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    The purpose here is to let other folks know who you are, who your character is, what your race/class/level/etc is, what server you're playing on, and when you're most likely to be online. So, in order to keep everything clean and current, I ask that you not post twice to a thread, but rather update your initial entry when new information is added, or old information is updated. This way people don't have to pour through tons of posts to get the info they're here for.

    Those people promoting their guild should include the game name, server name, guild name and faction (if applicable) in the title of the thread. As an example if I was recruiting for my WoW Guild (which I am not) the thread title would look something like this:
    WoW | Doomhammer: "Bloody Punder" (Horde)

    Recruitment announcements should tell about your guild, restrictions/requirements for applicants, information relevant to guild activities (such as when the guild is typically active/raids/etc.), how applicants should inform you of their interest, how long the recruitment process usually lasts, the guild's website, etc.

    Recruitment Announcements should also be maintained by the originator. If the requirements for recruitment change, you should edit the original post NOT post another. Unlike the rest of the forums, thread originators can open and close their own threads. So, if your guild is no longer recruiting... close the thread.

    Readers interested in joining a guild listed should add their name and any pertinent information to the appropriate thread (unless otherwise indicated by the thread originator). Unlike the other forums, registered users can delete their own posts here. So if you've been recruited, please remove your response to a recruitment message (make sure to select the "physically remove" option).

    Any disputes resulting from an application/recruitment will be settled by the originator/applicant. I'll only get involved if I'm asked to or it gets truly out of hand.