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  • Spammer in the Slammer

    haha! spammer.

    "Virginia Attorney General Jerry Kilgore has announced the nation's first felony charges and arrest for sending spam. Using Virginia's new Anti-Spam law, a grand jury indicted Jeremy Jaynes (a.k.a., "Jeremy James" and "Gaven Stubberfield"), regarded as the eighth-worst spam distributor in the world.

    Using the "Report Spam" button on the mailbox, AOL members provided thousands of complaints that were used by the Commonwealth of Virginia to help investigate and indict the defendant, according to the Attorney General's office.

    The new law is considered the toughest in the nation and was used as the model for the criminal portion of the federal legislation that was recently passed by Congress.

    Law enforcement authorities arrested Jaynes in Raleigh, North Carolina, and charged him with four felony counts of using fraudulent means to transmit unsolicited bulk e-mail, which may be prosecuted in Virginia if any part of the illegal transactions take place in any locality in the Commonwealth. (AOL's offices are located in Dulles, Virginia.)

    "Gaven Stubberfield" is listed as the eighth-most prolific spammer by the Register of Known Spam Operations. If convicted, Jaynes could face up to 20 years in prison and $10,000 in fines -- the four felony charges each carry punishment of one to five years in prison, a fine of up to $2,500, or both.

    In 2002 and early 2003, AOL worked with industry leaders, state lawmakers, and Attorney General Kilgore's office to craft a new anti-spam state law that would levy strong criminal penalties on large-scale spammers who used tactics of fraud, falsification and deceit to send the most egregious and offensive junk e-mails to AOL members. After adoption of the law by the Virginia General Assembly, AOL hosted a ceremony at its corporate headquarters on April 29, where Governor Mark Warner signed the bill.

    The criminal indictment comes as AOL continues to vigorously pursue civil litigation filed earlier this year against over a dozen individuals alleged to have spammed AOL members with almost one billion junk e-mails."--AOL NEWS | Real ID: email @ | Steam: ciarin7

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    Now to nail the rest of em!

    I love it! w00t!!

    -=dances away=-
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      That's so friggen cool. I love it.


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        Wow, I was wondering if maybe clicking Report Spam was a placebo button, but it looks like they're actually doing something with it. Glad I've been reporting that crap.

        Edit: I think I'm going to be giggling when I push the button from now on too.
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          YAY! /dance WOOT! 1 down 1,000,000 to go!
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            So, spamming is against the law now?

            Does that mean Sony's going to jail for LoE? *whistle*


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              Wow, I seriously hate spam but not enough to take away 20 years of someone's life. Then again I guess the twenty years thing is probaly inaccurate because of things like bail huh?
              I dont realy get too much e-mail spam so I dont know the worst of it. Just seems odd that you would get more jail time for bulk e-mails than you would for a DUI.
              /wonders if he has a clue about what he is even talking about....

              *ahem* I mean, yeah nail the bastard!
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                well actually it's 5 yrs per count, and he has 4 counts so there ya go.

                I'm sure if a drunk driver had 4 counts of DUI it would be the same thing if not worse.
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                  Bail is to get you out of jail while you're on trial, before your sentencing.

                  He may get out early on parole, if he behaves well and doesn't constantly tell the other inmates about his great offers. And he hasn't been sentenced yet, so it's possible that he may only get four years.
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                    Originally posted by Kaylen
                    He may get out early on parole, if he behaves well and doesn't constantly tell the other inmates about his great offers.
                    hahahahah! *hiccup*

                    They may be lenient with him as it will be the first outing for the new law. The way drivers in London are just being given a warning about using mobile phones while driving for 2 months, now that it is illegal.
                    Then again, they may decide to make an example of him, and give him the full 20 years... :shock:
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                      (snip)eighth-worst spam distributor(/snip)
                      Phrases like that always make me wonder.
                      I mean, really. It reminds me of Sam Deathwalker's EQ related 'verified fourth best player in the game' quote.

                      While I'd love it if they were actually punishing the exploiters of spam, this reads to me a little more like an AOL ad that touts their spam protection.

                      Or maybe I'm just up too early again.
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                        For the first time, like EVER, I like AOL. GO GO GOOD TEAM!

                        hmm, who woulda thought that AOL would be the good team?


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                          Yeah this from the origional "Pay for Ads" online service.

                          On another note I think that jail time should be enforced, I mean I don't care whether its a new law, because if you consciously are doing something that harasses millions of innocent people who have no prospect of retaliation and you keep doing it for monetary gain, then something is wrong.
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                            Fuzzy, they base that number on how many spam mails they send.

                            90% of all spam in the world actually only comes from like 20 people. (I don't know the exact numbers).

                            Another article on this same story somewhere stated that this guy sent out somewhere in the range of like 8 million spam emails a day or something insanse.


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                              About time, I think all spam senders should be arrested.
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