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    Ok, I’ve been playing Real Life, it is a MMOLRPG (Massive Multi Player Off-Line Role Play Game). I started playing it a LONG time ago, so long in fact that I don’t even remember when I started playing. I just dinged level 28. I am realizing though that there is not much left in the game for me besides the long grind to elite status.

    At level 2 you get new skills:
    Walk: allows user free movement around his environment, training required.
    Talk: allows for interface with other players.

    At level 5 you get:
    Reasoning: allows user to solve complex problems, extensive training required.

    At level 16:
    Drive: allows the use of vehicles. Must purchase permit.

    At level 18:
    Vote: allows for democratic GM privileges.

    At level 21:
    Drink: Equipping allows user to believe they can dance, defy gravity, sing, and many other talents which they have not invested any training points in. Player suffers stamina debuff the next day.

    At level 55:
    Elite status. Cost of goods and control of bladder are both simultaneously reduced for this character.

    Sometime around level 70 your toon will despawn permanently.
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    :: laughes::: Happy b-day Bob
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      Lol! That's awesome! Happy birthday big guy!
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        What, you get the expansion for lvl 70 bob? Mine says I despawn around 58-62 lol.

        Happy birthday!


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          Due to the Cheeseburger debuff to my arteries, I think that hitting 60 is an ambitious goal.
          Sometimes I do an impression of myself. I can dress like myself, even act like myself sometimes.


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            I think I am too gullible, I was actually trying to figure out why an MMO would have such a large gap (21-55). Then the 70 thing was a little gross and I reread the begining and saw was "Off-Line" and it all made sense. LOL

            Nicely done Bob, and Happy Birthday!


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              Excellent writing. Happy birthday! :-)
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                Yeah for the Dinginess of the Goat-bob! Hooray!
                Awesome book!


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                  Happy Birthday To You
                  Happy Birthday To You
                  Happy Birthday Dear Goat boy
                  Happy Birthday To You
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                    Cute Happy birthday, Bob!
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                      Happy Birthday Wookie


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                        Woohoo! Happy Birthday sweetie!


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                          Happy birthday! And that was so cute. My sister is currently in the guide program in that game (she's a high school teacher). I'm just in the level grind. *sigh*
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                            Happy birthday! Happy birthday to you!
                            Happy birthday! Happy birthday to you!
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