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  • Community, Raiding, Can't Find it in Wow.


    I don't know what's happening to WoW, but I've been unable to find a guild that is active and reasonably mature... and I've become bored with LFR - which lets face it one can pretty much face-roll, even as the MT. I find myself hanging out much more in my favorite COD 4 server (CDNSHIRES.CA) which has a perma-set of folks who like to shoot each other.

    But I miss the MMO world. Early WOW, All of Shadowbane. I love the WOW universe, but the game has gotten sterile or something. I think it actually started when they started merging shards, and has multiplied worse since they allowed server transfers, merged all the AH's, added Garrison's etc etc. I won't talk about the dumbing down of specs etc. It may have just been being a parent where I only have 2 hours a day for gaming maybe now.

    Help! Suggestions?

    Horde, Romilly, Mug'thol, Merciless: 90 female orc warrior