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    lets start with some background about 2 months ago mom purchased a DVD player last few weeks its started to skip like crazy dvd's that would play wont, and its 90% usless. so while i was at work she took it back with the Guarntee and thay insisted that it must be sent for testing this will take about 2 months! and by law she is not entitled to a refund, replacement or a subsitute untill its been compleated.

    well I for one once ive been told "By the law..." tend to go offensive, now moms not the most forcefull person and thay knew that im sure and walked all over her.

    Now she is going to be without DVD & video (was one of them 2 in one types) for the next 2 months and thay say there is nothing that can be done.


    Anyone know much on the UK law's when it comes to tradeing and the like. since i allways figured that Trading standards had something in it about you haveing to be offerd a refund or replacement for falty goods.

    And its not hard to tell its falty - incert DVD press play, count to 10 and a 3 hour movie is over from skiping all the way.

    Any help would be loverly and thanks in advance.

    (p.s. - just reinstalled so no Word for spell checker - will be MANY mistakes above - sorry)
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    I don't know the details of British commercial law but one avenue might be a credit card, if used -- credit cards usually now have guarantees built into the purchase so if she used a credit card to buy the product, the credit card company might deal with the business.

    Also, while the law may only entitle her to a replacement after the defective player has been tested, she might try pushing her complaint to the manager, store owner or national office. It sucks, but sometimes complaining your way up the chain of command is the only way to get better service when the company policy is so rotten.

    Otherwise, the best info I found was on this BBC website:
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      Humm, most places offer a 30 day returns policy after that its down to the warrenty. Im many cases this is a return to base policy so the player has to be returned to the manufacturer for repair and if they cant repair it then you are entitled to a new player. Unfortunatly it all depends on how long youve had the player. Read any warrenty materials you got with it carfully to check this but I think your stuck.
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