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Trailer from The Passion

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  • Trailer from The Passion


    Some of you might know that Mel Gibson is making a film about Jesus' 12 final hours. He has been getting a lot of criticism from jews, because many jews feels that it's making the gap between judism and christianity even larger. Others feel it's too violent and harsh.

    Personally, I can't wait to see it. Mel has said the entire movie is spoken in Jesus' native language, arameic (sp?), and that there will be no texting. I'm sure that is going to change though.

    And there is a trailer available now. It gives me major goose bumps. The scene where Jesus is hanging on the cross, screaming to the heavens -- it makes my skin crawl. Here it is:

    Anyway, religious or not, I think many will enjoy this movie. Even though some might not believe it. It's still a fabelous story of a great man who stopped at nothing to make his point, and never backed away from what he believed in. Some might also think it's pure fiction, but it's still a very good story which gives you lots of hope.
    To err is human, to forgive is divine.

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    Looks interesting. It's a shame they go for the stereotypical crucification, which is to say that they put the nails through the hand, when it would've been more likely that the romans put the nails through the wrists. And I think it would've been better that the romans were less anglo-saxon looking, and a bit more italian looking instead.

    And, I know it's commonplace to make jesus white, but I just think it's too bad they didn't go for more accuracy with this. | Real ID: email @ | Steam: ciarin7


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      Ciarin, I have to say I disagree with you here.

      First off, Jesus was white. He was a hebrew. He was middle-eastern, but not arabic. He was jewish. I know it's become trendy to display God as black - becuase we don't know what color he is - but Jesus is a historical figure.

      I think the people in the video looked very hebrew. Pontius Pilatus especially looked very "italian" as you call it. It's also a very cool detail that they all speak arameic through the entire film. I guess that is going to scare most american movie-goers away though, who isn't used to reading subtitles.

      It's also common knowledge that he had nails through his hands. It was supposed to be a slow death. Nails through his wrists would have killed him much quicker. They also placed a wooden board under his feet, so he shouldn't fall down, because the flesh in his hands would have given in to his weight.
      To err is human, to forgive is divine.

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        Jesus wasn't white, Middle-eastern is/was NOT white. Even in the bible it described his skin as bronze.

        And I haven't heard of the trend of making god black.

        Nailing through the wrists would not have killed him quicker if they avoid hitting the artery. Historically speaking, it's logical to assume they used the wrists. | Real ID: email @ | Steam: ciarin7


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          Your entitled to your opinions, and seeing this was 2000 years ago, all facts are pretty vague. But the Bible says he was nailed through his hands and feet.

          Middle-eastern is very white. How many israeli people do you know? I've met quite a few, and they are all very white. Some are even blonde. On the other hand, palestinians are much darker in their skin tone. Jesus was a hebrew, which I believe are in the line of the Israeli people.
          To err is human, to forgive is divine.

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            This bickering back and forth is NOT acceptable.

            You're both wrong, because neither one of you can POSSIBLY know what he looked like. We can toss about conjecture all we want but the simple undeniable truth is that you weren't there... you don't know.

            So, this is not a request to reign in your commentary, it's a demand.

            You devalue one man's existance by your bickering. Listen to the message and stop nipping at each other over specifics that you're both clueless about.


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              It looks good... I'm very much looking forward to seeing it!


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                Oh... and I just have to add, that whether you are religious or not... yes... Jesus Christ was a real person. The Romans were very meticulous record keepers, and there are several non-Biblical records pertaining to his execution and the whole tension which existed between the native Jews and the Roman occupation force under Pontius Pilate (the Roman governor of Jeruselum). So even if you don't believe in the religious aspects of it, I am sure it will still be great when taken as a historical epic.
                Pontius Pilate was in a sticky position, with the threat of the Jews rising up in rebellion at any moment (as they had done before... and would do again). The last thing he wanted was a full scale revolt on his hands... thus the infamous "I wash my hands of it..."


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                  I take offense at being called clueless.
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                    Were you there? Did you take a picture?

                    All you can go on is what you may have heard. I could spout off everything Discover has ever said... but does that make it accurate?

                    No. Why? Because they were not there either.

                    So unless you have a picture of "Jesus" in your back pocket, my suggestion to you is to drop it.


                    I can't believe some of you can't even let someone post a remark about a potentially great movie without throwing in your two cents.

                    We don't need your two cents. We want to take in the information and decide for ourselves.