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    Anyone done CERT training(Community Emergency Response Training)? Cert is kind of like old Civil Defence/FEMA combined. Volunteers that will respond to disasters(Earthquakes, Floods or other large scale emergencies). My friend did did the couple month training for CERT. He came out of it really disillusioned. Things that bugged him was that 1) He had to wait for his supervisor to activate him so he would be legally if for example if there was an earthquake he couldn't shut off a leaky gas main until he was called. AND if he was activated he couldn't carry a firearm in his personal vehicle if he was responding an emergency(SoCal the gangs will have a field day after a quake).

    I was going to do this but several other folks that I've talked to have had similar feelings that it was a big waste of time. One of the guys said, "the city only does it to satisfy federal government and if they could the Los Angeles would stop training all together(Mayor Viragosa said that he would rather the funds be placed in fire and police)". It seems to me that we haven't learned anything from Hugo/Katrina and other disasters. Police and Fire will be in short supply and while volunteers aren't going to be as good as professionals, it is better than nothing in the aftermath of a disaster.

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    I have some experience with it. We tried to set up a CERT in Washington, but it was a governmental cluster****. I can say that I echo the feelings of your friend, one of many reasons why I left law enforcement and the military is because I can do more with greater eficacy and with more viability in the private sector than on a government leash, said leash often being held by an incompetent or corrupt beaurocrat. If you want to set up a local civil defense corps, I have a lot of material that I use in disaster preparedness briefings, but most of it is hard copy and I'll need to scan it in.


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      I'm planning on getting on board with DMAT in a few months. But I have to wait untill they make the switch from NDMS to DHHS. Depending on your training levels some of the federal programs are pretty nice.
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