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  • TitanQuest

    Well if you enjoyed the Diablo series this game is for you. Now the developers said they got their inspirations from Oblivion, but there is way more Diablo play style than Oblivion. I mean the game almost feels like it would be Diablo 3 had it not been for the different interface and the name, and the inability to really choose from different characters. There is no custom ability in your character at all, save from their tunic color. You get to choose from a male or female...yep...that's it. I would have liked to have seen a couple different character models, but I guess there were other important things on the developers minds.

    It is also very linear like Diablo series, there is no freedom in your exploration, save for the little side quest that occurs somewhere around the main quest area. There aren't many side roads to go down that don't lead you back onto the main path. I usually clear out the entire zone before I move on, and have yet to find an area that will take me more than 5 minutes out of my way. And usually on my side trips I will be filled up on loot; however, that doesn't matter since there's a personal portal readily available. All you have to do is hit L or the icon, and a portal will pop up next to you and take you wherever you wish to go. This was a very easy way out of giving you too much bag space, which you have very little starting out.

    TitanQuest also holds true to it's Diablo forefathers and abuses the potion system. I will generally run through the zones and burn through potions, now this might be because my character has little healing ability to speak of, but the creatures are also a couple levels over my character. Which doesn't seem to mean much other than I have to hit 9 or 0 a little more often. The boss fights are generally the same thing as regular fights, but they just last a bit longer. I usually will head back to town with a portal and stock up on potions. Then head back down, and I'm good to go.

    Any creature at any time can drop any item, as well as chests. So it's hard to get loot, especially considering they didn't add any better loot to the bosses, or their extra special chests that you get to raid after (or during the encounter ). The item types range from Darkgrey (Broken) to Purple (Legendary), which of the last I have yet to find. I have found several Blue (Epic) and Green (Rare) item. The Epic items also have unique models to them, which generally look pretty neat.

    Now where it does break away from Diablo series is in their skill trees. Rather than 3 skill trees character, they allow you to choose your own path with 2 unique trees, which are called Masteries. There are 8 individual trees with their own spells, which can be combined with any other mastery set. The 8 Mastery Trees are as follows and in no particular order: Spirit, Rogue, Hunting, Storm, Warfare, Nature, Defense, and Earth. My current character has Warfare Mastery and Spirit Mastery, which somehow dubs him a Spellbreaker. He has the abilities of a warrior and the spells of a necromancer minus summoning minions. I've also started a Hunter, but not too far with that one yet.

    Now when you level you are given 3 skill points to spend between your two trees, and 2 attribute points to spend between 5 stats. There are quests that give you additional skill points and attribute points; however, it never seems to be enough. I've found that those 3 skill points go away really fast when you find a skill that looks fun. If it was my game it would be 3 skill points per tree, rather than 3 skill points between the 2. Oh well, other than that the leveling system is pretty straight forward. And don't be afraid to die, there are health fountains, which resurrect you, all over the place. You'll generally encounter about 3 or 4 in a normal dungeon and one very 2 zones while exploring.

    Over all this game is a great hack and slash Diablo style game. So if you're simply in need of a new Diablo type fix, this one if for you. 8/10

    Edit: Forgot some stuff

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    Does it have a multi-player component to it? And if it does is it like Diablo where you can just roll with one particular friend and get through ALL the content?

    Thats my pet peve, when a game has a multiplayer to it, but without 20 guys it isn't going to help.


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      Yes TitanQuest has a Multiplayer function like Diablo, but I don't remember if Diablo allowed you to take your Single-Player characters into Multi-Player like Guildwars does. However, it is a maximum of 6 people I wanna say, it could be 8. But you don't need 20 people for multiplayer to make it fun.


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        Wait, are we talking about TitanQuest or GuildWars? OR are they the same thing and I'm missing something..?


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          TitanQuest...I got home last night after a wee bit of drinking...and this was what you got...sorry > <


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            You wont see legendary items until Act 3 or so of the Epic difficulty level. The max players in a multiplayer game is 6, atleast for now. his game is similar to Diablo 2's open system, where you can take your single player into a multiplayer game and complete the quests.

            Im currently playing a Battlemage. Warrior+Earth/Fire Mage.


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              So is it free, or what?


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                Multiplayer? Yep. You don't even have to sign up or anything, just select the multiplayer / internet option. A list of servers populates, similar to what you would see for CS, or UT2k4.


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                  Nice. I'll have to give it a try.. Does it have a good PvP system (if there is one?)


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                    There is a way, but its kind of odd. You have to change your shortcut string. Basically, you add /PVP to the end of your target field in the shortcut.

                    "C:\Program Files\THQ\Titan Quest\Titan Quest.exe" /PVP

                    for default installation.

                    For it to work you have to join a game that is hosted by someone with PVP enabled also.