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Any ME3 Player out there?

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  • Any ME3 Player out there?

    I recently have been getting more and more into the multi-player mode for Mass Effect 3. While random players are fun, I was feel sad that no one is on my friends list. I figure at least some GUers are player there and may want to hook up for a match or two. I ain't great but I enjoying killing things; Does that make me a bad person? Oh well. My EA ID is rayadoman so toss me an friend invite if you are on.

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    I play ME3...almost religiously. However not online so I am absolutely no help for you in this regard. I had a 3 month Xbox LIVE card for awhile....3 months. But I'm poor and that was a simple indulgence that the long-haired messcook of the house allowed me.
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