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  • Grimbatul - 85 Orc Shaman - Bloody Plunder
    450 Mining/?? Blacksmithing
    You should try League of Legends -- free from the makers of DoTA!


    • Daroknu - lvl 85 Tauren Warrior

      Gruddazalhut - lowbie rising quickly Orc Warrior

      Dar - lowbie rising Tauren Warrior

      Various other lowbie alts on runetotem that will be deleted after I decide what server I'm going to move my main to. Getting tired of Runetotem.

      Till i start my new job I'll be on and off all day everyday, after I start working again I'll be on most evenings everyday.
      I've never actually been "employed" by a guild in game......... Oh well, guess there's a first time for everything.


      • Plethora- 85/paladin/Blood Elf
        JC (maxed)/BS (maxed)

        Estrellita- 85/rogue/Undead
        Engineering/Leatherworker (not maxed)

        Crocus- 85/shaman/orc
        herbalist/inscriptionist (i know- scribe! not maxed)

        Assent- leveling/warrior/BE
        -all in We Have a Tabard-

        Surfeit- 85/DK/orc
        JC (maxed)/Miner

        Kaerbaer- 83/druid/tauren
        JC (leveling)/Engineering (leveling)
        -in Animosity-

        Realm- Doomhammer/Mountain Time

        Feel free (if you're on doomhammer) to asking me to craft anything. I'm on most of the day tuesday and friday, and at night I usually get on. I raid on Sat/Sun/Mon so might not respond to random tells them. If I'm not on feel free to drop me a mail.

        Can't believe I never responded to this thread.
        Plethora- Bloodelf paladin, member of 'We Have a Tabard'

        Lots of alts (kaerbaer, ingratitude, Miedo, Estrellita, Kaerin)


        • Character Name - Level/Race/Class
          Guild - Realm/Timezone

          All characters are on Blackwater Raiders which could prolly be listed as a Normal Server.
          My characters are in the guild Bloodbath and Beyond. (The one led by Gid, who is also my husband).
          Eilatan ~ 85/Undead/Priest
          Tarlynuk ~ 85/Troll/Mage
          Irenia ~ 80/Bloodelf/Warlock
          Corgy ~ 55/Goblin/Shaman
          Trunka ~ 28/Tauren/Druid

          I currently have a lot of free time to play throughout the day and our really little level 10 guild has a LAN party Monday nights to dungeon dive.


          • I'm supposing no one reads this anymore but our guild hit max level a few days ago. It's pretty awesome when you have a guild with family and friends and you get to see it grow.


            • Not sure if anyone even reads this anymore, but I figured after all these years I should post my WoW-ness since I have come back to the game

              Karthinos-Dalaran-Human-90 Prot Pally
              Brentaun-Dalaran-Dwarf-90 Holy Priest
              Caedrin-Dalaran-Human-61 Prot/Fury Warrior

              Have smattering of characters both Horde and Alliance on Ysera, Lothar and I THINK I may have a couple of really low lowbies on Doomhammer too. Been awhile.
              I'm going to stab you.....with bullets.


              • I'm totes adding you Keaolien
       | Real ID: email @ | Steam: ciarin7


                • 1) Korralilly - 91/Orc/Shaman
                  unguilded - Doomhammer/CST

                  2) Eyeroh - 20/Pandarian/Monk
                  Bloody Plunder - Doomhammer/CST

                  3) Slinkz - 100/Night Elf/Druid
                  Phazed - Alleria/CST

                  4) Slinky - 100/Draenai/Paladin
                  Phazed - Allermia/CST

                  5) Slinkadynk - 90/Dwarf/Warrior
                  unguilded - Alleria/CST

                  Play times vary, but the closest thing to regular is after 9pm two days a week, and possibly 530-830 to other days a week

                  I love tanking, will tank anything, anytime, when I'm on. I've been reading this comic since Shadows of Luclin expansion, but this is (seriously) I think my first post.

                  NOTE: If you have more than one character please list them as efficiently as possible so folks can find them easily!


                  • Wow has communities now. If anyone wants to make a gu comic fans group let me know. I made a group called Bar Room Brawl if anyone wants to join.
           | Real ID: email @ | Steam: ciarin7