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Signature Limitations

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  • Signature Limitations

    1. Signatures containing text should be no more that 4 lines long (@ 450 pixels wide). That includes any empty lines.

    "Vhah Drahsil
    61 Barbarian Warrior

    Officer of Free Norrath"

    The above example is considered to be 4 lines of text.

    2. Graphics should be no more that 450 pixels wide, no more than 150 pixels high, and no more that 20K in total file size.

    3. You can only have one graphic in your Signature.

    4. There shouldn't be any animated graphics in the signature at all.

    5. "You are..." quizzes are not allowed in your signature. If you don't understand what exactly this means, please refer to the Easy Ways.

    6. If you have a graphic in your sig that is greater than 150 pixels high, there should be no accompanying text in the signature.

    7. If your graphic is less than 150 pixels high, then there should be no more than 2 lines of text with your signature.

    8. Signatures have to be aligned left, no center tags.

    9. No binary, ascii graphics, and excessive textual flourishes.

    10. Trying to get around the rules by posting psuedo-signatures within your post is a no no.

    Note: We are often too busy to notify each person about a post that has been moderated or deleted.