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Scary caver story.

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  • Scary caver story.

    Okay, so it's kind of a ghost story (i stole it from forums at WTFComics).. It's pretty scary, about a hour and a half to two hour read.

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    *shudders* I read that a couple years ago and it still has the ability to creep me out. I'm not really claustrophobic, but that was enough to give me nightmares.
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      Its actually a revision of a short story written in 1987, good story and really creepy, I prefer the cliffhanger ending though.
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        Yeah, I read that some years ago as well. Incredibly creepy! But I, as many others, have later found out that its not a true story. Or so "they say".
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          I think when I read this the first time, it was through these forums. I liked the story myself. Kinda creeped me out.
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            So there was a zombie in the cave or somethin?


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              Kinda puts you in the mood to watch 'The Descent' :P
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                hmmm, weird.... I cant get to page 11 on this......
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                  The following might kill the story for some:

                  There was a page 11 and 12 written by fans a while back (sorry, I don't remember where I read that)...the pages were from the perspective of the the main characters sister (or something). I tried to find them but couldn't and gave up after (honestly) not all the much work. What's link above and wht has gone around the internet countless time is a adaptation of a short story made to fit with a blog entry style. The short story was called "The Terror in Hupman's Cave" by by Thomas Lera - you can check it out here.

                  {edit: for clarity}