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    I installed.. I am creating chars.. took me 40 minutes to download all the updates. Runs good on my new PC.. lets see how it goes.
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    Playing with dolls ain't just for kids.

    I have just purchased the collector's set, and it finally arrived Friday. I thoroughly enjoyed the first 3 hours of character creation. I had three characters in mind to try right off the bat, since I've been mulling over the ideas even prior to the game's release.

    Most of that time was spent playing with All the options for customizing the look of my character. It was so fun that my friend who was watching had to have a go at it when she was sure I was done.

    I loaded them in the world just to see how they look in-game with movement and lighting conditions then quickly camped and went on to the next (and I am quite pleased. It's also a relief to see the game run on my system. I meet the minimum requirements, but not the max).

    So, as we realized how much fun just making characters was, my friend asked me, "How many other people do you think spend this much time customizing their characters?”

    Did you too gasp at the sheer number of eye colors available for the dark elves, or spend time adjusting everything from “arm-leg ratio” to neck length to try to make your half-giant look lanky and athletic? How many people were satisfied with the default random doll that you got? I didn't even think about changing my dark elf’s proportions until an after I submitted him, and even then just out of curiosity to see what else was available. He just seemed so right; it was more the fine details of face and hair that absorbed me with him.

    I think I may spend a couple more days just making people, and saving the templates for future character concepts before I even get through my first quests.


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      I already have 7 characters made... And each was thoroughly gone over for each modification type. (My only complaint is that you end up having NO IDEA how long you've taken in just making one character...)

      One thing I love is the ability to save and load racial templates for any configs you particularly like.

      I have a pair of Qalian brothers: Sangrahl, a Monk in peak physical condition with a mustache/goatee and ponytail... and Evanrahl, a clean-shaven Necromancer with short-cropped white hair, who is more frail and sunken-cheeked... both using the same base template. I just lowered the muscle tone and adjusted the cheeks/eyes to make the more sinister Evan from the originally buff Sang.

      My personal favorite is an Orc I have waiting on the sidelines that I swear is a dead ringer for Ving Rhames... But he's not seeing the light of day for some time.
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        Did you know you can also modify after the fact? I couldn't find facial hair on my Giant, till I was playing around, and then I did it again. WOO HOO. He has shaved.
        "Perfer et obdura; dolor hic tibi proderit lim"


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          Looks like my giant is gonna be investing in some hair dye, for those sp4ecial occasions when jet black is just called for.