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God, I feel old....

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  • God, I feel old....

    I was thinking about Bobthepenguin's thread earlier about getting older, and it hit me. I feel old. Achey joints, back pain, being tired all the time. I actually think it's mostly because I'm fat. The thing is, I've been working out regularly for the past three weeks, trying to get into shape for having more babies. Have not lost a pound.
    Okay, that's a lie, I've lost two whole pounds. Everyone was telling me when I started working out that the weight would just fly off at first. No such luck for me. I wonder why....It's kind of discouraging. But I'm not going to stop working out, because I have noticed that I have more energy than normal, and I'm sleeping better.
    That reminds me of another reason I feel old. It's 9:41 pm, and I'm bushed. I was ready for bed at nine. Such a weenie. =p

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    Sorry sweetie! didn't mean to make you think about how old you feel!
    Awesome book!


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      My "Holy crap! I'M OLD!" moment was a bit risqué, so bear with...

      I was dating a woman I had met in college a couple of years ago, and we were doing the after-love-making pillowtalk. Somehow the conversation turned to the Gulf War (#1, not #2), and I mentioned that I had enlisted at 17 and was in boot camp when it all broke out. She mentioned that she really didn't know much about it as her parents hadn't let her watch it on TV. I asked why not, and her reply- "Because I was seven"

      And that's when it hit me: the woman I had just made love to, college-aged lass and all, was starting elementary school at the time I was being trained at Ft. Benning.

      Now, with Tiffani, I should have more moments like that, as I am pretty much in my mid-thirties and she is 22, but she thinks and acts like a thirty-something year old woman, so it just doesn't seem like there's that much of an age difference. I mean, hell, Tiffani was born four years after I started gaming (the old red-box D&D), a fact that I tease her about on occassion ("Don't start, whippersnapper! I've got gaming books older'n you!" )


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        Yea that getting old feeling really starts to kick in after you turn 30 ( or at least thats what I have seen in both myself and others)

        I was talking to a co-worker of mine about the upcoming 30th anniversary of Star Wars and how I was in California when it was released and he told me he hadn't even been born yet, ugh

        But even with that I tend to remind myself what I have seen in my lifetime, the computer comeing to the home, the whole "Cold War" thing, home entertainment becomeing more then reading a book.

        There has been soo much in so little time is it any wonder why that "feeling old" hits people at an earlier age?


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          Having a baby definitely takes it's toll on a woman's body. But I really recommend that you get yourself checked out by a doctor for other things.

          I've mentioned here before that I have hypothyroidism. It comes with achey joints, being tired all of the time, but it also affects the metabolism. If you have any family history of thyroid problems you have a high chance of having them yourself. It's extremely common.

          I got treatment but I was still experiencing many other symptoms. It turns out I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Which is another thing that is really common, especially for women that are hypothyroid. It's like if you have one of those things the chance is high that you have the other thing, too, for some reason. With PCOS can come insulin resistance as a symptom, and that effects how you feel as well as when it comes to weight loss.

          I really recommend some sort of glycemic impact diet to lose weight if you haven't already cut out refined sugar and other simple carbs. I am doing that, through the South Beach Diet, and I have lost 13-14 pounds since April 1st... without exercise. Aside from the weightloss, right away I started to have more energy.


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            I was made to feel old about 2 months ago, when I was at uni, (first year of4-6 depending on what path I take) and someone happend to point out I would be 30 by the time im done on the 4yr, made the 6yr seem so much less keen even if it would allow me to focus into some really nice areas of Biological science.
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              My feel old moment? When I walked into a car dealership and started bobbing my head to the music being played, remembering when I first heard it in college.
              Never rush a miracle worker. You get rotten miracles.


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                I'm trying to think of a time if I ever feel old. I probably can't think of any because "I was born old". Not feeble old, but sit-on-the-porch-and-gripe-about-the-world old.
                What I do in my spare time.
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                  Actually, if you haven't changed your diet, you'll probably gain weight at first before dropping it, because you'll be starting to replace your fat with muscle and muscle weighs more.

                  Like some of the others said here also, I highly recommend trying a diet change of some kind, like South Beach perhaps. Just stay away from the artificial sweeteners if you can. Those things will actually cause you to develop more fat over time. Why? Because your body treats them like a poison. It doesn't know how to process them, so it'll coat your internal organs in fat trying to protect them. No matter what they advertise, Splenda IS NOT's chlorine inside part of a sugar molecule.
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                    I don't tend to have too many "feel-old" moments... just when I'm thinking of high school and I make myself remember how long ago it was. Even when I hit 30 it wasn't so bad. Sometimes my biological clock goes nuts but I may be working on that soon *cough*

                    Like the others said... I know a couple of ladies with PCOS and it is next to impossible for them to lose any weight (both of them have upcoming surgeries for it, as a matter of fact), not to mention your metabolism does start to slow down even more when you're past 30.

                    Forcing yourself to diet & exercise is really never something that worked for me. Maybe I don't have the will power... but finding fun stuff that's active, that helps me a lot.

                    Also this:
                    you'll be starting to replace your fat with muscle and muscle weighs more.
                    It makes those readings on the scale seem a bit disheartening. This is where I trust the mirror more than that traitorous scale
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                      I'm sure I probably have some kind of thyroid problem. Every woman in my mom's family has had their thyroid taken out, except for my aunt, and now she has thyroid cancer. It's just not at the "bad enough for treatment" stage yet. When I was having trouble getting pregnant, we thought it might be from PCOS, but it wasn't.
                      Also, since I was pregnant with Lily, I've kept on my diet of no salt, low sugar, and low processed flours. My trainer is also a dietician, and she's sure it's not diet. I also don't use fake sugars. Trying to fool yourself into thinking you're having sugar still makes you want sugar, whether it's real or not.
                      I think it's probably the muscle thing. I am seriously weak. I have negative muscle. I was able to talk to my husband last night, and he said the same thing, that building muscle will actually cause me to gain weight at first. Sooo....I'll just keep going at it. I actually like it, I feel really good after working out, even if I can't move when I get up the next morning.


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                        Are you getting your thyroid levels regularly checked? With your family history you probably should if you aren't already. Also there's some new testing standards, but not every doctor or lab is using them yet. My doctor is still using the old standards, by the new one I am still borderline hypo. *grumbles* It's also good to ask for the thyroid antibody test, which would indicate something like Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. There's a good percentage of people with thyroid cancer that also had thyroiditis. At the moment I think it's seen as a 'casual link' but I just thought I'd throw that out there.

               - This is a really great community for information and support.

                        Starting exercise without a big diet change will cause a slower, but steady weight loss since you're also building muscle. Keep in mind for healthy weight loss, you should only lose 2 lbs a week at the most. While it's so hard waiting to see results in the beginning, you are actually doing well!