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    Ok, I LOVED Saw 1. I liked Saw 2. The only good part of Saw 3 was the last 15 minutes. It was like the writer of saw 1 was hired to do the last 15 minutes, and they added an hour of crap in front of it to make it all make sense.

    I was not impressed.

    The entire premise of Saw is not the gruesome violence and torture, it is a mental game. This movie completely failed to capture that essence and instead focused only on gory death. One of the things I liked about Saw 1 is that the deaths were all from things that were real. Everything is something that could really happen. In this one there are a couple that even the magic of the movie “suspension of disbelief” made it hard to swallow (i.e. the freezer scene).

    I give this movie a 2/10. Which is sad because Saw 1 is a perfect 10/10.
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    I have to agree with you Bob, the first Saw was amazing. It was a very intense pscyhological movie, with traps and deaths that you could actually believe someone comming up with.

    Number 2 and 3 simply lacked any of that deep thinking, and instead went for the quick cash-in of gore and blood. sad really, the series had a LOT of potential.
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      Oh, and the OTHER thing that bothered me. I bought the DVD. That is not the frustrating part, but it actually turned a bad thing into a not as bad thing. Saw 2 and 3 did this realllllyyyyy annoying thing with their DVD case, it is a blank clear plastic case, then there is a sleeve that slides around the case with the printing on it. It is a PAIN because to get the movie out you have to slide the sleeve completely off, open the case, get the disk, close the case, then shimmie the sleeve back down over the case…and it does not like to go back on. The silver lining to this rain cloud is after I turn the Saw 3 DVD into a coaster with my AOL CD’s I can pitch the sleeve and have a nice clear DVD case to use.
      Sometimes I do an impression of myself. I can dress like myself, even act like myself sometimes.


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        I still think saw 1 was the best, 2 was pretty cool because it was different, 3 didn't make a lot of sense. The rack was the best 'game' though.
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