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Questions to Woody/Other Moderators if possible

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  • Questions to Woody/Other Moderators if possible

    I have to log in everytime I want to post, even though I click the little box "log me in automaticly", but it is not working. A bug?

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    Check your settings.
    Go to "tools" "settings" and then "privacy."
    The site 'remembers' who you are based on cookies. If you are blocking all cookies the site will not recognize you.
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      However, you don't have to change your settings. sometimes even when you do set it, the browswer still puts up a fight.

      go to: Tools>>Internet Options>>Privacy

      and under Web Sites: at the bottom, Click Edit

      Add to the list and you wont have to change your current settings, but this will tell your browser to always allow the forums to store a cookie, which should allow you to choose to remember you.