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    What did YOU want for christmas!

    I wanted santa's list of naughty girls.

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    LOL, ok i know what to ask for next christmas
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      im on that list, Derek... ;-)
      You\'re not my BRO!!


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        Your number one now come here for punishment!


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          Lol, you got it, buddy. be there in 10
          You\'re not my BRO!!


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            Roofles, LCB, that's an awsome thing to want

            I got a Wacom Tablet! I got a Wacom Tablet! I got a Wacom Tablet! *hops up and down clutching her tablet and grinning like a fool* I haven't even looked at the rest of it yet... I suppose next Christmas I'd like to have my tuition payed off...


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              I Wanted a gamecube, the new Primus CD, a new Diskman (mine needs to retire ), a new CD Player to play out lod in my room (my old one also needs to retire it just cant handle skipping), LoY, and the LDoN Prima Guide.... I am getting the CD later, because vati confessed that BestBuy was out when he and Fili went to get me mine i hope everyone gets their PhatLewt..

              post Lewt EDIT: I got my Diskman, LDoN PrimaGuide (new fabbitfab resource), i got $20 to buy that CD! and i got clothes ^_^ i very happy and cant wait to go to grandma's
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                I wanted a digital camera and a new pair of red Converse hightops to replace my old ones. Of course, I didn't get either, but my husband gave me one of those fuzzy colouring posters......I was glued to that thing for hours!!!!!! I LOVE fuzzy colouring posters!

                Oh, and I think I might be on that list too, Brat.


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                  I wanted a boxing bag and a speed bag, two things I've wanted for years. Got it.

                  I wanted the Family Guy DVDs. Got them.

                  I'm very pleased with the goodies I got. I don't think anyone could top them for me unless I got my own boxing ring and a sparring partner.
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                    I wanted a high-tech MP3 Player. Got it.

                    I wanted drawing equipment. Got it.

                    I wanted The Neverending Story DVDs. Got it.


                    I'm happy :-)
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                      hehe, two words: Alienware Computer. Didnt get that, but i DID get wireless headphones
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                        Hey John, I'll come be your sparring partner mate

                        I wanted two towers extended DVD. Got it.
                        Wanted Linkin Park Live in Texas CD/ it.
                        and, most importantly, I wanted a ticket to the Linkin Park show in Toronto in Jan. GOT IT! mwhahahahaha
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                          I got clothes, cd's, mugs, jelly beans, a gift card, a bunch of cash, make-up, tupperware, a george foreman grill and jewelry so far. On saturday I go up to my dad's house and get some more.

                          Geez, florida is hot....
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                            i got a Cordless Phone, "The Firesign Theatre" CD.... my mom said it was funny, so yeah.
                            You\'re not my BRO!!


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                              A Bass
                              Amp for Bass
                              Ps2 (for me and my 3 bros)
                              Cd Player
                              AFI shirts and pins
                              HIM shirt
                              Cell phone one of those flip dealys
                              Razor (hells yes i can shave now)