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  • Frostynips - 70/Undead/Mage
    Guild - Dead on Arrival / Emeriss (EU)

    Times you typically play: 6pm-11pm GMT (Mon/Tues/Thurs)

    Additional comments:
    Herbalism(375)/Alchemy(375) Master of Elixirs
    All heroic keys obtained except MGT (Only recently returned to the game)
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    • Feathermoon:

      Selynnberly - Night Elf Priest
      Selynn - Night Elf Warrior
      Nyphistra - Blood Elf Mage
      Lilindia - Blood Elf Paladin

      various other alts on the server
      Xbox Live Gamertag: drgnmstr44
      PSN tag: drgnmstr44


      • Moonguard:
        Hincleol Human Rogue
        Crafea Night Elf Hunter
        Those are my two mains and I have plenty of alts .. And thanks to a 13 year old who started up the guild when we first came over .. We're all in The BROTHERHOOD OF STEEL... /sighs ... Long Story...
        Also Dellenar Blood Elf Paladin
        Yes my guilds name is BROTHERHOOD OF STEEL .. No I didn't want it with all capital letters.. Long Story ... No I'm not a Fall-Out Fanboy.. Longer Story.. Short version I formed 1st BoS guild in Vesper Alantic Server in the summer of 1998.. Fallout: BoS was released on January 13, 2004.. My guilds older


        • Argent Dawn (Horde):

          Raiyzze - 85 Troll Shaman (Main)
          Galvarium - 85 Undead Mage
          Drixel - 29 Goblin Warrior

          I typically only log on for raid on Sundays and Mondays. Feel free to PM me if you want my RealID information.

          XBL Gamertag - DarkXan


          • Azshara or Azahara (forget the spelling haha):

            Icxhulk - 38 Male Orc Hunter - Guild "Death by snu snu"

            Icxnight - 60 Male Orc Deathknight - Guild "Death by snu sny"

            Usually play anywhere from 5pm to 10pm PST

            If you are ever running around and see a character with Icx at the begginging of the name, will most likely be me haha. If your on the server hit me up see if we can do an instance or anything.


            • Aggramar: 71 Mage- Nicademus - Alliance
              64 DeathKnight - SithKnight - Alliance

              Trollbane: 74 DeathKnight - Deathwalkers - Alliance

              Blackhand: 80 Paladin - Knightwalker
              77 DeathKnight - LichKiller

              Argent Dawn: 60 DeathKnight - SithKnight


              • Originally posted by Guardian View Post
                Argent Dawn: 60 DeathKnight - SithKnight
                If thats EU, expect a rename and/or account penalties.

                Mine are The Maelstrom {EU}, all (h) in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

                Dhamp- 80 warlock
                Sytev - 80 protadin
                Shamha - levelling Ele/resto dualspec

                Normally im found on the In Game Customer Support forum though, assisting our semi-beloved pandas with their stupidly high workload.



                • Im very late in adding to this thread lol

                  Bahzell - Sargeras - Undead Warrior
                  Resolute - Sargeras - Undead Mage


                  • Zantari - 27 Night Elf Rogue - Arathor
                    WoW: I quit
                    X-Box Live and Play Station Network: Zantari EXE and Zantari-exe
                    League of Legends: Zantari


                    • Update, yet again. Play times: after 6:30pm central until whenever (usually 9 or 10pm), anytime during the weekends.

                      Alexstraza - Horde side - Main Server - Officer in <Misfits>

                      Faloria v3 - 80 Blood Elf Priest
                      Irisha - 71 Blood Elf Warlock
                      Reslut - 70 Blood Elf Rogue

                      Drenden - Alliance - don't play

                      Faloria v2 - 70 Dwarf Priest

                      Steamweedle Cartel - Alliance - don't play

                      Faloria v1 - 60 Gnome Warlock

                      Elune - Alliance - Don't play

                      Crystavia - 60 Night Elf Druid
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                      • Originally posted by Icxme View Post
                        Icxhulk - 38 Male Orc Hunter - Guild "Death by snu snu"

                        Icxnight - 60 Male Orc Deathknight - Guild "Death by snu sny"

                        Usually play anywhere from 5pm to 10pm PST
                        dont you need a 55 to create a DK?


                        • yes you do need a 55 to create a DK.... but warning DKs are alot of fun and I left my poor 72 Warrior behind = (
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                          • Need a 55 on any server for a DK


                            • .


                              • Spicie - Chromaguss - Tauren Hunter
                                I play late evenings and late nights (Central US timezone) , usually running around with a tauren shaman named Bitterniss