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Return of the King impressions...I'm surprised at y'all

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  • Return of the King impressions...I'm surprised at y'all

    First off, let me say I'm surprised that it's about 11AM the next day and there's no forum thread started with all the people that went to see it last night. Y'all are letting me down, here.

    Okay, first let me say that I thought it was a really well put together movie, really well acted, really well produced, and Minas Tirith looked just the way I thought it would, which is really cool. I'll put my griping about the book inconsistencies in a spoiler, since I'm not sure everyone has read the books.

    Okay, here comes the bitching:
    First off, Sauruman left in Orthanc, and they just find the palantir in the water? Right then, I knew there would be no Scouring. But hey, how long did you want this movie to be?

    I don't remember Pippin sneaking up and lighting the beacons in the book, but that made for better film.

    I distinctly remember there being another king from the West at Minas Tirith who commanded a legion of horses that wasn't there, as well as Halbarad and the Rangers being absent.

    I think they should have shown Denethor with his palantir. It would have lent some understanding as to why he was such a twitchy asshat.

    Frodo and Sam never had that fight, why did they put it in?

    Why did they have Faramir get almost killed by arrows, when it was his contact with the Nazgul that almost did him in? Did they not want to take the time to show Aragorn as the healer? I think it would have been important to tie the whole kingsfoil thing together.

    Witch King looked cool...woulda looked hella cooler with the flaming head from the book.

    As a side note, I was so pissed when I saw Gollum go over that cliff...I thought for sure they wouldn't bring him back to bite off Frodo's finger and fall in the lava.

    And finally...they returned to the Shire to find it scoured. WTF mate?
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    [spoiler:c53b86c078]i was pretty miffed abotu the lack of the scouring of the shire myself, but according to the people i went to the movie with, peter jackson didn't like that part from the book so had no intent to include it. Apparently, aragorn, son of arathorn, will have the healing scene with the athelas as a part of the extended footage dvd, but i guess it was removed for time considerations.[/spoiler:c53b86c078]
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      I think Return of the King was great. I had a fabelous time. It's an epic. It's a masterpiece. It's beautiful.

      You have to remember this is a cinema version of the books. The DVDs are longer, yeah, but that's not my point. My point is that the makers of these movies have had to make it fit into a theatre format.

      I think they did a fantastic job. My eyes was almost constantly wet throughout the movie :-) I loved the vision Arwen got with her "son" and Aragorn. It was like the beautiful vision in The Two Towers, of Aragorn's death, which I think was the most beautiful part of the entire trilogy!

      An incredible, epic film.
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        Yeah, I bitching can be stemmed with one simple question:

        Exactly how long did you want this movie to be?

        And that vision from the Two Towers of Aragorn's death appeared in the appendices of Return of the King. There was a section devoted to what happened after. Aragorn ended up living for another 100 years, or something.
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          It dosn't really matter how long us fans wanted the movie to be.

          A movie simply can't be too long. That's why they have extended editions. If The Return of The King was 5 hours long, many theatres wouldn't have shown it, and a massive audience would never have bothered to see it.

          I think what Peter Jackson wanted to do with this trilogy, was to make it more accessible to everyone - not just fans of the book. This has made Tolkiens work much more popular than it ever was, and I think more people are now beginning to read the books as well.
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            I was listening to an interview with Dominic Mognahan (Merry) this morning on the radio, and they talked about certain things being cut from RotK, and he said PJ ended up with 5 1/2 hours of film that he had to cut down to 3 1/2 for the theater release, but the entire 5 1/2 should be in the ER DVD.
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              its was 4am, i was tired


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                I don't mind the minor rewriting of events that happens in the movie trilogy, but I do have something of a problem with the way the characters are portrayed.

                In the books, the heroes all come together and unite against evil because they see it as the best path. In the movies, it seems like they help each other purely by accident. Treebeard refuses to help until he is tricked by Merry and Pippin into seeing a wasteland. Theoden, instead of acting on the good advice of Gandalf when he takes his army to Helm's Deep, goes there against Gandalf's wishes. Gandalf's advice is no longer sound, and Theoden is no longer willing to listen to him. I'm not sure why either of those scenes were changed. Faramir sees the lure of the ring and falls prey to the same desire that took his brother, then decides to let Frodo go afterwards? Why did he have to drag him to Osgiliath to make the right choice? He comes out looking the same as his brother, making the wrong choice until he sees clearly, when, unlike his brother, he had the wisdom to make the right choice from the start. Again, was there a need for this?

                My real pet peeve is very minor. In the books, Hama was Theoden's doorwarden, and captain of the guard, yet in the movie? He gets mentioned once. Right before getting slain in an ambush by orcs. Really, he was only a minor character, but it strikes me as bad taste to reward his faithful service in the books with an ignoble death on screen.

                As I say, I have little trouble with the rewriting of events, I understand some of that must occur to fit it into something people will watch, but it seems to me that they changed the very nature of some of the main characters, which is, I think, an abuse of artistic license.

                For what it's worth, the movies are very good as movies. As adaptations of the books, they leave something to be desired. In my experience, Peter Jackson did as good a job as anybody else has done translating a book to a movie, and certainly better than some such as Starship Troopers. Still, the books themselves are so great, that they demand an equally great retelling on screen, rather than just a standard adaptation.
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                  In a nutshell "Wow.". It took me more than an hour after leaving the theater to recover from tear attacks each time i was thinking / talking about what i had just seen. Of course it doesn't follow the books but i do not care. I've never fully expected PJ to follow the books, and after FotR i knew he wouldn't.

                  "Best <beep>ing movie i've ever seen!". That's the only thing i could say for about 20 mins. I think it must have been a state of shock or something. And damn i loved it. In fact i'm going back tomorrow :P
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                    Well, I love the movie. I love ALL 3 of the movies! I remember when I was about 8 or 9 my mother had a puzzle of Bilbo the Hobbit. He was standing in the cave holding The Ring. I didn't know anything about Tolkein or the books, I just thought it was a funny little character puzzle. I have never read the books, and pretty much didn't know anything about the stories when TFOTR came out. After that first movie I was hooked. But I purposefully kept myself from buying or borrowing any of the books until I had seen all 3 movies, because I wanted to see it from the perspective of someone who hadn't read the books or knew anything of the story. Now that I've seen all of them, I NEED THE BOOKS!! They are currently number one on my Christmas Wish list! Oh please Santa, I've been awfully good this year..... =)
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                      2 words:

                      [spoiler:12020635df]Undead Army. I wanna be in an undead army when I grow up.[/spoiler:12020635df]

                      Ok so that was more than 2 words. I can't count.


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                        My take on RoTK

                        /takes a deep breath;




                        I laughed.

                        I cried.

                        I saw in total awe of the mass combat scenes.

                        I stared in wonder at the technological marvel that Peter Jackson has wrought and how *well* everything looked. Shelob was frightening, The Witch-King was scary, Minas Tirith was gorgeous. (note that I'm not giving away any spoilers, just declaiming that things are what they're supposed to be)

                        As to the story; things had to be changed or it would have killed the film. But as Woody said last year, by itself it stands very well on its own.

                        And Arwen has (temporarily) lost her place in my heart after watching Eowyn; WOW! I love tough warrior ladies.

                        I wish the extended DVD was out NOW! *grins happily*
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                          Okay it's hidden just in case:

                          [spoiler:dbe9967180]I've read the books several times, but apparantly not the audience I was with. Coranation scene, audience starts to leave, oops there's more. Screen goes white after the elven ship leaves, audience starts to leave, oops theres more. Finally the screen goes black, audience sits on edge of their seats.... "THE END" audience leaves.
                          Don't hate me for being critical, but even though I've enjoyed the books for years and all three of the films, this one just seemed to drag on in places.[/spoiler:dbe9967180]


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                            Lord of the Rings : Return of the King

                            I actually saw the "Lord of the Rings: Return of the King" last night when it opened.. And OMFG it was awsome. The end was such a tease.. just when you thought they were going to end the movie right there.. And without giving anything away.. If they had ended it right where it looked like they would.. ppl woulda been pissed.. ehehe .. But they show alot about what happens when they all go home and etc..

                            But all in all.. I loved the movie.. I also loved that the Dwarf and Elf are still counting how many they kill... But thier is one scene that is gonna make you laugh your head off .. And it is tied into thier counting thing.. eheh.. You'll see..

                            Final Thought.. GO SEE LORD OF THE RINGS: RETURN OF THE KING!

                            You will be happy you did..

                            P.S. It just so happens that the ppl i sat in front of, were all EQ and AD&D players.. So you can imagine the conversations before the movie started.. hehe

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                              shelob made me squirm like i never knew i could squirm before...

                              now, normally, i'm not too big on living spiders (unless they've been prepared and mounted) but a giant fang-bearing, stinger-weilding, two-ton 8-legged bundle of asskick...*shudder*
                              damn creepy.
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