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    ok maybe I should stay away from movies that have numbers in the title rather then words lol.

    The main actor was as good as he could be and did a great job with what he had , but there was just not that much to work with, The whole team decided to go with pop-up scares more then anything else, and as a result I was laughing more then not during the movie.

    If you do go to see it bring earplugs, it is LOUD. The theater had the volume turned up so loud that the light fixtures were rattling, but this was so you could hear the near silent background voices and sounds that were "suppose" to scare you but just hurt your ears.

    Me and my wife kept looking at the time to see if the movie was done soon. And I don't know if it was just the theater that we went to but in the movie there is a scene were the room goes into a deep freeze and the theater decided at that moment to turn up the AC to max, in other words it was FREEZEING in that place lol.

    Although There was ONE cool scene in the movie with the father. But that was just one line and that was the best scene in the whole movie.

    It's defintly a pass and I feel sorry for anyone who rents it and doesn't have a theater quality sound system because they will lose more then half the "atmosphere" of the movie.