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  • New / old pocket knife review

    I have been carrying a pocket knife since I was 11. I carried one in High School because no one knew what “Zero Tolerance” was, and instead relied on “Be Responsible”. (i.e. I had it, and used it in proper ways, no one had a problem with it.) My first knife was a little three blade Case that was a gift from my grandfather. I carried that for a few years. Then I switched to a Buck with a locking blade in High School. I went through 4-5 knives in school, they were all cheap junk that I trashed cutting wires on the sound crew. In college I started to pay more attention to what I carried. I got a Ka Bar folder that I liked, but the lock was too hard to operate and it did not hold an edge. I switched to a Gerber and really liked it. Held an edge wonderfully, but the plastic handle felt insubstantial. About 4 years ago someone handed me Kershaw designed by Ken Onion. The blade was similar to the Gerber, but it had this little gimmick, the “speed safe opening mechanism”. I played with it for a little while and fell in love. There is a little switch that flips a bar over the tip of the knife inside the handle locking the blade closed, so it can not open in your pocket (and it also makes the knife safe to toss to someone). Release that switch, and apply a little pressure (about 1/3 of what it takes to open a can of pop) to the back edge of the blade and the blade pops out very quickly. I love that I can pull it out of my pocket then easily and quickly open it with one hand without having to worry about cutting myself. I only say that because I have had my thumb slip off the thumb stud of other knives and gotten a cut from the partially open blade.

    Out of the box the knife is very sharp, and it does quite well at retaining that edge. I often go 6 months without honing the edge. The one I had is the “scallion”, it has a 2” blade with partial serrations at the back, and a blue aluminum handle. I lost that this weekend, so I got a new one. The new one does not have serrations and has a black handle and TiN coated blade. It is a lot slicker looking.

    If anyone needs a good multipurpose pocket knife, I highly suggest this one.
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    I frequently use a knife for my highschool threatre, because when your a tech guy, as Bob mentioned, a knife comes in handy. Though I am smart and keep all my knives in my car and go out and get them after school once the parking lot clears out a bit. Hopfully next year when I get the Student Tech Director tool box I can just keep em in there.

    Not much of a fan of folding knives. I tend to use a full tang Winchester about 8" total length with 3.5" blade. Right now my folding knife is just a gimme knife that my teacher gave me for working hard. Its serated, which i'm not a fan of because they can't be sharpened (atleast not that I know of), but I got it for free so I'm not complaining.

    I was looking on Bud-K the other day and I liked the Timber Wolves they had. I am thinking about getting this because I need a good not serated folding blade and because I like the wooden handle. Why wooden handle? I dunno not reason really its just an aesthetic quality I like. Nothing more to it than that.

    Also, the site I linked is a very good site for knives.
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      there are specialty sharpeners for serrated edges,its just finnicky and time consuming, for instance should do the trick.


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        Sorry, I must have missed the reply in here. There are sharpeners for serrated edges, but they are a little more difficult. Rather than a flat stone they are a V shaped (convex not concave V) that you have to use. I got a great sharpening kit for $30 that comes with a guide, stones at three levels of coarseness, and oil. I ordered their Serrated tool for another $15. On the plus side, the cutting power of a serrated edge does not depend on a razor edge, so it is not as important to keep it that sharp.
        Sometimes I do an impression of myself. I can dress like myself, even act like myself sometimes.


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          **Update** I was out this weekend and found a Kershaw Leek. The Leek has a slightly longer blade and it is straight, as opposed to curved. I gave the Scallion to my cousin that has been wanting one. I LOVE MY LEEK!!
          Sometimes I do an impression of myself. I can dress like myself, even act like myself sometimes.


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            I managed to snag a Spyderco MeerKat as payment for doing some computer work. Love the thing. Keeps an edge better than anything I've ever had, even survived opening a bottle of acid.

            Not to mention the locking mechanism has won me a few bets.