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So.. I got a 'promotion'..

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    Actually, all of the other guys that are on the pouring crew are scrawny lil' buggers. Well, when compared to me they are. I'm the heaviest set dude on the crew, so they understand when I struggle a bit to keep up.. lol

    I'll keep in mind the milk/salt intake.. That's good info.

    As far as going to AC, we have no worries about that. They turned off the AC in the foundry weeks ago. The only cool down we have is taking off our gear and standing infront of the fans and sticking our faces in the cool water from the water fountain.

    As last week wore on, I was getting adjusted. I'd imagine this week will be the same, if they keep me on the pouring crew (sounds like they are going from 2 shifts of pouring crews down to one, which means they'll probably move some people around). I'm half hoping they keep me on the crew, cause I want to continue working on my endurance, but the other half isn't so hot on the idea.. Ha ha.. I am punny.
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