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    Please add posts in the following format: (Doesn't have to be exact, just easy to follow.)

    Character Name - Level/Race/Class
    Guild - Realm/Timezone

    Times you typically play (if any)

    Additional comments (please keep this as brief as possible)
    [ Additional comments should cover aspects of the game such as what tradeskills you've mastered should anyone need tradeskill assistance, the talents you've acquired, etc. ]

    NOTE: If you have more than one character please list them as efficiently as possible so folks can find them easily!

    As per the individual rules of this sub-forum, please edit your post rather than submitting another one.
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    Account re-opened.

    Maleficence - 29/Tauren/Druid [alchemy/herbalism]
    Nottingham - 20/Troll/Hunter [tailoring/enchanting]
    Server: The Venture Co. (Pacific RP-PvP)

    Ugru - 47/Orc/Warlock [gnome engineer/miner]
    Server: Waiting on transfer to Venture Co.

    Character playing fluctuates a lot with an altaholic, but currently I am mainly playing on The Venture Co.

    Information current as of below:
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      Edit for the millionth or so time I figure:

      Currently My Characters are as Follows-

      Eon - Troll Shaman - Level 60, on Doomhammer(Now unretired) - Tailor/Enchater - Guild <Westside Riders>

      Psy - Orc Hunter - Level 29, on Doomhammer(Once Again, out of Retirement) - Mining/Engineer - Guild <Snugglebunnies>

      Tempus - Orc Shaman - Level 43, on Laughing Skull(Currently in retirement) - DragonScale Leatherworker/Skinner
      Eon - Troll Mage - Level 28, On Laughing Skull(Currently Retired as well) - Tailor / Skinner

      Brennan - Dwarf Priest - Level 44, On Daggerspine(Retired) - Tailor

      I'm usually one fairly often on my Doomhammer charcters, I play with alot of the GU forumites there. Usually I play in the evening for 4 hours or so.
      Eon, 55 Troll Shaman, Psy 26 Orc Hunter - DoomHammer
      Tempus 43 Orc Shaman, Eon 28 Troll Mage - Laughing Skull
      Brennan - 44 Dwarf Priest - Daggerspine


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        Grimvar - level 5 Orc Warrior
        Stonefist - level 2 Dwarf Paladin

        Server: Doomhammer

        I'm on EST timezone but I play whenever I don't have classes. So, basically either 11am-5pm or 6pm-till the weee mornin' hours.
        Grimvar - 60 Orc Warrior -> Doomhammer


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          Xill - Level 18 Troll Shaman
          Silver Hand server (west coast RP)

          If you plan on playing on silver hand please send me a tell in game or PM me here, id love to get to know some of you a little better in game.
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            Silver Hand:
            Rockstéady - lvl 80 Draenei Shammy - Lemmings

            Formo - lvl 85 Human prot Pally - Stormwind Elite Guard
            Tenolion - lvl 57 Blood Elf Warrior - Bloody Plunder
            Bozhie - lvl 85 Forsaken DeathKnight - Bloody Plunder
            Hol˙bovine - 85 Tauren Pally - Bloody Plunder

            Main server I play is Doomhammer. I also have some RL friends that play on Shandris, so I have a bunch of newbie toons on that server as well. Just depends on who's online when I'm online determines what realm I play on, although most of the time I'm on Doomhammer.. Also updated the other WoW thread with my RealID; tenolein at Feel free to add me if you want.

            EDIT: Info is correct as of March 2nd, 2012
            Hol˙bovine - Tauren ret/prot pally
            Formo - Human Paladin
            Zraxth - Troll fury warrior
            Real ID: tenolein at Feel free to add me (and tell me who you are, too).


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              Grektholar Level 80 Warrior
              Bloody Plunder - Doomhammer (Mountain)
              Mining/Blacksmithing 450/450

              Tashgar - 32 Tauren Druid
              Bloody Plunder - Doomhammer (Mountain)

              Oktaya - 36 Blood Elf Rogue
              Bloody Plunder - Doomhammer (Mountain)


              • #8
                Bullroar - 70 Tauren Shaman
                Guild Hoppers - Frostmane

                Privvy - 70 Draenei Shaman
                Guildless - Lightbringer (semi-retired)

                Nickabrick - 70 Dwarf Rogue
                Guildless - Bloodscalp (semi-retired)


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                  Wistin - Night Elf - Hunter

                  Silver Hand - Pacific (though I live in Mountain)

                  When I can.
                  What I do in my spare time.
                  "When the souls of the oppressed fight in the very air that rages, who can stand?" - William Blake


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                    Fola - Argent Dawn - Troll Hunter
                    Bera - Silver Hand - Night Elf druid


                    • #11
                      Lamiria, 5 Night Elf Priest - Tailor and Enchanter
                      Luna, 17 Night Elf Hunter - Leatherworker and Skinner
                      Lucia, 1 Human Paladin
                      Cecilia, 1 Gnome Warlock

                      Kel'Thuzad server - Mountain PvP
                      Guildmistress of Hel Maor

                      I usually play during the evening Mountain time (5pm-Midnight), but can be seen during the day from time to time.
                      WoW: Lamiria, 60 Priest; Luna, 60 Huntress *Kel\'Thuzad*
                      ex-DAoC: Gunnella R8L6 ML9 Healer *Percival*
                      - Hel Maor -


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                        Tinduiell Level 44 Night Elven Hunter
                        Stumpcutter's Brigade - Doomhammer

                        Breech, Level 33 Tauren Hunter
                        Bloody Plunder - Doomhammer

                        41 Bloodelf Paladin (active)Cuteyhoney


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                          Gan - Level 9 Gnome Warlock. Doomhammer - Stumpcutter Brigade


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                            Volas - Level 8 Troll Shaman, Officer of Bloody Plunder - Doomhammer
                            \"In the Game of Thrones, you either win or you die.\" Cersei Lannister.


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                              [Doomhammer Server]
                              Velenka, Undead Priest <Draconigena>