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For the recent Army folks- Interceptor vest problems

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  • For the recent Army folks- Interceptor vest problems

    This is a question for anyone recently enlisted who has experience with the Interceptor body armour, which we are currently using as an OTV for our company until I can get enough money coming in to foot the $5k per operator for Dragonskin.

    When using the rifle plates (the lvl IV hard plates) in conjunction with the soft panels, we have a problem of "roostering" where the center chest is distended with angular plateauing where the outline of the plate is, making many of the MOLLE pouches (lower row of four M-4 mag pouches, upper left chest radio pouch, upper right chest pistol mag pouches) get knocked off-kilter. Is there some workaround that anyone has found to round out this roostering effect? No one I have talked to here knows of one, but I figured I'd ask the military gamer crowd as they are used to coming up with innovative solutions to complex problems created by other people

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    Can you be more specific about the plate (BETA, GAMMA, ZETA, etc)? I know a lot of guys who I'm sure would be able to help you out. I'll give them a shout and get back to you.

    Also, I'm sure you already know this, but make sure you're weaving those pouches properly. That alone will knock them off kilter. But I'm sure you knew that already.

    Anyway, I'll get back to you ASAP.


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      I understood about one word in three there, lol... but I'll lob this over to the b/f and see if he knows. I'm not sure what kind of body armor he uses but I know he wears his just about every day for transporting inmates (it's not for the inmates themselves, it's protection from their families, who sometimes get the idea to come break daddy out of prison. It's been known to happen *sigh*).
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        This is Bryce, Rosa's husband, currently on leave from Iraq. Are you using the SAPI plates? Also what type of chest rig? (sorry if you already stated this I am responding hastily.) From what you are describing I think I had the same issue but I just lowered my rig so it set more evenly on the plate. This drops the mag pouches so they hang a little off the plate but still don't reach beyond the bottom of the OTV. Though, I have a longer torso than most (ie. giving me more room while sitting in vehicles) so this simple bypass might not work for some of your guys. The best advice I can give is to get rid of those POS IBA's, and go with your (IMO) excellent choice of the lighter more flexible DS armor.


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          After re-reading it sounds like you are attaching directly to the OTV. I don't know what your exact mission is but I'm a big believer in using a chest rig which is comfortable with or without the IBA this way you can quickly grab your ammo if needed in a quick response. While armour is a lifesaver, quickness of action will usually rule the day if caught without your armour already on. Another example where the rig is beneficial is if you roll into a canal you aren't gonna be able to swim all that well with body armour on so you can still shed the armour and have ammunition and equipment at your disposal.


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            The problem is with the Ceradyne rifle plates (the 1" thick polyethylene ones) in the front. They are creating two vertical ridges on either side of the plate that is causing the rifle mag pouches to cant to the side a bit, making it awkward to get to the right chest pouches. I could probably go with thinner ceramic plates to smooth them out, but that's a pricey change over. Wasn't sure if someone had come up with one of those much-beloved fox-hole quick-fixes to smooth out the ridges. Due to what we do, overlay or cutaway chest rigs are, unfortunately, not an option for a variety of reasons.
            MOLLE is not my favorite attachment system, nor is the IBA my first choice, but these vests are what we have and until we can afford the SOV-2000 systems, we make do with what we have. Trust me, given my druthers, we would use nothing but DS for concealed vests and OTVs


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              Check out

              Lots of military, ex-military, or LE, most of whom will have have some experience with SAPI plates. I've never worn plates myself, but I know that your MOLLE pouches shouldn't be canting if you've weaved them correctly. Anyway, check out Lightfighter, I'm sure they'll be able to help you out.


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                We fixed the problem. The mag pouches on the right chest were fine, the left chest was where they were canting due to the raised ridge. All we did was move the pouches over a couple of loops, and voila, problem solved

                now if I could just do something about the bloody woodland collars*... hehehe

                * our IBA carriers are black, but they never manufactured black colars, so we either don't use them, or are stuck using the woodland ones


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                  Last time I was over there I was a gunner. I used something similar to this to attach all my crap. It was nice because I am 6'1 and weigh 200, not a lot of room in the hatch for me. With this I could keep my IBAS on and put on my vest for the very rare occasions I would dismount. It happened once when I went to yell at the Iraqi Army for taking a tea break on the objective.