 18th, 2003, 10:35 AM
I'm trying to write... I'll get a few stuff on here soon...

Zan the Avitar
December 18th, 2003, 01:07 PM
Later I'll write up a story to fill in the gaps.

Zan the Avitar
December 19th, 2003, 11:37 AM
I charged forward. My fist was raise and I lept into the air. With and rotation of my hip and a swift motion of my leg I kicked him square in the jaw then landed easily.

My opponante flew back and landed hard. One down, four to go.

The next fool lumged with a knife. The blade was green and dripping with the poison he'd put on it. His slash could be seen coming a mile away.

I parried his attack and wraps my arm around his. A sudden jerk and his arm broke with a loud crack followed by a scream of pain. He gave him a backhand in the face and he droped to the ground.

The knife weilder fell backwards and dropped his knife.

I took my chance before he hit the ground to hit him hard with a spinning back kick that connected solidly and send him flying off to the side.

I stood silently and waited for the next attack.

None of them move, and for a second I though they had stopped breathing. Then they let out a scream, turned-tail, and ran.

I knew something was behind me. I spun around and lashed out with my tail.

Daemon was caught off guard and hit square in the chest my my attack. He stumpled back a few steps then stood glaring, ready to fight.

I smiled back at him and laughed.

"Back for some more battle?"

He stood there at stared at my eyes and my new height.

"You! You're becoming more of a freak every day arn't you? You really look horrid with those golden eyes and absured height."

I smirked and laughed.

"I don't know, I think it's quite beautiful looking. But you've never had an eye for beauty did you?"

He growled at me and his eyes burned with rage.

"I don't bother with such trivial things."

"And that's why I'm better off then you."

He fell silent and clenched his fists.

"You really should try to relax some time."

He roared, ran at me, and swung hard at me.

I block and tosses his attack aside easily.

"You need to workout more. Over powering you is too easy."

He lept back and growl. He knew I was more powerful then him physically and it drove him wild. He stretched out his arms toward me and fire a blast of energy at me.

I jumped aside and smiled, desiding to enjoy the fight and use his rage to break him.

He glared and then smiled.

The smile took me off guard. He'd never smiled before. He was the enbodiment of my evil and rage after all. I laughed mentally at myself. I was really broken up. There was Daemon who was the enbodiment of my evil then their was Derik. Derik is the enbodiment of my lust, insanity, and generaly craziness.

He swung suddenly and I block it easily. Then he stuck at me again and again rapidly with all the speed he could muster, but I was much faster then he was.

I upper cutted and the force of the blow knocked him clean off his feet and he landed hard on his back hard.

He stared up at me and kicked at me hard.

I jumped over his leg then kicked down onto it and smashed it into the ground.

He smiled again and laughed.

"So, you've finished your change into an Angel. I guess this will work fine then!"

He held up his hands and black energy flared and blasted forward. The blow stuck me and blasted me back.

I could see the blood dripping from me but I didn't feel all that hurt. I knew I'd just taken a heavy blow but I felt ok.

He stared at me as I charged at me and put up a wall of Hell's darkness in front of me.

I struck the wall with a two fisted smash and it broke from my blow.

He fell back in suprise and started to run.

I lept at him and punched him in the back of the head with my right. My left struck his back, as did my tail. I then kicked him with both feet into his neck and sprang into the air. I hung weightlessly in the air then dove back down onto him and slammed both feet into his back togather and he left out a cry of pain.

"You can't beat me Daemon. Go back to Hell and stay there!"

He roared and teleported out from under me.

I heard the roar but couldn't turn around before the short range bast hit me. The blast rip the membranes from my wings and hurt like hell. I could feel my back and hair being blasted but I still felt from from being anywhere near dieing. I knew I had gotten tougher but I hadn't imagined it was this much harder to kill me now. I knew that the blast was powerful but I wasn't ready to die.

I Trun around and roar. My claw lashed out and dig deep into his soft flesh and tore it from his body. Clawed him across the face and them broke his jaw with a hard right hook.

He when down and I could see I had him beat. I could also see something else. I knew that I could not kill him. Killing Daemon was not to me my task and I knew I had to leave him for the one who would kill him.

I turned around and left. My feet took me swiftly to the Spa I hung out at and and the anouncement for my arvial could be heard though out the dream. I was the bouncer here and they knew that I got in fights, but I was more beat then normal. I folded what was left of my wings behind me and sat down.

It was time to sit heal and then recap all that has happened to me.

December 20th, 2003, 08:00 PM
i voted i like cheeze even though i dont... its pretty good but kinda plotless *im a hypocrit*