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I am the most destructive thing my PC has ever met...

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  • I am the most destructive thing my PC has ever met...

    i was trying to defrag my harddrive, running win xp home, and it asked me to free up some memory and try again, so i turned my virtual memory off and rebooted, now the bugger wont even log me in from the welcome screen, if anyone out there knows how i can re-activate my virtual memory i will worship the ground you walk on and swear to jebuz that i will never pretend to know what im doing again

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    I have no idea, but I remember when windows first came out (was used to DOS commands) and I wanted to clear a floppy. Well I clicked on the drive and wiped my entire C drive. Needless to say I was highly embarassed.
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      Try booting while holding F8 down and starting in safe mode and restoring your settings. It may not work but it's worth a shot.
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        buy a new comp.

        Begin worshipping. hehehehehe
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          locate the flux capacitator, then email microsoft tech support (on another comp obviously. if you cant do it at work/school go to a library or internet cafe.)

          I am going to have to disagree with your detective work there.


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            You should be able to boot up into Safe Mode and then change your virtual memory settings back.


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              Virtual Memory is vital for Windows to run. Follow Tiladien's advice. If that doesn't work do the step by step mode and load nothing.
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                Or you could go into your boot.ini file, or your config.sys or any of the other ini files in c:windows\system32 and hand edit the info
                (sorry, don't remember which file holds that setting, it's been a while)

                That's assuming you have the option to boot to DOS though.

                When and if you get it back up and running, do the defrag in safe mode. It's about ten times faster.
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                  there in lies the unholiness, i cant get into a dos prompt since XP is NTFS format, no dos to be had, and when i try to boot from safe mode, i get the same problem, the logon screen appears i click on administrator and nothing happens...

                  i did pick up a setup program for Win XP that has alot of nifty commands that im sure would just royally mess up my comp, hell the only reason im even debating all this and not formating is my girlfriends senior thesis is on the harddrive, and if i lose that, well....imagine the evil of anti-boobie magic and you get the idea

                  so what im really looking for is a work-around the logon screen, someway to either acess my desktop or a way to edit my files to restore my virtual memory, the config and othere .ini files are what i think im gonna end up with, but i dont know how to access them.....


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                    here are a couple of things to try if you have the time.

                    1. Do a parallel installation of windows.
                    this means dig out your windows cd and reinstall the OS. when it asks you for the install directory change the entry from C:\winnt to C:\winbackup. or something else you might like.
                    DO NOT FORMAT THE DISK! when it asks, just choose leave the file system in tact.
                    Once the installation is complete, the virt mem will have been reestablished and you will be able to extract the data you need.

                    2. Pull your harddrive and put it into someone elses computer.
                    After you pull your harddrive, switch the jumper setting to slave. Place your harddrive into another machine. Put it on the same cable as the other machines harddrive and boot up.
                    If it is win2k or XP and it is on an NTFS, you will have to get into the disk management and import the forign disk. Once that is done, you will be able to browse the harddrive. NOTE*** it must be done correctly or you could lose all data on the disk.

                    Thinking about this from a different angle, I'd say go with the parallel installation of windows. Theres less chance of data corruption.

                    Good luck with it.
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                      you tha man, gonna try the parallel install, wish me luck


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                        wishin ya the best man. Hope everything works out.
                        There are 10 kinds of people in this world.
                        Those that understand binary, and those that don\'t.
                        63rd Summoner of the 7-11 stores.