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smurfs and comparisons to life stuff....

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  • smurfs and comparisons to life stuff....

    I didn't want to derail the smurf thread on the main forum, so here is this thing I found that compare smurfs to paganism.

    -------------------All those years you thought you were watching a bunch of smurfy blue folks that were only three apples high! I'm here to tell you that you were wrong. Every Saturday morning, we taught your young minds more than you think! We taught you all about Paganism and Druidry. Don't believe me? Well then smurf down this page and keep reading. I'm sure I'll have you convinced soon enough!

    Let's start off with the most important aspects of Smurfdom. Magick. Magick wasn't something the smurfs "did"; it was what we were. You will see a great deal of different magickal styles represented from Alchemy (Papa Smurf) to Elemental Earth Magick (Mother Nature).

    We taught you that negative magick (and magick used to hurt people) was wrong. Gargamel was always a victim of the three fold law. Gargamel used his powers of magick for negative intent. He didn't live by the "harm ye none" law, as we did! Whenever he tried to hurt anyone with his magick, it always backfired on him three times as bad as he had intended for the Smurfs. Papa Smurf taught us to use our magick to help others and nature. Papa Smurf was the High Priest, Sage, Teacher, and Father of us all.

    Ok, let's look at how we lived! We lived with nature; as a part of it, not seperate from it. Our most favorite and most respected tree was the Great Oak. If you remember, we held most of our rites there and payed homage to that wonderful tree! Our dearest friends were the sprites, faeries, and elemental spirits of the Earth. Do you remember Lyconia? She was the deaf flower faerie. She was one of our best friends. Each Spring, Lyconia touched the flowers with her magick wand to make them grow and live.

    Farmer Smurf taught us to respect and care for the land. If we did, then She would share her bounty with us. He taught us not to take advantage of Nature.

    Hmmm. And you though we were just a group of men! Well, even though we lived as the ancient Druids did (a society of men scholars, bards, and teachers) we did represent the aspect of the feminine. If you will notice, the trine Goddess was represented in each of our episodes! There was Smurfette. What a lovely girl and "mother" to us all. Mother Nature represented the "crone" aspect! And later, the maiden was shown through Sassette!

    We showed you how Pagan religions treat their children. Our young folk consisted of Sassette, Nat (short for "Natural Smurf"), Snappy, Slouchy, and of course Baby Smurf. We showed the world that there was a unique individuality in each child and not to supress that fact. Do you remember the episode when the Smurflings began their own rock band? Brainy Smurf objected to it, but Papa taught that each Smurf can march to the beat of their own drum. Patience was the key to raising healthy, happy Smurflings and allowing their creativity to blossom!

    One of the most important links between the Smurfs and Paganism. The celebration of Sabbats. How many episodes dealt with the "Rite of Spring" and Harvest festivals? Countless. We were always dancing, singing, playing our instruments, and paying homage to nature during our festivals.

    And thanks to a few vigilant smurf devotees, light has been shed on a few more thoughts. According to Shemhazai Endemoniao (
    azrael is the name of the islamic ANGEL OF DEATH. Bet no one caught that one! (well, at least Shemhazai did!)

    And this last thought was supplied by us not forget Grandpa Smurf. Who reminded us not to shun and tuck our old ones away, but to respect the abundant and wonderful knowledge and experiences all of our old ones have for us. All the smurfs valued and thrived from grandpa's stories, especially the smurflings. He also reminded us of the important connection between the present and the past.

    And the most awsome smurf of all was Baby Smurf, who promised the bright future of the smurfdome. He also taught us that children possess a special magick all their own. It is necessary to encourage that magick; lest they forget how to use it.


    I found others, that compare the smurfs to KKK and catholicism too. It's kinda weird....... | Real ID: email @ | Steam: ciarin7

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    intresting, back when i watched it my understanding on anything Paganism was nill, i do hope sometime to catch them on a re-run if thay ever do, and try and see this for myself.

    I do hesitate in saying more on my opinion over if it should or should not be something to work into TV (i dont like them talks as thay quicky become arguments) i do think some of the messages should not be lost

    ***... not to shun and tuck our old ones away, but to respect the abundant and wonderful knowledge and experiences all of our old ones have for us...***

    that is one thing far to many people dont rember now days and our elders are often looked down apon and not seen as a equal.

    the one to really get the old brain cogs working tho, is did the cartoons i watched as a child have any impact on my life choices now im older. - not that i could ever answer. but it makes you wonder eh

    very intreasting and thanks for the information ciarin.

    was a most intreasting read.
    Hekate, Thou Mother of Might... Robed in Splendour; Beauteous; Bright... Moon Maiden, Mother and Crone... Shine upon us from Thy Lofty Throne...\'
    From: Hekate Thou Mother of Might By: Jeanne Riegler


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      That's deep.

      When I think about it, Smurfs may actually have had a (mild) effect on the way I think.. definately for the better, though.


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        Well, now there's a few dots I'd have never connected on my own.
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          what about the drug references... hell... whenever I go shroomin' I see the little blue men laughing and playing... they look so cute ^_^ and what about the smurfs distant cousins... the Gummi Bears...


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            bouncing here and there and everywhere......
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              I loved the Gummi Bears..

              Mmm.. Gummi Berry Juice..

              I only really remember this one episode where the token crazy old guy built a plane. There were vultures, and they captured yellow girl bear and made her sing.

              As for smurfs, refer to Donnie Darko.
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                here's a neat little site about religious brainwashing and saturday morning cartoons.


                there's some naughty language but otherwise safe.
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                  Dang, well here is the explantion of how the smurfs are racists for any who missed:
                  All smurfs except Papa Smurf wore white shirts and white pointed hats, Papa Smurf wore a red shirt and red pointed hat. This is the same colors that the KKK wears. Also Gargamel (spelling) wore all black and was always getting beaten on by the smurfs.

                  Also the Gummi Bears were alcoholics.

                  Note: This is all in good fun, just kinda funny how symbolism can be warped
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                    Kaylen... any references made about the smurfs will forever push the playbutton in my head for that scene in "Donny Darko".

                    *takes a swig from the bottle*


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                      <3 Donnie Darko


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                        *think gummi bears*


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                          Well... I heard a rumor (ONLY A RUMOR) that the smurfs came from europe, and it started out as an Adult Cartoon... Just a rumor i heard but i wondering if it true or not... Shows you how todays media warps the sick into a some what good cartoon... if it's not true do ignore this post hehe :-P


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                            Everyone's got a magic mirror, and everyone sees what they want to see. I saw a cartoon that was okay in the beginning, then got crappy when they started adding useless characters.
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                              Whenever I watched The Smurfs... let me use an example,

                              Me: Wanna watch The Smurfs?
                              Bud: Sure.
                              *Five Minutes later*
                              Bud: They're blue.
                              Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! BLUE! HAHAHAHAHAHA!
                              *Five Minutes later*
                              Me: HahhHAHAHAA.. can't breathe..... but so funny... must laugh!HAHAHAHA!
                              *Five minutes later*
                              Bud's Grandmother: You guys didn't drink my orange juice did you?
                              Bud: Ya we did.
                              BG: RAlph! They drank my special orange juice!
                              Ralph: The one that has vodka?
                              BG: Well what other alchohol would I use?
                              *Five minutes later*
                              Bud: Blue...!

                              That my friends, is why old people are mean... we drank their orange juice. :lol:
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