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Valve and Steam, and...the nerve!

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  • Valve and Steam, and...the nerve!

    Guess what? I have recently bought Halflife 2 and became familiar with this new Steam thing.
    Something I could download and play games on that I bought? Wondrous, I thought.

    That is...until today when I came to check on the downloading status of Call of Duty, Call of Duty 2, CoD: United OFfensive and Psychonauts...

    ...What I found was that m account had been disabled.

    I do not hack, cheat, or commit any of the atrocities in the EULA or anything of the like.

    I spent good money on those games, and now I cant play them? I had also bought HL2:Episode 1, HL1 Anthology, and Counter Strike Source with DoD:Source.

    I sent a complaint ticket to them, but as of yet I have not received a reply as to why I had been disabled without any such reason as to actually disable me.

    I did a google search and found out that others like me had been ripped off because of Steam, and Valve.

    I am very angry with Steam right now as you can tell.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this long message.
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    My family and I all play Day of Defeat via steam and none of us have ever had our account disabled. I would talk to tech support before thinking that they ripped you off somehow. I have bought games on disk then played, and downloaded via steam and never had any issues.
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      I've used steam since it came live. I've had my fair share of problems with them, but it seems like they've been smoothing things out pretty well lately.

      If you bought a boxed copy of one of the games, it may be one that someone stole the cd key from. That would cause your account to be flagged as a pirated key account. Tech support should be able to fix that for you.
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        I would suggest that you do a thorough and exhaustive scan of your system for any type of malware just to be completely certain that there is nothing on your own computer that would cause such a situation.

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          Agreed on everything said here before. Someone may have phished you.

          And, on a related note, the idea of Steam was a wonderful one, but that program was coded by monkeys. It used to be NOTORIOUS for sucking, and even today, after hundreds of patches, stuff still goes screwy with it.
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            I like steam a lot. If you are bored, just start that thing and look if there are any good games (lots of free stuff too.) Usually downloaded in 2-3 hours.


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              I like steam in so far as it is compared to other similar products. For instance, EA's version just isn't as good in any way. You can't easily make a disc of your product and it takes so long to download with it.

              That being said, I still have a concern. When the time comes, Valve may decide to stop supporting their games like Halflife. When that happens and you are feeling nostalgiac, will you be able to run halflife? Who knows. I certainly don't.
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