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The Ur-Quan Masters v0.5.0 release

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  • The Ur-Quan Masters v0.5.0 release

    The Ur-Quan Masters is a re-make of StarControl II. Don't really want to call it a remake, because it still uses the same code as the 1992 StarControl II... it's just been re-vamped to work on modern day systems. The voice over for every stich of text in the game is a nice touch too. Some very nice improvments and bug fixes from v0.4.

    Star Control II remains IMO the best game ever made by human hand... SC3 was a disgrace... but it's cool that fans of the legendary StarControl II are brining it back for modern day systems.

    The game is free guys... try it for 20 minute and you will be hooked... I recomend having a pad of paper for taking notes as you go

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    man star control as i remember it rocked!!! cant wait to play the updated version
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      I downloaded this the other day, and for the first time in quite a while, I was so into a game that I didn't get up until I REALLY had to pee.

      I'd forgotten how fun this game is!

      Lots of nice little improvements borrowed from the 3DO version, too. I'm so glad I have a version of this game that actually works on my computer now. Thanks for pointing this out, Light!
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