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  • question on a ticket

    i have a nephew that had a ticket. he never received anything in the mail. and forgot about it. well 3 years later he is pulled over again and found out his licence was suspended because of it. well just found out the reason he never got anything was that thy slightly mis-spelled his name and put in the wrong county and zip code so the notices were being sent to the wrong address. my question could this be used as grounds to get the first ticket thrown out and if so would that be grounds to have the newer ticket dismissed and any money paid refunded?

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    Possibly... I would contact a lawyer just in case. Most will give free legal advice if you need it. I am no lawyer, but it could possibly be thrown out due to their error. But on the OTHER hand, they could argue that since he did get the ticket, it was his responsibility to make sure it was taken care of. It could go either way.
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      Yep, they would most likely play the 'ignorance is no excuse' card, and since they can easily show that he *knew* he'd gotten the ticket, most would agree he should have looked into it, even if they never followed up properly. I'd go into it stating you'll happily pay the original fine, but would like that additional fees, ect, removed due to the misunderstanding. Owning up to the original mistake will win you some points, at least...IMO.
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        Same thing happened to me, I had no idea Vermont suspends driving privileges from one unpaid ticket. And I didn't get notices cause they had the wrong street. I considered fighting it but I didn't want to risk losing and having to pay court costs. | Real ID: email @ | Steam: ciarin7