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Global agenda advertisment.

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  • Global agenda advertisment.

    The advertisement "unsold" itself when they said "no elves", and "no tab targeting"

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      "You a loose cannon sandvich! But you a damn good cop!"


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        The game is a sci-fi third person shooter. There is no need for tab targetting since you use your mouse and no room for elves since it's humans killing humans.
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          Global Agenda is very much a shooter game. It is not like Tabula Rasa in that you click to fire but there is still a roll of the dice. This game plays like a shooter because it is one.

          There is a little bit of an RPG aspect to it however. You start off as a lowly solider with the basic weaponry and armor, but as you progress in levels you are able to purchase new weapons, devices and armor. In addition you are also given a skill tree with which you can use to focus your abilities in a more specialized manner (i.e. a medic can chose to focus on heal out put and team support or he can go down the toxic spewing face melter of the poison spec.)

          I can tell you up front it's an instanced based game, similar to PvP battle grounds. Although they have mission based PvE content as well. But the main concept of Global Agenda is the Alliance vs Alliance (AvA) battle field. This is basically a big virtual game of Risk. Agencies form Alliances together and fight other player created Alliances over plots of land which generate resources and materials you can then turn into more powerful weapons, armor, and even siege equipment.

          You can classify me as a HiRez Fanboy, I've played the game longer than alot of people, but I can still admit this game still needs work, however the boys and girls HR are moving in the right direction with the latest major patch (Sandstorm).