View Full Version : Have GUcomics become to flashy?

December 1st, 2003, 07:24 PM
Ive been scanning through many of the archived comics, and relieze they are drawn out much more plainly "getting the point across".

The newer ones seem to be too flashy, and all them colors draw attention from the real issue, makes you forget what your reading in the first place.

wonder if Woody ever tried to get Syndicated, that would be cool.

Dark Tyger
December 1st, 2003, 07:30 PM
One man's "Too flashy" is another man's "evolved talent". I think they're great now. Not that they weren't before...

December 1st, 2003, 07:32 PM
I suppose your right in a way, Im just getting carred away by all the contrasting colors and the lettering.

But quality wise they are much better, just that its losing the comic value and becoming more of a well detailed picture.

Dark Tyger
December 1st, 2003, 07:37 PM
Comics don't have to be simplistic doodles. I don't see how higher quality art can detract at all from it's "comic value". It still has a cartoony look, it's just more sophisticated.

December 1st, 2003, 07:38 PM
*nods* In a variety of comics, you will undoubtedly notice the earliest of them being signifigantly different. Woody's is no different.. not only does it act as a source of entertainment, Woody is also improving his skill on it. Compare his very first GU with any one from the past month, and you'll see a definitive improvement.

It's for the better, I say.

December 1st, 2003, 07:49 PM
I didn't say it was getting worse, he has gotton far better, the biggest difference you can tell, is before he used a single color background or a gradient, now its a faded scape.

as for the face, he has improved there also, for frontal pictures he had changed from the cartoon eyes "connected" to the more seperated eyes.

Im not say he has gotton worse, im just saying its too flashy for its purpose "being a comic" he is getting better dont mis read me on that.

Dark Tyger
December 1st, 2003, 07:55 PM
What I'm saying is I don't see how artwork can be "too flashy" for a comic.

December 1st, 2003, 08:09 PM
Actually i think it is getting too flashy in the sense there are tooooooo many people on this forum , most of them not posting anything worthwhile.

December 1st, 2003, 08:11 PM
For once, I agree with Son-of-a-Gun.

Well.. I may have agreed with him in the past, but for once I'm saying I agree with him.

Next time will be the second time, if I say anything.

Hmm.. perhaps I'm one of the ones not posting anything worthwhile.

December 1st, 2003, 08:38 PM
GU has progressed in quality as it has gradually switched from being a hobby to being a job.

As a hobby, I had another job that tempered the amount of time I could spend on the comic.

Now the comic IS my job, and it behooves me to produce a quality graphic, where if the humor doesn't appease you, the artwork likely will.

December 1st, 2003, 08:44 PM
Actually i think it is getting too flashy in the sense there are tooooooo many people on this forum , most of them not posting anything worthwhile.

Gold, man, absolute gold.

I'm just as guilty of posting forum-fluff as the next person, but I just had to hail this truth as I saw it. And I love these forums, but.. yeah, sometimes it gets a little overboard.

December 1st, 2003, 08:50 PM
I never post anything worth while.
Really suprised i havn't been banned.

December 1st, 2003, 08:57 PM
same here. the opinions of a 16 year old arent really valued much, even less so in a forum full of bright people like a good majority that post here.

December 1st, 2003, 09:02 PM
The opinions of a 16 year old are valued... when they are intelligently written and progress the topic in a positive direction.

Brat pushes the line and annoys me sometimes, but has never gone so far as to make me feel like he should be banned.

And Pheonix, nothing you've posted has ever made me feel the need to twirl the ol' ban stick.

December 1st, 2003, 09:08 PM
I love that phrase

December 1st, 2003, 09:09 PM
i never really noticed how much the ages ranges in this forum... well then again it does also in EQ so i should not be surprised.

December 1st, 2003, 09:12 PM
i dont try to piss anyone off... ive kept my most... uhh.. i dunno the word. ive kept my worst opinions to myself to avoid any conflict. so yeah.. most of what i say is hardly worth reading, but i like posting my opinion, and i like the grand majority of people here.

December 1st, 2003, 09:14 PM
pheonix, your opinion can't be wrong. Post it if you feel that way imho. You need to work on self esteem. See I feel good about myself all the time because I have a large ego. I care more about myself than other people, which works out well for me nine times out of ten.

(ps. dont take this advice i am only jokeing with you)

December 1st, 2003, 09:16 PM
Lol i know =P

i dont have low self esteem really, im just not that great with words unless its on a topic im fond of/know a lot about.

December 1st, 2003, 09:21 PM
there is a fix for that. buy encyclopedia software, start at A and work to Z and you will know most things. Or you could kidnap scienists in every field imaginable and make them give you answers. Add a comedian into the mix and you are set.

Also an aurator or a poet would not hurt.

December 1st, 2003, 09:39 PM
Lol. ill buy one of those

December 1st, 2003, 11:15 PM
or you could start with

"I don't know anything about that, BUT heres what I think"

Ivaar Forkbeard
December 2nd, 2003, 12:31 AM
I don't know anything about that, but I think that, in general, grass should be, but is not currently, the color of eggshell, with indigo stripes.

That's not the cure-all end-all solution there, either. Some people don't mind sticking their necks out to voice what their opinion, no matter the cost. Some people have a higher sense of reputation, or social graces perhaps... and do not do so because it would make someone else look bad, make themselves look stupid in some people's eyes, or any number of reasons.

In not wanting to post things that may get him banned, Phoenix, I think, is exibiting this beneficial trait.

Now... Hypothetically speaking... I could step inbetween MCW and Woody and say...

"Hey, I don't know anything about 'art' (flunked it), and I'm not what you'd call 'good at staying between the lines' or anything, but I've got something to get off my chest. MCW shouldn't be saying derogitory things about the alleged 'lack of humor' in Woody's recent comics being made up for with an 'overage of artistic detail', when MCW's comics are lacking, but not completely devoid, of both. You must know how it is to come up with something that is well drawn and gets people rolling in the isles day after day if you're a daily cartoonist. Unless you're not."

But in reality I wouldn't venture to say something like that because I'm not that kind of a person.

I realize that in setting up this hypothetical situation I have gone and said it, and I apologize to the involved parties preemptively for any grievances they may have with me. However, I thought it for the best to use a current situation to drive my point home... The point being that this is something better "thought of" and not "spoken of".

Q.E.D. by Proffessor Ivaar von Forkbeard.... or something.

[ /sarcasm ]

*huff huff weeze pant* ... whoa I think I was just possessed by my encyclopedia brittanica cd.

By the by Woody I still have been laughing my socks off at nearly every comic... Coffee warriors are the bomb. My fiance grouped with a warrior on quellious server that had a whole bank of hotkeys dedicated to "Incoming!" messages regarding to making coffee, spilling coffe on the mob and pissing it off to bring it into camp, etc. Funny stuff all around, keep it up.

MCW I took a look at your comics and I did get a few chuckles out of them, but perhaps the less artistic qualities of your work kept me from enjoying them as thouroughly as I do other people's work like /GU.. or ctrl+alt+delete. That's part of the whole cartoonist thing is to get it "just right" for the maximum laughter effect... /shrug... but there I go again. Sorry for being a critic.

[EDIT: Adding the sig.. sorry I'm silly in the head tonight]

December 2nd, 2003, 01:05 AM

i flunked art too.....

December 2nd, 2003, 04:03 AM
GU becoming syndicated?

For a brief moment I envisioned GU on Cartoon Network....

Though perhaps Nickleodeon, as they produced Ren & Stimpy and Invader Zim before they realised they weren't 'really' kids cartoons ;->

December 2nd, 2003, 04:10 AM
GU doesn't really have a storyline, so I don't know if it could be made into a cartoon.

it'd be cool if it were in the newspaper, or some magazines.

December 2nd, 2003, 04:23 AM
While the original comics were simplistic, they were very funny because, as you said, they said what they needed to say. One that I always remember is comic #03 (I go through the archives every once in a while) where an erudite paladin is wearing oven mitts when wielding his firey avenger (http://www.gucomics.com/archives/view.php?cdate=20000712)

Today's comics are much better both in graphical splendour but also the humour behind them, along with our favourite characters of Vhah, Toast and the random gnome.

The graphics also help when even if you don't understand the joke (as in today's FFXI /panic one) you can still be impressed by the artwork (so....cute....must...buy....FFXI) :)

In short, if it's funny, it does his job. If it's funny and looks fantastic at the same time then what more can you ask for?

December 2nd, 2003, 04:35 AM
Message boards can have fluff? I think I'm probably confused on the definition of fluff.
I have noticed serious and whimsical (if that is the right word and spelling) topics and have enjoyed both.
I do think things can be taken too seriously. Sorry if I contributed to the overly fluffiness of this site if it is actualy a bad thing.
Yeah, I would say I am confused about this forum, and is my first forum BTW. I thought everyone here seemed very cool, and thought I'd enjoy myself. I definitely dont regret it, great forum!

December 2nd, 2003, 04:37 AM
Oh yeah, MCW has a comic site? I would like the site if it is'nt wrong to ask.

December 2nd, 2003, 04:39 AM

Ivaar Forkbeard
December 2nd, 2003, 05:53 AM
There's a url to her site in her profile

December 2nd, 2003, 07:09 AM
Im not saying i always post stuff thats worth reading im just saying im noticing more junk now than ever.

December 2nd, 2003, 08:48 AM
It's not unexpected with new forums.

December 2nd, 2003, 01:18 PM
Personally, I'm pleased that Woody draws so well. I'm sure it's what keeps me coming back to GU every week day. We've all seen comics which have a funny joke running though them but the creator just can't draw.

Erling E.
December 2nd, 2003, 01:23 PM
GU has progressed in quality as it has gradually switched from being a hobby to being a job.

As a hobby, I had another job that tempered the amount of time I could spend on the comic.

That's great to hear, I actually didn't know it had become your job. It's probably non of my business, and I'm not going to ask you how much you make, but do you find it difficult to "survive" with only GUComics as your income?

Rhiamon Fatesealer
December 2nd, 2003, 01:34 PM
GU has changed a lot since it started. Woody's artwork now is soooooooo much better now, its just beautiful look at, even if you don't get the joke. And while I don't get some jokes, or maybe they only get a smirk from me (I'm not the type that spews my beverage of choice all over my monitor -- I've never ever done that), it isn't uncommon for me to send links to the day's comic to my friends.

And as far as the forum goes, I like it just the way it is -- including Woody's board-nazism. I like that we feel free to post pretty much whatever we want. These forums feel more like a community that I have made friends in, than it would if we could only post on-topic. Hell, I think MOST of my posts have been off-topic. As are many others. But I like it that way and wouldn't want it to change.

Edit: Also, I would never expect GU to be syndicated. Not because of quality, because it rocks, but because it only appeals to a limited group of people. Most of the comics you see in newspapers have a very general appeal that most people could relate to and find funny. The only kind of magazines Woody might ever get syndicated in would be gaming mags, and even that is not likely since most of his comics are based on EQ.

December 2nd, 2003, 01:58 PM
Well, as I've been trying to say, the artwork in the panel has only improved because that's what I decided to do. I could still be drawing them simple; but, I'd rather not. I could have started by drawing them complex, but I simply didn't have the time back then.

GU does not have the right kind of content to ever be syndicated. Besides, I have no desire to be syndicated. It's just not on my wish list. I prefer the net as my vehicle.

GU Income
Sorry, only me, PayPal, and my tax advisor know how much I bring in. It's not information I intend to share.

December 2nd, 2003, 02:02 PM
Well Woody, I hope you make enough to cover all your bills, build up a little savings, and keep yourself supplied with Cheetos and whatever you replaced Code Red with. And maybe enough for the toys of your choice here and there!

I find that I'm happy when I live simply like that. Cover the bills. Enough ferreted away for an emergency, and some toys.

Rhiamon Fatesealer
December 2nd, 2003, 02:11 PM
I find that I'm happy when I live simply like that. Cover the bills. Enough ferreted away for an emergency, and some toys.

But toys are so much more expensive as an adult than they were as a kid. Kid: 5 bucks on Legos! YAY! Adult: 300 bucks on a new vid card! OUCH!

December 2nd, 2003, 02:11 PM
No cheetos. Pretzels. And I replaced Code Red with Water.

The amount that comes in does indeed cover my bills, leaves some in savings, and a little for "toys".

Otherwise I wouldn't consider it a job; I'd consider it a paid hobby.

Catila Amano
December 2nd, 2003, 02:16 PM
The best kind of job is when you get paid for doing what you like to do, so I'm jealous, Woody. :)

December 2nd, 2003, 02:31 PM
The best kind of job is when you get paid for doing what you like to do, so I'm jealous, Woody. :)

Thats a neat idea.
I need a job playing MMORP Games and posting on th GU Forums.

December 2nd, 2003, 02:48 PM
The best kind of job is when you get paid for doing what you like to do, so I'm jealous, Woody. :)

Thats a neat idea.
I need a job playing MMORP Games and posting on th GU Forums.I totally agree...

poor College student.... I don't pay for much, and live with my 'rentz... but i have to buy stuff that i don't want to share with my sistas... and Christmas is comig soon!! >_<

December 2nd, 2003, 02:57 PM
No cheetos. Pretzels. And I replaced Code Red with Water..

I have done the same, mostly. I realized this summer when I did not have my usual Code Red intake that I was tired and had less energy. It turn out that I was dependent on the caffine. So I started drinking a little caffine again and weaned myself off. Now I drink, for the most part, water but every once in a while I grab some Live Wire.

December 2nd, 2003, 03:20 PM
hey, im just starting,

And I do apprciate all that Woody has done, after all, it was his work that inspired me to become a cartoonist in the first place.

I just hammered down that site last week, I know "nothing" about web programming, and ive only just begun to learn about Photoshop.

In 3 years from now, I could very possibly have a site going like Woody's and my own fan base, maybe even some one new challenging me, lol

December 2nd, 2003, 03:53 PM
My God, how do you people survive without caffeine? I can't do it. I get horrible, HORRIBLE headaches if I have no caffeine in my system before noon. Very painful, eyesight-blurring headaches. Yes, I recognize that constitutes an addiction. But there are worse things I could be addicted to, IMO. At least the coffee and tea are free here at work. :D

December 2nd, 2003, 03:59 PM
I know exactly what you mean Lirren.
<----**Points to his name.**

I look at my (I admit) addiction this way;

I'm obsessive compulsive...I'll get addicted to something anyway.
My addiction is legal.
I can come to work and drive under the influence of caffiene.
Few forest fires have been started by people throwing still smouldering coffee cups out of thier car windows.
I don't have to stand in the pouring rain to satisfy my craving for caffiene.

December 2nd, 2003, 05:12 PM
see that is why you need to quit it. Sure i feel more alert and energetic when i have coffee, but it dehydrates you greatly. I run and I know that if I have soda the day before a race, I won't run as well becuase of it. I bet the constant dehydrated state the caffine leaves you in is not healthy for your body.


Penguin (:>(O ):
December 2nd, 2003, 05:19 PM
I think all that new "red coke" as i call it tastes the same, and not very good IMO. But I do like to say that you dont know how much I would enjoy your job Woody. Not so much that it is drawing and graphics but that it is something you like. Only 16 i know that i have no experience in working, much, I just figured out how you do all the things you do and still play Eq, horizons, and whatever else. You dont have your other job anymore. Didnt know you could earn enough money to get by doing this, but then again IMO. Yeah i think that the quality of these forums is a little bit well drained? But i try my best to help it along.

VALENKA! look here. I dont get your sig. (???)

December 2nd, 2003, 05:26 PM
I think id rather keep my job as a simple cartoonist for the newspaper, then be editing a picture and coloring it every weekday, although as I get better at Photoshop, im starting to enjoy it much more, starting to get addicting too... Im starting to find my self working more on improving my art than playing FFXI

Although being a cartoonist working for someone else does have its limits...

December 2nd, 2003, 06:41 PM
ROFL. My response to Velenka's sig is --

"Is this any way for a grown woman to act? Fantasizing about really stupid and self-serving superheros? I suck."

Filan Fyretracker
December 3rd, 2003, 12:56 AM
GU is kinda like the Simpsons, started out with simple work and became refined as the "ratings" went up.

December 3rd, 2003, 09:57 AM
Gucomic's has evolved a LOT.

But definatly in a good way. That's just what happens when you work on it more; especially if you are working on it as a job. Personally, I don't think /gu is too flashy; too flashy would be lens flares, gifs, and clashing colors. If you notice, Woody usually uses more muted colors. Most of his comics (I just went through to October) seem to have "dustier" colors, which tones down the look.

December 3rd, 2003, 01:25 PM
Im not saying i always post stuff thats worth reading im just saying im noticing more junk now than ever.