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June 27th, 2006, 02:14 PM
The Spiderman 3 trailer has been released, and can now be found here (http://www.apple.com/trailers/sony_pictures/spider-man_3/large.html). It's the symbiote, Brock, and Sandman, but it doesn't hint at if there's gonna be any Venom.

Though they did Sandman extremely well from the looks of it, and the way they went with the suit is interesting.

June 27th, 2006, 02:16 PM
Just watched it, and I must say I'm excited about this movie coming out. It's gonna be pretty much action packed with 4 villains in the movie.

June 27th, 2006, 02:51 PM
Also looks like it has the Hobgoblin in it. The Symbiote will probably lead to Venom in #4 :D

June 27th, 2006, 03:01 PM
I don't like the Ms or Ws in the spider-man font.

June 27th, 2006, 03:04 PM
Venom, Sandman, and Hobgoblin are definately in the movie. And I've heard rumors of a forth possible villain.

June 27th, 2006, 03:30 PM
That's not Hobgoblin; that's the Green Goblin. Spoilers for those unfamiliar with the Spdierman plot that don't want an explanation until the movie:

The Hobgoblin was a criminal who discovered Osborne's hideouts around the city, after Norman's deaths. He tried to blackmail Harry with his father's identity, and Harry fought him (alongside Spiderman) to protect his family and his identity.

Harry Osborne, though, became the Green Goblin prior to learning his father's secrety identity and learning Parker was the man responsible for his father's death. He took on the role and tormented Parker, but refused to harm Mary.

However, Parker didn't want his friend hurt or thrown in prison, and when he defeated Harry, he removed the Goblin costume from him. The police thought Harry was just sick, and they didn't know the Goblin was dead, so they thought he was just delirious from his father's death. They didn't believe Norman or Harry were the Goblin, or that Peter was Spiderman, so they took him to be treated.

A doctor named Hamilton helped settle Harry's mind, but learned that Harry and his father were the Green Goblin while Harry was under hypnosis. Hamilton wanted the power, so he decided to take Harry captive and become the Green Goblin.

While Hamilton and Spider-Man fought, Harry escaped, and re-assumed his identity as the Green Goblin, and returned to fight alongside Spiderman against the imposter. He was knocked unconcious, but Hamilton was killed by a bomb meant for Peter and Harry.

June 27th, 2006, 03:48 PM
Ok, that makes sense now.. :) thanks for the info Raph. I just followed the Cartoons.

June 27th, 2006, 03:54 PM
darn I cant see it, I hate quicktime.

June 27th, 2006, 05:13 PM
Huh I checked 3 diff websites and they all said Hob...oh well

June 28th, 2006, 01:10 AM
Yeah, it's one of those names. Four villains based on throwing pumpkin bombs and dressing like a goblin, three different names, and if it isn't the original Green Goblin, everyone thinks it's Hobgoblin. Hell, there's a Demgoblin. People have no damn clue who he is and I guess think he's a goth Hobgoblin.

Hobgoblin wears orange, Green Goblin (both) wears Green, Jack O'Lantern has a pumpkin face, and Demogoblin wears black and is a vampire or some crap.

Plus, having Hobgoblin would be confusing and seem like a rehash of the first movie. It'd be like having Carnage show up with the red and black symbiote all of a sudden.

And this (http://imagesocket.com/images/Spidey3_7e40.jpg) is more likely Harry and not some random crook. I figure the fourth villain is the guy in the previous spoiler. There's a plot summary floating around but I haven't wanted to look at it.

June 28th, 2006, 06:59 AM
Sandman... a villain? O.o

Oh, wait. You're talking about the original Sandman, right? Not Neil Gaiman's Sandman? No? Not the cute one...?

June 28th, 2006, 01:59 PM
Sandman... a villain? O.o

Oh, wait. You're talking about the original Sandman, right? Not Neil Gaiman's Sandman? No? Not the cute one...?

Nope, Sandman of Stan Lee/ Steve Ditko fame. :p

June 28th, 2006, 02:12 PM
From what I can see from the trailer, some guy is looking up. And then you see Spider-Man ripping his costume off in some kind of bell tower...

I assume most people are aware of how Venom was first made...

June 28th, 2006, 02:26 PM
The guy looking up, is Topher Grace playing Eddie Brock (for some unknown use of skinny guy reason).

Grace is listed as "Eddie Brock/Venom" in the IMDB. So, we can probably expect to see atleast a little Venom in the 3rd movie.

June 29th, 2006, 07:18 AM
Can't wait to see it and good eye woody i never woulda guessed that was the dweeb from that 70's show

Twyll Oathtaker
June 29th, 2006, 11:52 AM
Did my eyes decieve me I could of sworn I saw Felicia Hardy. Raphael you've always been my favorite Ninja Turtle.

Didn't Black Cat (aka Felicia Hardy) ride both sides of the law?

June 29th, 2006, 12:08 PM
Venom is the symbiote and from a teaser I saw somewhere else, it looks like venom is in the movie. I thought sandman was a good guy though? Then again it could be his origin story in this one.


June 29th, 2006, 03:51 PM
What? I read an interview with Topher Grace where he said his character was Maxwell Dillion, who is, of course, Electro.

I guess either it was changed or they're trying to keep us guessing.

June 29th, 2006, 04:48 PM
Topher Grace is going to be Venom. The only logical explanation I can come up with for the choice of Topher as Venom is......

Most of the movie will be spidey struggling to rid himself of the symbiote, and the movie will slowly reveal the making of Eddie Brock to the point he joins with the symbiote. Using Topher is perfect for this because we can watch the character development from him losing his job (thus hating spiderman forever) to him bulking up at the gym to vent frustration, to the final moment when the symbiote separates from spider man near the church and then combines itself with Eddie/Topher in his moment of weakness before suicide.

That is the only explanation I can come up with. Any other takers?

June 29th, 2006, 05:41 PM
marketing ploy to use a "cute" skinny guy. lol

July 1st, 2006, 02:11 PM
Regarding Venom -

Venom has been mentioned in cast interviews as being in this movie. No details on him have been provided in those interviews, but he's definitely going to be present.

The blond with Peter in the trailer is...

Gwen Stacey, Peter Parker's former girlfriend in the comics. Her father in the comics was Captain Stacey of the NYPD. Gwen was killed when Norman Osborn, who had discovered Peter's identity as Spider-Man, kidnapped her and dropped her from the top of the Brooklyn Bridge. Peter caught her with a web before she completed her fall, but the sudden stop broke her neck and killed her. Yes, it's a lot like what happened to MJ in the first movie, though without the added problems with the tram car. And MJ survived, obviously. In the Ultimate Spiderman comic line, it was also MJ who was at the top of the bridge.

In Ultimate Spiderman, Gwen (who never dated Peter, but was living at the Parker home after her father died) was killed by that comic's version of Carnage.

Norman Osborn was recently revealed as Hobgoblin in Ultimate Spiderman, though both the Goblin and Hobgoblin are the result of purely genetic enhancements as opposed to having them combined with technological gadgets. Norman's form as Hobgoblin looks similar to his father's massive green form as Goblin, except that iirc Hobgoblin is covered in flames.

I can't get a good look at the presumed Goblin in the trailer, and thus I'm not even completely sure that's him. Yes, there's a glider (though it looks different from the one used in the first movie). And only Goblin (and Hobgoblin) use a glider in the Spiderman universe. But you never really get a good look at the person on it. Even stopping the trailer on a particular frame only reveals blurry features. It's entirely possible that it's Harry being slammed into a wall in that one trailer shot, with an unmasked Parker as Symbiote-wearing Spiderman on the glider. That's not to say that's who it is, though. Merely that I can't really tell who's in the shot.

There's also the sequence with Harry dodging a goblin bomb, which makes me wonder what's going on with that.

And just for fun...

In Ultimate Spiderman, Peter broke up with MJ as there were too many people who knew his identity and he didn't want her to keep being a target. His single status lasted until Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat) realized she didn't have many dating prospects at the X-Mansion, and decided to look up that really nice guy that the X-Men have crossed paths with a couple of times. Their first date is a cute story that's detailed in the Ultimate Spiderman Annual (which was collected in the Ultimate Annuals collection).

July 2nd, 2006, 03:06 AM
Also in the Ultimate universe, Brock is about Parker's size. In previous times, Brock was already pretty much an olympic level body builder, mostly to cope with his anger and all that, and he was also religious for the same reason. In fact, he was at that church to pray because he was contemplating suicide at that point.

I figure the guy on the glider is either Harry or the doctor I mentioned prior, though it's hard to tell considering Raimi's done a fair job of mixing old and new, although he seems to have a preference for the old, which would make that make more sense.

Also, yes, that's Gwen Stacey. Felicia (aka Black Cat) has more of white hair, at least in Black Cat costume. I'm wondering how it'll go about creating Venom, though, if it looks like the symbiote has adhered to Parker's costume? Hm.

July 2nd, 2006, 05:34 AM
Venom is the symbiote and from a teaser I saw somewhere else, it looks like venom is in the movie. I thought sandman was a good guy though? Then again it could be his origin story in this one.


They're clips from different films. Just cloured and skinned differently.

The one where 'Venom' lands on a roof, where you see the hand grip a metal pole. If you watch Underworld its actually a scene from that, where the Warewolves attack a vampire convoy.

July 2nd, 2006, 06:33 AM
I thought sandman was a good guy though?

Sandman started out as a basic, not too bright thug (his first plot involved taking over Peter Parker's high school and, among other things, having the principal give him a diploma). He eventually straightened up his life, and for a short period of time was even a reserve member of the Avengers. He was also a frequent member of Silver Sable's Wild Pack. But my understanding is that within the last few years the writers have turned him bad again.