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  • Let's talk about BF 2142

    Screen shots added

    I'm going to start off with all the wrong in this game and finish off with the positive...

    Alright, I'm sure most of use have heard about the in-game advertising for BF 2142, but from what I've seen it's not in there yet. Who knows, but thus far I've yet seen any advertisements; however, when it's implemented there are a ton of billboards around that will be plastered with the products.

    Disconnects are extremely rampant in BF2142 right now. There are several disconnects you can have. Punkbuster, the program that keeps away hackers and cheating has been disconnecting people for no reason lately. There's a fix up for that. There's also random disconnects that will occur whenever they feel like it, hence random. It's generally right after joining a game. Play will start you'll be in the middle of a big fight...FROZEN...and you'll appear back at the server listings. Same scenario again until the "FROZEN" part and you'll be disconnected all the way to the login in screen, greeted with "Disconnected from EA master server" (or something to that extent).

    Applying the patch...if you've installed the game, went to multi-player and then you are greeted with a message that states that you need to apply the patch...get ready for a fun time. It took me about an hour just to get the patch applied. What seems to have worked was downloading the patch to an independent folder. Uninstalling the game, restarting the computer, reinstalling the game, and then applying the patch. A restart after all this might be good as well.

    Rank tracking is frizty. As you gain rank you have to connect to the EA master server, and sometimes this isn't possible for unknown reasons. Many people have lost a rank and some badges because of this; however, nothing major. I believe this problem is almost 100% fixed.

    Ok now lets get to the game! BF 2142 is an extremely fun FPS, with many PlanetSide features. I mean it almost feels like PS, only without the third faction in there. I often try to join the larger servers, 32+ people, so that the war feels like a war. Also cause I like killing people with the small buggies .

    =2 types of play=
    The first type is conquest. Here your faction, EU or PAC (English vs. Commies), fight for control over stations that slowly eat away at your opponents resources. The first one to get 0 resources loses. There are several maps with several different scenarios built into them with the conquest mode. Most of the time it's EU repelling a PAC attacking, the other times I've played it's just an all out scramble to hold the resources.

    The second is titan. In this mode your team attempts to control the most missile silos to take down your enemy’s titan, which is a huge floating ship. Once the titan's shield is destroyed your team can bored the titan any numbers of ways; whether that be by vehicles or a squad leader dropping a beacon (I'll talk about upgrades in a bit). Once on board the titan your team tries to blow up 4 titan control consoles, which after all 4 have been destroyed allows access to your enemies core. Inside the core you can do major damage, and hopefully bring it down. Then once the titan is destroyed you have a couple of seconds to sprint out and jump off, hopefully parachuting the victory! Those are the two modes in a nutshell.

    When you die you have to select a spawn point to resurrect at, or you'll simply rez and your previously selected location. If that location is unavailable you'll simply be prompted to select a new one.

    Hello Solider! Greeting as your log onto your solider, this shows your current rank and the last 3 medals/badges/awards

    Awards Pretty self explanitory

    Rounds Over This is the recap screen at the end of the round. I killed lots of peoples that round

    =Upgrades and kits=
    There are 4 basic kits that you can have playing BF 2142: Recon (Sniper), Assault (Medic + Minor Damage), Engineering (Explosives and Anti-Vehicular (AV)), and the Support (Heavy Damage). Each kit has upgrades that you can choose when you rank up. 1 kit will have 2 "trees" that you can follow and you'll get 3 items + a gun at the end of the tree.

    There are also universal player upgrades. These are things like frag grenades (nope not a basic thing) and clip size increase. Then there are squad leader upgrades, you get a squad beacon, which allows squad members to resurrect at that beacon, and some drones that help you out. So far I've leveled up an assault/support, recon, and working on an engineer (no not all the way to the top rank) and they're all really fun. You do not need to be using the kit to gain more upgrades for that kit. The unlocks are universal and only depend on your rank. You are free to use them as you will.

    Upgrade Screen In the BFHQ area the upgrades are seperated by the tabs, and you can browse the different kits and see what the weapons do.

    In Game Kits

    =Squads and Commander=
    When you join a game you have the option of joining a squad or making your own, or you can just not care and just stay on your own. In the squad there's a squad leader, who can give orders but not really enforce them, and the squad members. You gain extra points if you follow orders, and if you follow the commanders orders you can gain field upgrades, which are temporary to that server your playing on. Squad leaders also deploy the squad beacon for an independent spawn location.

    When a round starts you can apply to be the commander, which is basically in charge of you side, but no one really listens to them. As the commander you have several abilities, EMP strike (strikes a location with a large radius electromagnetic field disabling enemy vehicles for a short while, and it also messes with targeting), orbital strike (lots of missiles rain down on the enemy), Sat track (allows your forces to see enemy forces in that area), and supply drop (crate falls down that re-supplies troops, vehicles, heals troops, repairs vehicles, and provides an obstacle. And in the titan mode you can move the titan to any location you choose.

    Tab key brings up this

    There are a ton of vehicles, basically they ripped them off of PS. There are APCs, which are mobile transport ground vehicles with some pretty good fire power. These vehicles can also launch pods that allow access to the enemy titan, or very good sniping positions. There's enough room for 6 or 7 people on board, each with their own turret to man. They put out good anti-personnel (AP) fire power, but their AV fire power is kind of weak. Then there are tanks, which have great fire power, and the secondary turret is pretty good for taking down aircraft.

    Another ground vehicle are the little buggies, I forget their names, but anyway they're extremely fun. I'll average 5 or 6 kills per round with these things. Usually it's by running down people as they attempt to flee, but with the speed boost it's completely futile. The last ground vehicle are the battlewalkers. They have lots of fire power, and can pretty much take down anything. The secondary turret allows for the second person to either kill ground units or air units. Although they have great fire power, they have some pretty big weak the back.

    Moving on to aircraft, of which there's only 2. The first off is the transport aircraft. It's like the APC, but it flies and only has 2 guns. Basically used for moving lots of troops to an enemy position quickly. The second aircraft type is an assault type. Lots of fire power, but hardly any armor. Would write more about it but I'm horrible at flying them and have no idea what they do specifically.

    That's really all I can remember at the moment, I'd post screenshots but it's a lot of work to do Print Screen and go into Paint while trying to fight. Taking into account the server issues and what not 7/10 if the servers weren't an issue 9/10.

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    good review in a nutshell.

    only negatives i have found so far is 1 the punkbuster dissconnects, which seem to happen if your ping time goes over 700 for more than 10 seconds.
    and 2 the Choppyness of some servers. no idea what its about i get the "problem with your connection" but my ping is at 33, and the screen jumps around a lot at these times.

    other than that its a great game so far. what i would like to see is a way to reset your unlocks. as i chose some random ones on one char. and dont want to delete him lol.
    i really like the ranking system though its a lot of fun to choose what you want to use. i dont think some of them are working 100% yet, i have the stablizing mod for the recon (saposed to make your rifle bob less when zoomed in) and it doesent seem to do anything.

    other than that its a LOT of fun. havent noticed the adds, but i doupt il notice them when they bring them in if they arent in already. i am very glad i baught this game.