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EverQuest Next and LandMark

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  • Jain Farstrider
    started a topic EverQuest Next and LandMark

    EverQuest Next and LandMark

    Well, I may as well make a post here to inform that I have a board up in preparation for general guild gaming and public forum. There is only me at the moment as I have only recently set up the board and would like to have it ready well before rather than just go into a rush at the last moment.

    Board address is Farstriders

    Further information about the guild

    The guild will be casual ( No hard raid schedules for example ) consisting of English speaking countries primarily of Aus/Oceanic/Far East and North Americans. So time would be GM +10/GM+8 and American prime time. It would be the ideal guild to let steam off after a hard days work or to just simply relax during your free time whenever that is. ( No trying to be world first, #1, completely elitist behavior, hard raiding schedule such as 4 nights a week with 90% attendance record for example )

    Guild activities? that is easy, play the game is the aim and just enjoy it instead of turning it into a second job, the text above should be clear enough.

    We are also open for other games. I currently play World of Warcraft and Diablo III

    The other aim is for it to be a social guild, so that would mean it will not have 200+ players.

    Restrictions/requirements are to be easy going obviously, at least willing to be competent and not to sink down to name calling or general spamming. ( Will write some rules allowing members to be left alone at times when they want to )

    You may inform me of your interest by replying to this thread, sending me a pm on this board, registering on the board and then sending me a pm. ( e-mail verification is required )

    Recruitment will last till we are reasonably covered in certain areas and size. ( Think professions, classes for grouping, number of available players, wanting friends of yours in etc )

    Further information about the board

    It is on a dedicated server in Maimi

    vBulletin 4.2.2.

    100MB upload limit

    Can upload .gif, doc, zip, html, xml and many, many other file extensions. A kind of file rapid share for members.

    Once we get to certain numbers, guild recruiting will be closed, but board registration and use will still be open for the public. There will be a guild section of the board that public cannot see. ( Changed host so now I have a 10 TB monthly bandwidth )

    Will be very well moderated by me, trolling will not be tolerated.

    Albums and Blogs for all members.

    Team Speak 3

    Optional email and webmail account.

  • Jain Farstrider
    Bumping this thread due to some changes and an update.

    Domain has changed to

    Change of host over to future hosting in Maimi may have enabled me to host team speak 3. Will discuss this a bit with my host to make sure they are happy to have a certain port open for it.

    If all is good, then might have it up in a couple of weeks time.

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