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    I'm bored and curious. A very bad combination that could turn voilent at any moment. But at the moment I am wondering, do you do anything to your friends when you greet them? For example hugs. I hug my friends when I meet them. Unless they're male, then I just kick em. Sounds mean, but it's what we do. Just wondering. Now if you excuse me, theres a caffeine drink with my name on it.


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    My best friend does that head nod thing and calls me "cracker" -- he's weird though


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      I pretty much just say "Hi, how are you" :-)

      Us males..
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        What do you mean by "us males"??
        You think I'm a chick or something?
        If you do, you're wrong.
        If not, reread first line.

        There is no perfect time for the truth.


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          I get socked each time a friend sees me (ina playful sort of violent way)

          I just bonk em or scare the crap outta em =)
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            Me and my pals like to make grunting noises and sound off with our drinking names! The Intangable Bulk!
            My lady and I like to hug and give a little kissy poo hehe
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              I tip my bowler to them and do a small bow and say.

              "Hello droogie (if there a girl devotchkas)"

              If i greet my girlfriend i usually hug her and say

              "hey love"


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                Sorry, but varies by mood and situation to quite a degree.
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                  I hug my friends, male and female alike.


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                    I hug.

                    sometimes I pounce....teehee...

                    If it's just an acquaintance, I'll do the head nod thing and say "'sup?".
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                      We air kiss.

                      We are more sincere when we say goodbye. Then we hug and kiss on the cheek.
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                        I do the hand slap and pull to shoulder hit with ma boys....girls, I hug, lift'em up, throw'em around...REAL friendly like


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                          I mostly hug, though if I'm having a don't-touch-me-fool day, it's just a nice grip on the shoulders and some eye contact The boyfriend usually gets a big smile and a "Baby!" with a hug and kiss.


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                            Same as Woody . . . hugs for all. I'm generally a pretty physical/tactile sort of fellow, as are the majority of my friends and family. Co-workers get the "'sup" upwards head jerk. Those I don't really know at all get the downward head tilt/nod, and a "Ma'am" or "Sir" tagged on it.
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                              I'm kinda picky about who I hug. I have about 2 or 3 friends that I hug, the rest get the head nod thing.