View Full Version : Tome is gana get Retired

December 25th, 2003, 06:07 PM
Ya so.... i got FFIX, and i cant pay for both and i'm not in to EQ a lot.
i'm droping EQ a day or two after new years. EQ whas so fun but now 5 hours to get a dang group and being a tank, my fate is to get slap by a mob and like it. Tomecat is gana fish in PoT and rest, he is 2 years old,
lvl 47 poor and like by a lot of people. I'm gana miss that big guy,heh so will all my friends off of EQ. :cry: I will miss Tome a lot, the wacking of mobs, the friends, the raids, the killing of people at a Weding* hehehe*.

Well im going to sleep. I'm falling asleep at the keybord, good X-mas to yall,see ya.