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  • Inuyasha

    I recently started watching Inuyasha, and so far it's the only t.v Anime I like. Anyho, I was wondering if there are any other fans out there.

    I know some people of Inuyasha ava's but just curious.
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    I like Inuyashsa, though I usualy skip right over the re-runs.
    <-- TiVo enabled =)

    By the way. Anyone know if there are going to be any new ones on AS? Would love to see the end of the series.
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      It's a decent series. I prefer Kenshin though, hehe
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        It'd be nice if they didn't water it down so much for us who can't speak Japanese. It's also be nice if they didn't do a rerun every other friggin day.

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          it is a fun watch =)
          I am going to have to disagree with your detective work there.


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            As you can probly guess, yes.
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              I don't know how far behind you are in the states, but Inuyasha is still running new eps here in Japan, so I dunno if I would expect to see the end for a while....

              And this is Rumiko Takahashi stuff, so the end may or may not be worth waiting for.... (see Ranma1/2 for example)



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                I like Inuyasha also, but I am still want to see in in Japanese because its a quirk I have(english dub hurtses us...darn you Eric Stuart and David Lucas)

                Inuyasha is great
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                  I like Inuyasha very much, but I'd like it far better if I could watch it in Japanese. The only dubbed anime that doesn't make me cringe is Cowboy Bebop - and I don't even have to watch that in English anymore. (I bought the complete series on eBay, direct from China.)

                  As much as I hate to think it, something tells me they'll never show my favourite anime on Adult Swim. (My favourite being One Piece.)


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                    Inuyasha is pretty good...much better than Cartoon Network's fixation with the Drag-On Ball series.

                    My favorite anime to date is Bastard...and I know they'll never show that one on TV.
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                      I watch it, but whenever they go and start from the begining, there is a set of episodes I always seem to miss.
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                        Cowboy Bebop? In English? (cringe) Dats David lucas as spike speigel... NOOOOOOO /feign death

                        *gets up*
                        One Piece?

                        I AM KING OF PIRATE!

                        I am very interested in watching in an need to get access to the first eps of it at the very least so's I can see it myself. I got a great AMV that sparked my interest in it.
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                          Cowboy bebop is not bad at all for a voice over, nor is Kenshin. Though I would perfer the none dubbed whenever I can afford it!
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                            My favourite anime of all time is Evangelion:Neon Genisis. I remember watching that when it first hit North America. Loved it to death then, still love it now. And sadly, I do enjoy Dragonball. But only the late episodes of Z and GT.
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                              I have a hard time with any kind of Anime. I can't tolerate the stilted, halting delivery of the voice actors. And the plot lines make my brain wimper for continuity and "reason".

                              Now, I'm not an aficionado by any stretch of the imagination. My exposure to Anime is extremely limited, but mainly because of the reasons given above. So, I'm not saying that's the way they all are.

                              For my money, give me freakin subtitles. Atleast then, I can admire the artwork and animation without being subjected to the horrible over-dubs.


                              If this post annoys you, remember it is only my opinion. You should ignore it and thuroughly enjoy watching the programs and forget that I even opened my mouth.