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December 29th, 2003, 11:40 AM
Way back in the day (1995-1996) when Newsgroups were the way you chit-chatted (kinda pre-mass internet)

I got a story about a guy who got into fish tanks, the story is told diary style (day 1, day 2, etc) and was extremely funny.. so key points I can remember were:

Cornflakes in the tank.
My Little Pony in another tank.
kept bringing home bigger and bigger tanks.
one fish kept leaping out of the tank. (or fishes)

Its been many years since I read it, sooo I am sorry if the info seems vague. I have done a websearch for every combination I could think of.

I am hoping someone here might have read it, or know where to find it.

If you know this story please let me know where to find it... thanks

January 3rd, 2004, 01:58 PM
Originally posted by Kavrvnwlf
is this the whole thing??

www.thekrib.com/Misc/gaston.html (http://www.thekrib.com/Misc/gaston.html)

Kavrnwlf found it for me and posted over on EQInterface.com!!

WOOOOT thank Kav!