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Ahhh newegg... where you can find computer hardware, accessories, games, and a giggle

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  • Ahhh newegg... where you can find computer hardware, accessories, games, and a giggle

    So I recently ordered an extra fan for my rig from newegg. The fan comes with a free sticker that usually costs 5 dollars, but you can basically get it for free with any order. Well, I clicked on the sticker's info to.. well, get more info! I went through the information and everything when I decided to run through the reviews... well, I was laughing pretty hard by the time I got to the end... some of those people that wrote the reviews are pretty... original.

    here's an example:

    Pros: Installation was a bit technical I had to ensure that I removed the adhesive backing in a way that my fingers didn't touch the sticky part. When applying I used a level and chalk line.After Adhesion I used a plastic icescraper to smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles that may have settled in the adhesion process. After the tricky installation I am very pleased with the stickers performance and not to mention Neweggs fantastic customer service and prompt shipping. Kudos Newegg you are showing your true potential.


    Maybe my humour is retarded... I dont know. Either way, here's the link:

    Enjoy (its a freakin sticker!)
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    People are so silly.


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      lol... thats funny
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        hahaha Lol that's funny
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          I love NewEgg.

          And I've noticed they have a pretty amusing review-base, too.

          I mean, really. What type of person is going to write a review of a sticker in the first place?
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            I wouldn't say your sense of humor was retarded, that would imply that it was limited. If your sense of humor was limited, you wouldn't find the sticker reviews amusing at all.


            By the way, I think it funny that the sticker is listed as OEM.
            Maybe my sense of humor has a strong geek bias.


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              I laughed my butt off at this one-
              "Cons: - Not removable - Not a pile of money - Peel off backing isn't useful - Dangerous to long hair, pet's fur, canaries"


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                ...I'm not sure I want to know how the reviewer found out the sticker was dangerous to canaries...
                I have nothing useful to say, really.


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                  i agree with Dawn
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                    Pros: Sticky

                    Cons: It didnt boost my FPS on Counter-Strike like it said it would.

                    Heh, that one had me laughing.
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