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April 24th, 2006, 10:53 AM
I quit EQ over a year and a half ago, probably closer to two years. Never was that big of a player, but I did get a Shammy to lvl 46. I realized this morning that I kinda miss the game. When I quit, I used to spend my time farming plat in RM, camping Hadden in QH (fishbone earring still sold for 2kpp when I quit), and just for fun sending my fully buffed pet on a rampage through the Mountain Giant fort on Kunark in that zone off LOIO. Can't remember the name. So my question to those who still play is, anything good about it? Everyone still whining about class balance? Do they still ignore Shammies?

April 24th, 2006, 03:58 PM
The problem Everquest has right now is there's too many objectives to pursue. People are spread out between playing low level characters, LDONs for exclusive gear/spells, PoP for exp, DoNs for exclusive gear/spells, WoS and the MPG trials for muramite runes and all the raiding zones/targets plus a few PoR instances/missions.

It would really help if they'd create a unified currency for all these instanced zones. LDON points only work for LDON-exclusive gear. DoN points only work for DoN-exclusive gear. MM mission rewards are exclusive to people who complete them. What that does is spread people out way too much and too thinly.

They should just create one kind of currency as a reward and let it be cashed in at any of the instanced mission vendors.

Iiliani Seadream
April 25th, 2006, 06:52 AM
I quit about 8 months ago for WoW. I miss the zone structure, the feeling of being in a vast world, the slow paced levelling, (WoW is too fast, I would prefer xp loss on death to balance it) and the AA points.
I don't miss the corpse runs, aggroed mobs being on you till death or zoning, the impossibility of soloing to max levels, other groups being on your dungeon run (I love instances), and corpse runs.
Corpse runs gets mentioned twice because I hated them twice as much as the other stuff.
I don't think I will ever play it again to be honest, as a solo/duoer beastlord, I could only do a certain few zones, and I got so bored with Dulak/Nadox all the time.

April 25th, 2006, 07:59 AM
Actually, I soloed my shammie from about 34 on. It's all about SoWing your pet and DoT kiting. Then your SoW wears off in the middle of a kite, so you have to root the mob and have it whoop your pet a while until it breaks root and comes after you. Went through a lot of Frost Giants in GD, hardly ever lost one to the occasional roaming Thurg guard. Gave me good enough faction that I could almost buy something from a vendor and sell it back for profit with my Charisma buff. Made alchemy a lot cheaper, too.

Iiliani Seadream
April 25th, 2006, 08:38 AM
I was more duoing than soloing through those levels, pet proc and Slow helped a great deal, plus I had weapons that procced for 300 on one and 675 on the other, plus LDoN gems added that procced for 75 and 50. And with AA points, they used to crit a lot. But at 63? It's all about the Planes baby, then GoD zones, and OoW and DoN and probably other acronyms by now, and you can't solo/duo them (dark blue mobs plus I am referring to).
Well I couldn't anyway. I don't claim to be the best player there ever was.

April 25th, 2006, 08:41 AM
I'll go back to EQ eventually. I always have, and something tells me I always will, until the day they finally close the servers down. And on that day I will cry, whether I've been playing EQ recently or not.

It's true that I've been away from EQ in long stretches, and they seem to be getting longer over time, but the thing about EQ is that while many things have changed and continue to change, every time I come home to Norrath, I feel like I'm playing the same game. That doesn't hold true with some MMOG's I've tried coming back to.

And then there's the fact that I played a Bard. To me, that class is almost perfection itself. Somewhere in designing the bard, they created something amazing.

So yeah, I miss EQ. And I'll be back, over and over again, until the very end. Or until the horrible time they change the game so it's no longer EQ at its core. So I would say, if you liked EQ originally, it's still the same game, and you'll still like it.

April 25th, 2006, 10:37 AM
And then there's the fact that I played a Bard. To me, that class is almost perfection itself. Somewhere in designing the bard, they created something amazing.
I'll admit that the Bard class in EQ1 was the most unique one of any they made, and I haven't seen a parallel since. I tried it, but couldn't get used to the twisting. Even with autotwist (they DID add that a while back didn't they?), I still couldn't do it. I was constantly amazed by those that COULD do it (I knew a couple of awesome bards in my time), but ultimately the class wasn't for me.

When EQ1 eventually does shut down (I'd say more than 3 years from now... if not longer), I'll probably log my account back in for one "last look" before they "turn out the lights" on everybody. But probably not before then. The changes made make it seem like it'd be difficult to "catch up" again, which doesn't appeal to me.

April 25th, 2006, 10:44 AM
With all of the talk about the upcoming Progression Server, there are a lot of people talking about coming back.

Details are still sketchy, but the premise is a server that will only contain the original EQ Zones, and then additional content will be unlocked as people move through it.

There's a lot of debate from the community on how it should be handled, those threads are here: http://eqforums.station.sony.com/eq/board?board.id=Progression

They're also working a lot of low level content into the next expansion, providing a better levelling experience for those who might consider trying out the game. Including the possibility of bringing Auras, traps and potentially new abilities to the classes below 50. It will be the first expansion since Luclin that has content from level 1-max.

April 25th, 2006, 11:06 AM
just for fun sending my fully buffed pet on a rampage through the Mountain Giant fort on Kunark in that zone off LOIO. Can't remember the name.

It was the Frontier Mountains. :)

Or... it could have also been Warslik's Woods or even Firiona Vie, as there were giant outposts in all three zones (although I believe the giants in FV and WW were Forest Giants as opposed to Mountain Giants).

April 26th, 2006, 11:12 AM
I will so go back to it if that Progression Server is announced. EQ was the first MMO that I played, I started when RoK was the new "only" expansion and played up until Luclin. Something about that moon rubbed me wrong, or maybe it was the enhanced graphics did'nt fit well with my old comp.

I've wanted to pick it back up for a while now, but all of the new expansions make it seem like such a daunting task and playing "catch up" is'nt the most fun. For now though EQ2 will suffice, I'll have to keep myself updated on the Progression thread though, sounds like a really awesome idea, if not a little nostalgic trip for me.

Yea, there were only Forest Giants in WW and FM, the mountain giants were in Frontier Mountains, I remember spending many nights at the big fort killing everything that spawned, giant and badger alike. Ah....good times.

April 26th, 2006, 05:15 PM
Well, I did it...I finally succumbed. I downloaded all my EQ disks (I am missing three :( ) and re-signed up with Sony. It must be a free week or something because they didn't ding me for any server fees, at least not yet.

It was a huge culture shock going in. I had played EQ, for the most part as my high elf Raydiance Alive, on the Tunare server for nearly six years (five anyway - since startup in March 1999). I left EQ a little over a year ago, and have been playing other games since (Guild Wars and WoW primarily). At this point, let me say that WoW brainwashes you. I was embarrassed at how stupid I was for the first little while and how much I had forgotten and how often I tried to do WoW moves instead of EQ moves. Fortunately, I had a friend guide me through my stupidity. :P

On top of that, so many things have changed - I couldn't believe what they did to the bazaar - it was just incredible!! (And a lot easier to get around without all that killer laaaaaaaaaag.)

But the part you're probably interested in is, was it fun? Yes, it was. The thrill of "home" was definitely there. Of course, my friend "loaned" me thousands of plat so I could twink myself (yes, I believe in twinking) and not be so vulnerable as I gawked around like a field hand in a Sachs Fifth Avenue shop. So MANY changes.

And THAT's without the new expansions I haven't gotten yet (Dragons of Norrath, Prophecy of Ro and Depths of Darkhollow). And that's not even to mention I seem to be missing a few of the expansions I did have (Lost Dungeons of Norrath, Legacy of Ykesha, Gates of Destruction and Omens of War - this latter one was found but not installed yet). The downloading took about an hour, the installation & patching took five hours. Not bad when you consider how many tons of information had to be patched in.

I have only been in one evening for a short period, but I enjoyed it. I'll let you know as it progresses whether I regret coming back or not :)

April 27th, 2006, 07:37 AM
A friend told perfectly why I prefer EQ to any other MMO:

wow is always: start with lvl 1... aggro 5 wolves, own them.

eq is always: start with lvl 1, don't even know where wolves are and if you find them you better run.

May 24th, 2006, 01:04 AM
togashi, I completely feel your pain.

I had a 57 Human Druid. I remember even sitting in Oasis getting groups for Orc HW, or kiting in DL, or camping giants in FM. Oh the memories!

OH! Kael Runs!! Remember the original Epics, and how hard they were to get ((yes i understand, Druid Epic was cake in comparison to say....Chanter ><)

the sad part was i went back and went to Oasis...completely dead. No more people there, all are hanging out in Pad Caves, and that's even a sad amount (like 2-3 groups). :(

I miss it completely and hope another game will come along and restart my MMO Addiction

May 26th, 2006, 06:39 PM
I've you've got an active EQ Account, check this link periodically if you want to try out the beta for the progression server known as The Combine: https://store.station.sony.com/eqbeta/index.jsp

May 31st, 2006, 06:02 AM
Everquest has gone through alot of changes oh and btw its gates of discord ehhe not destruction.

if your old account still exists all u have to do is download the patcher which u can do at their site i recommend buying fromt the station store very fast dont buy from eb unless yu drive there.

Titanium is everything but por and while por has some interesting things like evolveing tradeskill trophys interesting zones its hardly neccessary at least till you get your eq feet back under you oh and togiashi did yu play a mage ?

also if you want to restart totally fastest way would be to play on test for a while you can testbuff to 25 and its 2x exp compared to normal servers pluss i think its free if you play enough but im not sure maybe thinking of what they do with the guide program

June 1st, 2006, 07:01 PM
I was an enchanter on eq1. that was the most fun i had once i hit around level 50. Being able to pin down several mobs at once while casting haste and slow and clarity2... boon of somethign that turned people into werewolves. fun times, but the expansions left me in the dust. i couldnt play enough to keep up with the guild i was in and ultimately they showed their true colors the day i logged on and saw "Sorry, but you level too slowly." and then them bastards kicked me from the guild. at that point my jaw hit the ground and i gave up, the guild i was in for 4 years tossed me like i was a bag of trash on pickup day.

June 1st, 2006, 09:23 PM
If you like instanced zones EQ1 as them now. DoDH, DoN, PoR all have zones that just you and two other friends can hack and slash in all you want and some decent rewards as well.

I play a Bard and have been playing since Aug of 99 and I still like it.

I think the only problem I have with EQ1 at this point is the ammount of flags and missions and keys you need to get anywhere or to loot items on the top zones. It's definately not like you could run into SolB and slay Naggy anymore.

June 19th, 2006, 02:46 PM
While you're on the subject... I was going to buy EQ 2 but the rumours I hear of low population and really all of the bad things put me off it... is this true? And does it have good roleplay servers (If there ARE roleplay servers)?
edit: Oh, and another thing... what's going on with these 10 expansion packs?