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  • A Step Back in Time.

    Wow, who'd-a-thunk it? Gu after all these years, still alive and kicking. (Which is great to see!)

    It makes me happy to see Woody is still around and making comics. I just spent the past hour going over recent ones and got a few laughs and smiles, as well as a reminder of why I fell in love with GU so, so long ago. I remember sneaking peeks and alt tabbing between my school work assignments and GU in the background while in my middle school computer lab class. Now here I am almost 14 years later about to ding 30 irl in a few months. It's nostalgic to revisit such an important and memorable part of my childhood.

    Having gone from that kid that would get blue text from Woody editing almost every one my posts because my grammar made his eyes bleed; to an English graduate and literary editor for new novelists. While my grammar and punctuation may still suck (and probably always will.) I'll never forget the compliment Woody gave me when he saw noticeable improvement and effort in cleaning up my posts. I grew up in my first years of online gaming with these forums, so I just wanted to look back and say thank you to any of the those still around from the old forums. While it may have seemed minor, perhaps even insignificant at the time, I'll always remember a great deal of things about number of people here. From our resident Answer Pander who seemed to have an answer for anything and everything; to Velinka and her mature, intellectual insight into serious topics of discussion.

    While GU has changed and people have come and gone over the years, it will also be remembered as a place I once called home for some time.

    So here's a very special thank you, to you, Woody for creating and maintaining such an amazing place for a brat such as myself to commune with other online gamers and fans of your artwork all those years back. I am sure that I am only one of many lives that you impacted through your artwork and humor. Here's to hoping you will keep at it for many years to come.
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    Way to make me feel old Zalnor! **grins**

    Thanks for stopping back by and updating us. I don't get all twitchy over grammar any more. I let that go a long time back. I really did think I was trying to improve the quality of the community. But, in the end, I just wanted people to hang out and have fun. So, thanks for the kinds words! I appreciate it.


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      nostalgia has been a major problem for me of late. Seeing things that felt like just yesterday to me turn out to have happened ten, fifteen years ago or more, including GU >.<