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Pitching a new kind of mmorpg

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  • Pitching a new kind of mmorpg

    I have been wondering. If you had an idea for a new type of mmorpg. how would you go about pitching the idea?
    I would like to know. I have been trying to put down a new concept for a mmorpg that does not have "lvls" It would be skill based, but you do not have to train skills like in eve. I will try to post a little bit of what i am talking about when i get a chance. thanks for any help.

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    Unless you're already in the industry, or have the skillset to develop the game yourself, the chances of successfully "pitching the idea" to a company are virtually nil.


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      I have to agree with Woody. Even if you are in the industry, unless you are a big name (Brad McQuaid or Richard Garriott, for example) or have a lot of your own money to invest you still have a fairly low chance of getting your MMORPG 'pitch' accepted. MMORPGs are among the most expensive games to produce, simply because of the insane amounts of content you require for them, as well as the costs of running the servers.