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    Today has been one of those weird days where major changes in my personal paradigm have occurred, but very subtlely. I have come to an understanding about some things that can only be summed up by a quote from Livius-
    "After [the Roman emmisaries] had delivered their instructions in the council of the Gauls, the following reply was given:
    'Although we are hearing the name of Romans for the first time, we believe nevertheless that you are brave men, since the Clusines are imploring your assistance in their time of danger. Since you prefer to protect your allies against us by negotiation rather than by armed force, we on our side do not reject the peace you offer, on condition that the Clusines cede to us Gauls, who are in need of land, a portion of that territory which they possess to a greater extent than they can cultivate. On any other conditions peace cannot be granted. We wish to receive their reply in your presence, and if territory is refused us we shall fight, whilst you are still here, that you may report to those at home how far the Gauls surpass all other men in courage.'
    The Romans asked them what right they had to demand, under threat of war, territory from those who were its owners, and what business the Gauls had in Etruria. The haughty answer was returned that they carried their right in their weapons, and that everything belonged to the brave." - The History of Rome, Vol. I, 5.36, Titus Livius
    Such has been the motivation for the decisions I and a few others have had to make today. Since no one else has been willing to step up to the plate and take care of business, they cannot bitch now that we have taken the yoke firmly in hand and decided to do what they had neither the courage nor drive to do.

    "To the brave belong all things"
    is becoming a motivating factor for us that strips away all pretenses at political correctness, blasts away the weak, useless mewling pretenses at fairness that some nitwit in a social engineering class decided was somehow good for the world, and rips away the dress on the pig to expose it for the swine that it truly is- those who do set the rules, those who do not are left in the dust to either follow or impotently whine about their fate while being left in the dustbin of history.

    For right or wrong, those who do are the movers and shakers of the world, whether overall or just in their little corner of it. Talk, as they say, is cheap. Ideas are empty without substance to back them up. Fairness is an illusionary utopian hope by the downtrodden and the idealistic who seek to balance out the ugliness in the world with thought instead of deeds. Disagreement is easy, contesting action with action is difficult.

    The point of all of this? Well, to be frank, it's 0224 in the morning and I haven't slept in 20 hours, and had a very long day, so I doubt there really is a compelling point beyond voicing what I hold to be a truth to an audience that will likely either disagree (see above), or raise an eyebrow and mutter "The old nutter's finally gone off the deep end. Totally starkers."

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    I think that was a very reasonable request. Give us the land you have no use for, or we will take it. The fact that they can see "Since you prefer to protect your allies against us by negotiation rather than by armed force" shows great wisdom and restraint. Uncommon traits these days, or any days for that matter.
    Sometimes I do an impression of myself. I can dress like myself, even act like myself sometimes.


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      How true. The results of what some call "brave," but is anything but, is often more horrendous than what they were fighting against. I knew kids in High school who had most of their extended family slaughtered for the crime of being Chinese in Vietnam after the North took over. It is sad that the those who claim to be the most "compassionate" often create the biggest catastrophes.
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        well as for you going off the deep end, you did that a long time ago, hehe.

        But as for the rest I hope your actions work out for the better in the long run. You have shown (at least here) that you have a good hart and a sound mind and learned form your past so you don't repeat your mistakes, of course that does not exclude making the same mistake in a whole new and shocking way .

        OK now go get some sleep before you find yourself danceing on a bartop wearing a dress thinking it's a kilt! lol


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          actually, back when I still drank I actually did wind up tabledancing in the Sea Devil Tavern at ren faire in a kilt and nothing else.

          Thank the Gods cell phone cameras hadn't been invented yet


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            Originally posted by Breandan
            actually, back when I still drank I actually did wind up tabledancing in the Sea Devil Tavern at ren faire in a kilt and nothing else.

            Thank the Gods cell phone cameras hadn't been invented yet

            But the one guy with the Kodak disposable is surely still laughing. =D

            I actually really like what you quoted there, Breandan. Its an interesting story, and I think I get what they are saying. They are willing to stand up and fight for what they need/their rights/what is their's/etc, and with that motivation they will achieve their end. Its kind of like saying "grab life by the balls."

            "To the brave belong all things." Thats one of those quotes I am going to hang on to.
            They do say, Mrs M, that verbal insults hurt more than physical pain. They are, of course, wrong, as you will soon discover when I stick this toasting fork into your head.


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              I don't recall the exact words so here's a paraphrase of something Duke Leto said in Dune:

              "Let us not rail about justice while we have arms and the ability to use them."

              I may be wrong, and correct me if I am, but I think that sums it up nicely.
              The colossal misunderstanding of our time is the assumption that insight will work with people who are unmotivated to change