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Almost 14 years

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  • Almost 14 years

    Just noticed my join date; almost 14 years. Longer unless join date migrated with that first major forum move but I don't recall.

    That is a long ass time, and I fondly recall the days where these forums were so damn active you could get reply posts within minutes. Ahhhh, nostalgia lol
    I'm going to stab you.....with bullets.

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    Yeah this was some of my earliest forum experiences.
    I am going to have to disagree with your detective work there.


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      Been a while, indeed. I only ever found the comic due to the EQ-related stuff, even though I was playing EverQuest Online Adventures on the PS2 instead of the PC version.
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        Jesus, 15 years now almost. This was the first forum I regularly contributed to and interacted with. While I completely understand life happens, people move on and Woody is a busy AF dude; it saddens me to see this forum reduced in activity the way it is now. No one's fault at all; just life.
        I'm going to stab you.....with bullets.


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          May the 4th be with you!
          My Warlock pwnz!


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            Hey guys, so the forums are still going I see. It's been a while.
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