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  • Forum Rules: There's only one!

    1. Don't be a Jackass!

    The GU Forums are known for their air of relative maturity. These forums feel that way because as a community we don't tolerate jackasses. So what constitutes being a jackass?

    Flaming, making deragatory comments regarding race, religion, creed, gender, sexual preference or disability, post NSFW images, being negative without bothering to be constructive, derailing threads, talking about illegal crap, being excessively violent, threatening people, etc.

    We want you to have fun here. But doing that at someone else's expense is not cool. So if someone is being a jackass, there's a link at the bottom left of each post (Report this Post). Just click that link and tell us what's going on or email us.

    So what happens to jackasses?
    For the most part we just moderate out the jackassery. If it's worth noting we'll send on a PM. If it's excessive we'll send on a warning. If we have to warn someone about being a jackass several times, we move them to "Moderated User" status. When someone is a "Moderated User" their posts can't be seen by GU Forum readers until myself or one of the moderators have read it and approved it. It's exceedingly rare that someone is actually banned.

    Additional posts in this thread will tell you some ways to avoid jackassery.

    Note: We're often too busy to tell each person that breaks the rule that they're being a jackass. If you have an issue with how something was handled PM or email me rather than derailing a thread with it.

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    Don't flame people!

    Flaming is the act of trying to unfairly disparage a person or a person's post.

    It's not wrong to disagree with someone. But, on these forums, it's best to disagree by stating your own opinion and backing it up with fact. You shouldn't direct your responding post AT the person you disagree with. You shouldn't use bits of their posts to serve as proof or counter to your own.

    If your argument can't stand on it's own legs without having to refer back to the post you took exception to, then your post is no more valid in our eyes than theirs was.

    Responding to a Flame is JUST as bad as having flamed someone yourself. If someone comes into a thread and posts comments that you deem "flaming" then don't draw attention to the chucklehead, report them. (Right above the "Quote" and "Edit" buttons is a link to "report this post".) I will take care of them from there.


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      Don't post deragatory comments regarding race, religion, creed, gender, nationality, sexual preference or disability.

      This forum does not discriminate against anyone!
      (well, except ignorant, attention hungry chuckleheads that have nothing better to do with their lives that annoy other people.)

      Therefore, it is unacceptable to judge, condemn, or otherwise villify or make fun of anyone that is not like you. If you can't make a point without degrading someone else, then you are NOT an element that I want on these boards.

      Everyone that comes here should feel safe and comfortable and free from the prejudice. If you disagree with this idea, then we don't want you here.

      Sidenote: Saying something is "gay" in order to convey the idea that it is weak, or sucks, or is freakin' uncool. Saying you've been "gyped" is almost as bad as it is a negative reference that basically extends from the moronic notion that "gypsies are thieves".


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        Don't post inappropriate images. If you aren't sure if an image is inappropriate, ask me before you post it.

        Some people believe this is a rule that shows that it is okay to link an image in a thread. This is inaccurate. This rule refers to sig icons and sig banners.

        Lots of things are inappropriate: sexually explicit or suggestive images; images containing graphic language or content; loudly coloring, blinking, or otherwise annoying images; images that violate copyrights; etc.

        If you are unsure whether your image will be inappropriate or not, email or PM me, and I will make the determination for you.

        Posting an image that violates this rule could result in the loss of your ability to post sig icons and/or sig banners, or worse.


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          If you have to bitch about something, atleast be constructive.

          I can't stand seeing unconstructive criticism. It's worthless and serves no purpose whatsoever.

          That does not mean you can ONLY say nice things.

          It just means that if you want to benefit us, then temper your criticism with examples of how to improve the situation, solve the problem, address the issue, etc.


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            Don't derails threads.

            It's hard enough to keep track of all the information on these forums, without twisting a thread to address more than one topic at a time.

            So, if you have to wander off topic... start another thread in the appropriate forum.

            There's nothing wrong with mentioning a related idea, and there's even room for someone else to respond to it, but the second more than one person responds to your "related idea" it's a derail.


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              If it's illegal in the states, don't talk about it here.

              Because the GU servers are based in the states, then I qualify this rule based on laws within the states. That means I don't want to here about theft or property, underaged drinking, etc.

              For the purposes of these forums EULAs and NDAs are considered legal agreements.


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                Delivering violent commentary, advising violent actions, promoting violent behavior, etc. can skip right past "Jackass" and move straight to "Moderated User".

                This is another rule that I feel is self-explanitory. And, hopefully I don't need to clarify or justify it.

                You can not commit violence on a person, idea, thing through text anyway, so it's pretty ignorant to type it in the first place.

                "Hate" is also violent. But, where it is moderately acceptable to hate an idea or concept, its unacceptable to hate a living thing... particularly a person.


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                  Don't post several times back to back.

                  As I've mentioned before, the forums are a busy place. So, for the sake of keeping it as clean and concise as possible, PLEASE edit your posts instead of posting several times back to back. There is an Edit button under every one of your posts.


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                    Don't use the term "r.ape" frivolously.

                    R.ape is an incredibly damaging act conducted on another individual that can scar them physically and mentally for the rest of their life. So, using it to describe something as ridiculously trivial as changes made to a game, actions pertaining to combat within a game, etc. will NOT be tolerated.

                    Examples: Changes made to a game's storyline does NOT "r.ape" the pre-existing content. It alters it in such a way as to run counter to how YOU feel the game should progress. You did NOT get "r.aped" when one group of players passed through an area and killed every member of the opposing faction. You got beat, plain and simple.


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                      Don't try to pick apart other people's posts.

                      This rule really means that there's no need to build your comments off of the comments/opinions of others and should not need to be directed at other readers.

                      The easiest way to avoid violating this rule is to state your own opinions without calling into question the opinions of others.