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Of furries, fur-suit fetishists, and anthropomophic animal stuff.

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    Bobby, you think of the damnedest things

    Seriously, though- any fringe group out there is GOING to be ridiculed and misrepresented. It's the way things work. You either accept it, correct where you can in a professional manner, but otherwise let it slide off your back, or you buy a lot of duct tape to keep your head from exploding from rage.


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      I'm a computer geek - not really the smallest of the 'fringe groups', and a serious gamer, another not-small 'fringe group'; it's amazing what's said about those lifestyle choices. Someone who goes out of the way to something really different... I can understand how they get picked on, even though I don't think it should happen.

      Heh - at least no one's mentioned Chakats :P
      My Machines
      Do not mess with the affairs of Dragons, for thou art crunchy, and good with ketchup.


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        Hey as long as it doesn't harm anyone I am cool with it. I personally like to wear costumes (I'm a big fan of Halloween and Ren Faires).

        "You a loose cannon sandvich! But you a damn good cop!"


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          The most basic definition of a furry, to me, is 'fan of anthropomorphic characters or art'. It is a rather vague brush, but it is the only brush that fits the entire subculture as a whole, considering that there are a ton of furries whom are neither interested in fursuits or the whole sexual part of it.

          There have been quite a few shows and articles that focused almost exclusively on the most extreme elements of the subculture, which resulted in many people stereotyping the entire subculture based on those first impressions. Imagine if the average joe's only impression of the gamer subculture was through articles and episodes of the most extreme cases, such as when a Korean dies playing videogames for a week straight, a murder because someone got ninjaed on an MMO, or Southpark's MMO episode when the main characters played WoW 24/7.

          getting called the "M" word, etc.
          People actually say merc in a derogatory manner? Considering how many games keep putting the player in a merc's shoes, I figured they were really popular or something.


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            It is a bad apple situation with the word mercenary. There have been a number of mercenary companies that have really made the entire profession look bad. Add to this that the media tends to pounce really hard on any misconduct, either real or imagined by a PMC and the word has really been poisoned.


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              Whenever I think of mercernary's I think of the game called Mercenaries 2: World in Flames... that was a cool game.


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                That is why context is so important. With mercenaries, I tend to think of several groups, the Varangians, Landsknechts, the Genoise crossbowmen at Agincourt and Mike Hoar's group (4 Commando?) work in operation Dragon Rouge.

                No one would argue that any of these groups were particularly nice, but I don't think it carries the stigma that the word does now.


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                  I've actually found myself with many a friend whom is a "furry." Never have I assumed them to have any sexual connotations associated with said identity. I never asked, but all things considered it wouldn't seem likely to me anyway.

                  Having spent the first years of my life growing up in the woods, one would think (especially by my somewhat.. wild behavior, at times) that I would have been in line myself for fur-suit fitting. It never really struck as something for me, though.. I asssume I never thought of an inner animal to identify with because I personally believe humans are animals just the same.

                  Though I do remember commenting about my one former boss - "He has the mentality of a bull. If there's something he doesn't like, he bashes his face against it until it dies or goes away."